Despite all the changes in human civilisation over the millennia, it seems that war is the one constant. You will always find something to fight about, and if you can't then it seems you will make something up. Sometimes I wonder if you actually enjoy war, given humanity's apparent addiction to it. I, however, find war rather tiresome.

It goes without saying that wartime is when I am busiest. I remember the good old days; there was once a time when the only casualties of war were soldiers, and the deaths were confined to the battlefield. Unfortunately, as humanity's technology evolved, so did their ability to kill each other. The deaths became more frequent and more widespread, and my workload increased.

I find it fascinating how war can bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. Take Adolf Hitler, for example. He only lived as long as he did due to my self-restraint. There were numerous times when I was standing right behind him, ready and waiting to strike. I stopped myself, though. It wasn't his time yet, and it certainly wasn't my job to interfere in the affairs of humans. I could only take them when it was their time to go, and not before.

However, there is nothing in The Rules about stopping people dying. Oscar Schindler had a few close calls, I can tell you. But he wasn't ready to go and I wasn't ready to take him, so I pulled a few strings and allowed him to live. It didn't go down well with the Boss, but I prolonged the lives of countless Jews so he wasn't too angry. Even though I am Death, I am still capable of at least some good.

I mustn't brag, though. War forces me to do many more evil deeds than good. I always loathed having to take children, from either side. Actually, taking any civilian was hard. In my humble opinion, war should be confined to the military. However, I can't see that happening any time soon.