My bright eyes are always hiding things,
You should be careful what you read there,
I know you'll find me quite enticing,
For I was designed as such to snare.

Be warned that my smile hides fangs,
You should know I have wicked claws,
I could tear you to pieces so easily,
You could say it's one of my many flaws.

You must remember that you're delicate,
You should be careful where you tread,
When it is I that ends your life,
I hope you'll remember what I said.

I don't intend to harm you,
I hold no malicious intent my dear,
But you see this is what I am,
I'm the monster you're supposed to fear.

You can say that I'm your friend,
But I hope you won't fall in love with me,
I can only break your precious heart,
I'm poison, I'm no good, don't you see?

I keep on trying to warn you,
Even as I fall for you too far and fast to stop this,
I should have kept my walls up,
Now I fear that everything will go amiss.

So blindly you put faith in me,
placing your life into my bloodstained hands,
Don't you know that I am a deciever?
This trust you give I just can't understand.

I am vile, a monster, a demon,
Don't you hear their words and accusation?
How can you care for a creature like me,
And offer your heart as salvation?

I'm so scared I will hurt you,
Because there's nothing else that I can do,
I wish something as dark as me could not love,
It pains me, because I know, I will be the end of you.