I'm laying right next to you,
your arms wrapped around me tight.
I'm laying right next to you
one more night.

You look at the scars
and you silently cry,
hating yourself because you're the reason
I attempt to die.

I missed you so much,
but now you're back!
When you were gone,
my soul was black.

You hold me tighter,
refusing to let me go.
Is there something
I don't know?

Oh, my beautiful girl.
What have you done?
Do you really find
what you do to yourself fun?

Actually, Jake,
it's what makes me alright.
My self torture is the only thing
that gets me through night after night.

You run your hand through my hair,
and you wipe my tears.
With those simple gestures,
you calm all my fears.

Oh, Mariah. It's all my fault.
I just had to leave.
I didn't know this is how
you would grieve.

But you're back now!
I'm alright!
I won't have to cut
one more night!

It grew suddenly cold,
but in your arms, I'm alright.
I don't feel the need to go
into the light so bright.

My baby girl,
promise me you'll stop.
Promise me that the blade
you'll finally drop.

Jake, you're back!
Now I don't need to hurt.
Now, my happiness isn't in
watching my blood spurt.

It gets colder,
and I start to feel wet.
But in his arms,
coldness is something I'll soon forget.

You'll be okay, Mariah.
I promise, you'll be fine.
I'll be with you
the entire time.

What do you mean?
What's wrong?
You can't leave now,
you've been gone so long!

He slowly starts to disappear,
starts to let me go.
How can he promise
what he doesn't know?

No! Come back!
Don't leave me here!
I need you here, Jake!
I've made it clear!

And suddenly I wake up,
and I look around.
Why am I laying
on the cold, hard ground?

What is that,
is that... rain?
What is that I feel,
is that... pain?

My vision is blurry.
Have I been crying?
I suddenly feel
like I'm dying.

The wind blows harder,
the rain pelting my face.
What the hell
is this place?

Then I notice my hands,
a nice, crimson red.
Then I notice something laying
right next to my head.

Next to my head
lays a knife,
the thing I use
to end the strife.

My arms are cut,
my stomach, too.
What the fuck
did I do?

Then I notice
what I'm laying by.
When I figure it out,
I start to cry.

I should be used to this,
this is how I behave.
Next to my body
lies his grave.

Then I remember
what I had planned.
Then I notice
what's in my hand.

In my hand lies a gun.
I had planned to die.
All of these realizations
only make me cry.

I crawl into the fetal position,
starting at my scars newly made.
The memory of him holding me
slowly starts to fade.

I'll just sleep here one more night,
laying right next to you once again.
If only you could see me now,
this is something you would condemn.

But I can't go away,
because I'm too scared.
He's the only one
who ever cared.

So I'll just stay here,
I'll be alright.
I can sleep here again
one more night.