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1. A World Ignited

~ Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall; William Shakespeare.

The rush of the whirling waters woke her from her rest. The sun shone high in the sky, the gentle sunbeams ignited the girls face in rays of welcoming light. Slowly she lifted herself off of the dewy grass and sat in a relaxed position. The corners of the girl's rosy lips curved upward in a charming smile. Swirling mists from the waterfalls met her pale skin, and drenched it in water droplets. She laughed, the sound as light as a chime, "Oh Warner, I'm awake!" She wiped the droplets off and rose to her feet.

Her bare feet padded across the brilliant green grass. Stems broke free from the earth and clung to the soles of her feet, but she didn't mind. She twirled in a lazy circle, her chime like voice sung out a melody into the cool morning air. A rainbow of birds returned her melody in exultant harmony.

She sat on the embankment and lowered her toes into the stream. The blades of grass that still clung to her skin left her and swum through the currents, "Good-bye little ones! Have a nice swim," she fanned her hand out to them.

She gathered her long golden hair and rested it across her chest. She lay back, her feet still dangling in the water, onto the soft earth and turned her button nose, upward to the temperate sun. She lay there, drinking in the exuberant beauty of the sky. The clouds, soft like marshmallows, the sky itself, the perfect joyous blue, and the sun, like a halo of light high above.

She lay there for quite some time, completely silent, and motionless, apart from the rise and fall of her chest and the occasional hum of song. She closed her eyes bit by bit, her long dark eyelashes brushed across her cheek.

A bright pink tongue met the girl's eyelid and she jerked upward. She eyes fluttered open and she giggled, "Oh Donald! You startled me. I had almost fallen asleep once more!" Her mouth held an expression that said she found the notion absurd.

"Miss Eve! You can not fall back asleep, it is almost noon," The fawn spoke. Donald tilted his small head and resumed licking the girl's cheek.

The girl laughed again and flung her arms around the animal's dainty neck, "Oh Donald, I'd never! I'd wake right back up, as soon as I could. We'd still have plenty of time to play!"

The fawn did not back away, or even appear frightened. He simply lay down and looked up at the girl, "I hope so. I've been looking forward to playing all day!"

"Then let's play. Me myself, am also eager," Eve smiled and rose to her feet, her golden hair, lay at her waist, and she drew it up and braided it down her back.

The fawn drew up, bouncing in a clumsy dance, "Oh boy, oh boy!"

She laughed and ran off toward the powerful mountains that rose out of the majestic forest. The fawn ran after her. Its long and clumsy limps propelled his tiny body forward until he was right behind Eve.

They continued to run, the girl and fawn, drinking in the splendor of life and joy. They were beautiful; Eve, with the golden locks, and the fawn with his gently playfulness that babies possess.

They ran until they couldn't any more. They collapsed onto the wet grass, their chests rising and falling evenly with each labored breath. Eve's smooth porcelain skin was tainted in a soft pink and the little fawn, though tired remained the same.

"You're cheeks are pink like tongues." His tongue, in the same hue as her fleshy blush, met the side of her face.

She giggled and swatted playfully at him, "Donald! Oh that tickles!"

The fawn kept licking, enjoying the taste of her salty sweat.


The lapping tongue froze and broke away, "What was that?" The delicate fawn looked up to the sky to see where the harsh noise came from.

Eve sat up and gathered her tangled golden locks into a bun, which she let go and let it fall in a waterfall down the small of her back. She listened carefully and looked to the fawn and shrugged her shoulders.

They sat in silence until the booming voice rang out again.

She stood up and looked at the sky, "Hello?"

The girls small ears were only met with a gentle breeze that drifted over the canopy of trees from the ocean in the far distance.

"Hmm…maybe Old Warner sneezed." She giggled.

The fawn laughed, a soft neigh, and paraded around her with his head held high.

The girl reached a hand out and daintily whisked it along the fawn's tiny back. The fawn pressed into her hand, pleasuring the sensation of massage and comfort from Eve.

A bright light cracked in the forest. Eve caressed the fawn's ear and glanced in the direction of the sound. An orange haze rose from the forest's floor.

"Oo! Did Bessie drop her fruit from the tallest branches?" Her plush lips pursed in thought.

"Yes! Oranges!" Donald rose unsteadily to his feet and paraded around her with childlike excitement.

She gasped, her voice delicate like bells, "You're right! I utterly forgot today was the day!"

"Silly Eve! Let's go!" He jumped in the direction of the haze. The brilliant light, with the magnificent oranges, electrifying yellows and warm reds, seemed to grow in diameter. Heavy black soot rained down on Eve and Donald as they neared the expanding glow.

Eve froze and stared at the raining debris, "What is this…" She reached a hand out and caught a piece of the char in her hand. She brought it up to her face and smelled it. It didn't smell like the fresh oranges from Bessie, or the refreshing waters from Old Warner or the exhilarant smell of blooming lilacs. No, it smelled different. She examined it. It was not bright like the roses in the rose garden, it wasn't shinny like the glistening waters when the sun was high in the sky and it wasn't anything like the clear butterflies wings when they flapped themselves in the evening.

She dropped the char and stared at it on the ground, "Good bye little one! But we have to go to Bessie's tree to get the oranges!"

They continued on, the fawn and the girl, blissfully unaware of the danger that lay ahead.

A fire had started. It's passionate rage barreling it onward, onward. It's cackling heat consuming anything it's wispy talons touched. Igniting them in fiery hues of red, yellow, blue and blacks. The poor trees would crumble to the unsuspecting earth. The burning remains causing the grasses and weeds to burst into flames. The once majestic forest was dying; it's towering trees succumbing to the all power rage of the fire, the animals that resided there, perishing unknowingly in the fire.

Closer and closer they came to the fire, the amount of debris that fell from the sky increased in intensity. The heat increased as they went closer.

"Oh, boy. It's hot out today! Warner! Water please!" She called into the still air. She continued to walk, expecting the sweetness of cool water to grace her skin, but none came.

At last they reached the wall of heat that protected the forest from the outside temperature. The wavy heat waves that rose off of the portion created a barricade between the old tree named Bessie that had since perished in the fire and the girl who craved the sweet juice of Bessie's oranges.

"Ge-..No! It's no- GET HER OUT OF THERE!"

"Warner I'm over here!" The girl lifted her face to the sky and called out to the waterfall some distance away. But the voices didn't come from the waterfall. They did not come from there at all.

The fawn was still giddy with excitement. It's tiny hooves balancing from one hoof to the other, "Come on Eve! Let's go!" The fawn, unaccustomed with the danger of fire, took off into the orange fire.

The fire greedy with hunger, latched onto the fawn straight away. Its fiery heat ensnarled the fawn, burning its coat.

A scream resonated from the tiny fawn as it was being eaten alive by the fire. The sounds shrill, tortured and desperate. It clawed at its body, trying to stop the torturous pain of the fire's touch. It tried to run, tried to get of the fire that was trying to eat it. But its hooves were turning to jell, melting and oozing while the fawn continued to scream and cry for Eve. To get it some water, to put out its coat to save it from the clutches of evil that the fire had caught it in.

Eve stared at her friend. She was confused, why was he making that noise? "Donald?"

"EVE HELP!" The fawn mustered to scream. The heat was choking, intense and all consuming. The poor fawn with tears in his eyes collapsed to the ground and stared at Eve, "H-Help.." And his eyes shut. Its chest rose for the last time. Its last breath escaped the fawn's black lips.

"Donald, come on let's go get some oranges!" Eve sat on the ground, delightfully naive. She waited for her friend to get up from what she assumed was a brief nap.

The tendrils of fire crept closer to the girl's hunched form. Lapping and licking at the ground near her feet, it made it's way closer, closer until it reached out and touched her.

The initial burn stung her, making her jerk away from it. "Silly Abbi! I'm just waiting for Warner!" She smiled at the flames of the fire that licked at her foot. She again jerked it away and stood up, "Please Abbi, we have to wait for Warner then we can play."

The fire roared and shot out at the girl. It caught her soft hair and burst it into bright red flames. Her angelic voice screamed in horror. She tried to stop the pain, to stop the flames from hurting her any longer. "ABBI STOP!"

The fire continued on. Burning the skin of her body to an unhealthy pink. She writhed in pain, convulsing from the shock of the unfamiliar emotion. Tears flew down her cheeks as she let out a blood-curdling scream that echoed around the forest.

She screamed while trying to put out a patch of skin that was quickly turning a brown colour.


"I CAN'T!"

"GET HER OUT! Wait, I got it!"

The forest and the fire disappeared with the body of Warner. The girl screamed for her friend, and tried to move but was left immobile. The rolling grasses, patches of brightly coloured flowers disappeared. Finally the dome like sky that Eve had spent so much time gazing into, counting the number of clouds that passed over her head in a single day; flickered and died.

Everything was gone, everything expect for a grey tube that held Eve captive.