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'Galaxy 11308 has just been discovered.' the buzzer spurs. 'With possible, if not likely life.'

The cubic robot shut down and spits out my ID. Not much goes around at the Sanctuary or Sanc for short. It's actually The Sanctuary for Unidentified Orphans. I live in America, the year 3230, and a lot has changed since the TV ages. The TV ages were in 2012-2300. They didn't have holo-modified-messagers or hums like us. I am an unidentified orphan under Sanc's care. I was found attached to a piece of driftwood. And my DNA has traces of Glenn Howardson's DNA. They think I'm his younger cousin. My ID has a fake name, Lila, on it. I never remembered my real name. So me is all I am. My full name is Lila 991402.

"Lila get out of there! It's my turn!" Rachel Hickson, the girl who's cubicle-or living space-is next to me. She's kind of a jerk. Then my only friend is Glenn Howardson. Once they found out my DNA was similar to his, President Glenn Howardson visited me. And I'm not talking about companies. THE President of the United States. With hums, Glenn found out about my DNA genes in less then a snap of his fingers. So he wants to adopt me. However, I have to wait two weeks. And time goes slowly at the Sanc. Anyway, Glenn is coming to my cubicle today.

"Ugh..." I sigh.

"Hey!" Rachel shouts. "At least that snob Glenn Howardson's coming to your living space!" Being around Rachel gave an angry edge to my atomosphere.

"He's not a snob! And you'd like him if you met him!" I'm not happy when Rachel insults Glenn. I don't know anyone else who I could have DUMBLY told about Glenn. I didn't want to all of a sudden be Miss Howardson we'll do what you want. Life wouldn't have a meaning then. Like worrying about who I really am. I'd just be a normal fourteen-year-old. And for some reason that doesn't sound fun. I stopped talking to Rachel. I walk out of the hum-booth and proceed to the door of the Sanc's cafeteria. The smell of grilled beets wafts to my nose.

"Get off me you jerk!" It's Kale. He's nothing short of an idiot with blonde curls, often the tips bloodstained. Under his brief grip is Jenna Washington. He lets go of Jenna.

"What wrong? Your little pea-brain fell over with you and you couldn't get up?" I mock with a smirk. There's an uproar and then the crowd glares at me. I can barely let out a breath, because the kids are packed so tightly.

"So get your fat grubby fingers off Jenna!" I yell. "We can't just let Kale beat up who he wants!" Jenna stumbles into the crowd. The crowd is oohing.

"Really?" Kale retorts. "You think I'm scared of you?"

WHAM! The doors of the Cafeteria slam. Glenn Howardson walks through. There are cheers and the crowd parts as he walks through.

"Are you going to fight my Lila?" Kale nods. "Stupid boy. Lila is my soon to be adopted girl."

"You're not married!" Kale retorts.

"So?" Glenn coolly responds. Kale backs away. "Lila pack your stuff. We leave for the White House in DC tonight."

It's morning. And I can't believe it! I'm leaving! I sashay down the cafeteria aisle, purposely showing off. I pile my tray with carrot sticks, mashed potatoes and beets, chicken breast, and a can of apple soda. I plop down on a seat next to Sarah, one of the most popular girls in the Sanc and she doesn't move. Instead, she talks to me.

"Wow! Glenn Howardson wants to adopt you?" she asks in awe. I nod.

"Ever since they found his DNA in my genetics, he's wanted me as a daughter." I explain. Sarah nods and slurps her soda.

"Oh... Lucky." She was referring to me as lucky. She's the most popular girl in the Sanc. I used to think she was lucky! I started to shovel down my beets and slurp my apple soda. I was nervous, and happy at the same time. I was going to get out of this dump!

"Are you okay?" she says, obviously a reaction to my ugly eating. I nod, and heave in a breath.

"It's so wierd to be-liked." I say. I just get up and scrape the rest of my food into a rubbish bin. I start to walk out of the door. And then I see a little square thing with a button inside one of the plants. When no one is looking, I snatch the thing and ram it into my pocket. And then I proceed to my room.

I'm in the airport terminal, waiting for our flight with Glenn. Glenn had these things called fruit snacks, and they were actually pretty good. After a few of them, I asked Glenn to go in one of the shops and buy a fresh piece of fruit. Like at the Sanc. He smiles and nods. Then he hands me a five-dollar bill. I walk into a store and quickly spot a carousel, fresh fruits hanging by the stems. I see a big juicy apple and grab for it. But it disappears into the hairy hand of what looks like a gorilla.

"Hey," I yell. "That was mine!" The man cocks his head and twists it my way. I've chosen the wrong bait. He has his left eye missing, and scars sprinkle his face.

"So y' wanna get in a dispute?" I shake my head but it's too late late. He grapples for my neck and squeezes his fingers around tighter and tighter. Lucky for me the shop clerk screams.

"Mister! Put my customer down!" he yells. My neck is red, and face is purple. I pick another apple and with my heart pounding walk out of the store.

The gangway is small, and breathless. The air is hanging and sour. But as we walk into the jet, a new smell wafts in. It's sugary and rich. This is first class. A lady with a hum watch and a hostess uniform carries a tray filled with pastries.

"Cinnamon bun, Glenn and girl?" the hostess asks. I nod and grab a bun. I'm about to stuff it down when Glenn stops me.

"Wait till we're in the air." I nod and keep it in my hand. I follow Glenn to a seat. The seats are a material called leather and they're really soft. There is a hum located directly in front of me. I switch a little button. It buzzes on and plays a little song. The first verse is like this;

The world is a small place,

It's missing nothing more,

But if we call the right place,

We'll find you on the floor,

You might not know what,

You are for,

But we're here to help you know,

That's okay,

We're here to help you grow.

If I zoomed out of the hum screen, I could see what the song was for. It read in the fancy hum lettering, Parents: Natural Mentors. It seemed kind of childish, but it jumped at me right at once. I didn't know if it was childish; I never had parents. At the Sanc, you were assigned a mentor. The mentor was 18 or older and had lived at the Sanc. Anyway, they used to do that, when I was at the Sanc. I dig out the cinnamon bun hiding in my pocket and bite it. It's sweet and sugary. A luxury to me anyway. I pull out the thing I found at the Sanc and play with it. I don't press the button yet. Until I had to.

It wasn't even my fault. I was tired and my finger lingered over the button. The I felt heavy and tired and clutched the button. My ears popped for a moment, and I felt like I had to sneeze a million times, but then it was over and I had no idea where I was. BTW wierd about the sneeze right?

The rocky ground is scattered with craters and a dusty red color. It looks like what I would dream about Rachilism on Mars, the space station. I realize, then, it is Rachilism, there are big letters on the glass doors in front of me, but its empty. There are no cosmonauts or anything. Rachilism looks... abandoned... I'm alone as well. Glenn is no longer next to me. But I am holding the thing.

"Skittarium uni zackjex?" I hear a voice. I glance at the door again. This isn't Rachilism... this is something called ZaxPlex. The thing I had was a tele-transporter. And I'm not alone.

"Skittarium, jut zatfum lei!" the voice says again. "Jut! Jut!"

Something steps out of behind a corner. It's a foot. The foot is purple and has long black claws. I hold my tele-trans -short for tele-transporter- up to the thing.

"Jut! Jut!" There's a spurring noise and then I hear, "Run! Run!"

"Tlek youth Skittarium!" Spur... "To the gardens!"

I step out of the bushes but it's too late. A long-faced purple alien has me by the neck.

"Zext flutress unti yakkin... Seki zoox flutys?" the alien says. Spur... "A young human female... Who are you?"

I speak into the tele-trans.

"My name is Lila. Who are you? Can you help me?" Spur... "Shcut ixen Lila. Seki zoox flutys? Ikez dennys jutyxa?"

The alien nods.

"I am Huten Spoothe Killx. Call me Huten." he says pronouncing every letter perfectly. "And I can help you."

He pulls me away to a small abandoned infirmary. Then he begins to talk.

"You see, our masters need human seeds to use as slaves so they planted tele-transes in many Sanctuaries. They want to kill you, then take your DNA to use as cloning material." I nod and then shudder and freeze.

"They want to kill us?"

"Yes exactly."

"So one question."


"How do I get out of here?"