Jordan: Hi, guys! Jordan here. Warith told me to tell you that she's extremely sorry. It's been quite a while since she's updated this story and there are a few reasons why. *pulls out superlong list of excuses* I'll just tell you the important ones.

A big reason is cause Twas Warith is actually, suprisingly athletic and that she has a life.

Wes: SHOCKING, RIGHT? (BTW, Wes is the nerd)

Sterling: Look, who's talking, ner-

Jordan: So she's recently vacationed to New York and celebrated her brother's birthday. She also just started practicing with her high school cross country team, which leads me to her next excuse.

Wes: *looks over Jordan's shoulder at the list* She's tired? What kind of lame excuse is that?

Sterling: Well, you wouldn't know how tiring sports are cause you-

Jordan: She's really tired and whenever she tries to brainstorm for Chapter 2, her brain... goes to mush. I don't know why she wrote that... anyway, those are her main reasons. Supposedly, she's already got the character ideas for the next 3 new characters but she's just trying to work out the plot and such.

Wes: What? New characters?

Sterling: It appears so.

Jordan: She added a side-note that all of them are gonna be girls.

Wes: Oh great.

Sterling: What's wrong with girls?

Wes: Nothing. *turns red*

Jordan: Are you oka-

Wes: I'M FINE!

Sterling: *grins* Oh, I see how it is. Little Wes here is shy around girls! Think they got cooties or something?

Wes: N-no...

Warith: And they all lived... happily ever after. Just kidding. It's Warith here! Really sorry about not updating, you guys. Mentally right now in the story (even though I'm only on the 2nd chapter) I've just hit a brick wall. O_O Tis a very high wall. Currently procuring ladders and such to climb this wall but... it may take a while. Feel free to PM me and just bother/annoy me into writing. The goal is to get a chapter up before school starts. Which is in a little over a week. *glances at watch nervously* Well, I'd better be getting started-OH LOOK, A SHINY!

Jordan: We'll try to, uh, keep her focused.

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