oh you hold me so gently
so I don't break down
keeping me safe and warm
so close
your hands on me now
won't keep me clean how
do I stop myself from wanting
each kiss goodnight means
so much more to me now
than anything that I
ever could want
and it's perfect and sweet
that I know that you need
me now as much as I do you
And I cannot suppress, so much tenderness
a weak heart cannot be in love like this
oh, darling you're mine and I'll show you
that when you say "I'm Yours" you can mean it more
You know how deeply I wish I could hold you
forever and never let go of you how do I stop myself
for each breath you take is a miracle
and every "I love you" is a wish come true
And I keep dreaming you'll come here to me
each day we'll live like it's a miracle
and every kiss when I hold you like this will always be more than I wanted before
I need you I love you, and I won't let go
because before I thought I was untouchable
there was no sweet love or any kind of
hope that I could be more than this
what I thought I was then
I never thought love could be something for me
just fondness or friendship or family
but then I met you, it was so perfect and true
How I could be so wrong I don't know
just hold me this gently and tightly so close
just like I knew this would be
just for me