So yeah, I'm back again, slightly dissapointed by my number of reviews, so...yeah, anyway, a few people have requested for me to write a guide to writing with somebody else, so here you go!

How to Co-Write.

You've got to be willing to give stuff up, you aren't just sending a document to a BetaReader to be published, you have to comprimise on ideas, because it's a sure bet that you wont agree on everything.

1) Pick somebody with a similar writing style to yours.

By that, I mean genre, somebody who keeps trying to turn an action/horror story into a romance will probably cause more conflict then nessecary. If you like to write romance, find somebody else who likes romance.

This also refers to writing ability. Many writers have different level, and I don't just mean beginner/long time writer, because you can be a pretty crappy writer, even if you've done it for years. Find an author who has similar writing abilities, because if you aren't a particularly good writer, and you try to pair yourself up with an advanced writer, then the better writer will probably feel like your shedding a lot of the work off on them, and bring an end to the alliance.

Your spelling and grammar levels shouldn't affect who you choose though, because you can have a good story, and have bad English skills. In this case, get a BetaReader to read through it first, or even have your co-writer to correct it for you. But don't let them change your story.

2) Deciding where to post it.

You may decide to create an account for co-written stories if you co-write with people often, but some people want it posted on thier account. Many people see this as unfair, but it's half their story, so they have a right to. A lot of the time there are arguments about this, but a lot of people don't see the very simple solution.

Post it on both accounts?

You should write in the A/N's who's written what.

3) Chapters, merged or 1,3 for you, and 2,4 for them.

Decide with them how you're going to write the story, are you going to write paragraph to a person, or by chapter?

If you're doing merged chapters, you should make sure you write as much as they do.

If you're doing it by chapter, you should still write as much as they do.

4) Posting

If you're doing it on both accounts, you'll need a way of getting it to both accounts. On FP or FF a good way of doing this would be to use the DocX option, if writing anywhere else, it would be a good idea to do it by email attachment.

So there you go, sorry, it could have been a bit longer, but I'm a bit pressed for time. I hope you find this guide useful.