Miss December, she is the modern day Joan of Arc.

I hold her dear to my heart just like God's holy Arc

of the Covenant. Her strength allows noone to cut

her down like timber. I will always remember Miss

December because her generosity is as priceless

as ember. Her life is my early christmas gift, an

everpresent positive motivating force. Repeatedly,

I speak of her kindness and gentleness as if it is an old

Christmas song. She encourages me to lift myself

to my full potential everyday. Jesus loves you,

Miss December, you are very precious to me. You

will always live on in my art and heart. I am surprised

noone can determine what her real age is. She will never

grow too old for me to hold and to cherish like gold.

Unfathomable, her love for me remains undying

just like a winter's snowfall. I pray God may bless

Miss December because she has brought sunshine into

my life.