By Twas Warith


By Twas Warith

Thou book has doomed all of mankind,

Man and death, thee book has bind.

Everything written shall come true,

So thoust world, please bid adieu.

Only six kids can stop this tale,

Dire ends await, if they do fail.

A man of black, a boy of green.

A girl of powers that are unseen.

A madame with beauty, oh so fine.

Another lady, with life of crime.

The leader of all is the angel that flies,

This boy, this boy, alas, he dies.

Quickly, my friends, before too late.

Hurry, faster, the end awaits.

The man coughed. His wheezy, dry voice echoed through the forbidding silence. He was waiting by a bus stop. His appearance was sickly and haggard. But there, in the frigid snow, on the empty bus bench, he sat.

The rattling of a toppled soda can broke the still. The towering skyscrapers surrounding the black asphalt street were dark and empty. The man sat there, unafraid of the dark and empty city. It was as if it had been abandoned. A street light flickered, making the street go dark for a second and giving off a crackling noise. The elderly man, still undisturbed, merely scanned the area, searching for someone.

This unknown man was pudgy, but most of the 'fat' was because of the baggy coat he was wearing. It was a shade of olive green, just like his droopy cap. Capri pants, a forest-green felt scarf, and black suede shoes completed the outfit. He appeared to be old and fragile, with the numerous wrinkles on his face. His nervous and anxious eyes, a light blue hue, continue to roam left and right. A chilly winter wind blew, scattering loose papers and ruffling the nameless man's silvery hair. The hair was just long enough to cover the wrinkled ears.

The thudding of heavy footsteps began and the anonymous man's face whirled to the right, where a tall, broad-shouldered man approached. This new man looked suspicious with his long dark coat and midnight-black leather dress shoes almost like a shadow. The man tightly gripped a long black cane in his hands.

Even if you had known this man your entire life, you would still not be able to recognize him, for his dark and long clothing completely covered him from head to toe. When he stood in the ring of light of the rusted street lamp, something flashed silver where his face should have been. He was wearing a mask, with such small eye holes that you couldn't even see inside them.

"Astra." The inhuman, distorted murmur from the strange man in black said.

"Vertis." The stout man replied with a withered and cracking voice.

"Did you complete the operation?" Vertis questioned with in his distorted voice.

"Yes, Master Vertis. I completed your request as commanded." The pudgy man on the bus bench stood up slowly and reached out towards the masked one. His old hands clasped a small, worn leather pocketbook.

A bus filled with noisy and disruptive city passengers drove by the seemingly unimportant scene, its old engine roaring so loudly that it could have blown your eardrums. By the time the bus had passed on by, the two mysterious men had vanished into thin air, along with the worn book.

Author's Note: Hello world! Twas Warith here. Or Twas. Or Warith. Whichever you desire to name me. Anyways, just want to say hello! If you want to know a little about me, head to my profile. I decided to put my rants at the end of the chapters cause I know you guys are dying to read this... probably not. But, eh... tada?

Anyways, about this story. I do have chapters 1,2, and 3 already typed up, but I am currently editing them.

Chapter 1 will be posted as soon as I can finish editing. T.T"

But for now, you are stuck with my real short... bad... prologue. Yeah. Sorry, it doesn't make any sense. It's a prologue! :D

By the way, more for my sake than yours, a little list of any new characters introduced will be here. Cause, if you're like me, you get so caught up in the story and you get confused on who's who. So... yeah.

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New Characters:
Astra - pudgy old man who was sitting on the bus bench
Vertis - tall suspicious masked guy