It is so damn easy to be happy with only one item.

One bottle filled with liquor is able to give me everything I need.

One bottle made out of glass is able to cease my cravings.

There are only two different kinds of liquids that are able to fulfil all my needs.

One is flowing down my throat; the other one is cascading down my skin.

All I need is the alcohol to numb me. All I need further is the blood to make me feel fresh and happy again. When these wounds one my skin are getting bigger and bigger, when those cuts are biting more and more vasculatures open and when the blood is finally beginning to run down my torn and broken skin… it's only then that I feel free again. I can release then the breath I was holding. It's then when I can finally calm down.

When this tasty liquid is running down my gullet, when it's wetting the inside of my dried out throat, when it's finally filling my stomach and contaminating my blood… it's only then that my brain stops thinking. It's then when I don't hate myself. It's then when I finally can breathe again.

When the alcohol is finally gone, the bottle can undergo its second use.

I can shred this stupid bottle in thousands little sharp pieces. And each and every of these knife-sharp junks is able to break this skin of mine so beautifully.

I only need one item in my life to make myself happy.

Give me one of those bottles and I promise I won't ask for more.