Stuck between paradise and rock bottom,

God bless this lovestruck iris with a kiss of life.

Never have been filled with so much bliss,

today remains only just a blur before human

eyes due to cigarette smoke. Jaded faded glory,

the dawn is an ugly black swan. Lingering about

the seashore, mother nature listens to her conscience.

Crying blood for tears, rage sets the world on fire and

turns to a brand new page in history. Everything keeps

on going downhill in the absence of faith and justice.

Uncontrollable, wrath is worth far more valuable than

mirth or a baby's birth. Living off a rosary, how long will

this newborn age of innocence last in hell's kitchen so

called prison? As pure as snow, Virgin Mary drinks poison

and bleeds crimson in the Lord's sanctuary. Breaking away

from heaven, Mary's loud heartbreaking screams block out

the sound of an angel's voice. Grief cuts like a sharp knife

through the atmosphere and sounds like harp music. Judgement

Day, it is so tragic and yet romantic at the same time. Angelic,

black magic lacks logic and the essence of true love. Everlasting,

war reigns supreme in this horrific fairytale of mine until Jesus

graces me with his presence.