It's like I'm being constantly sharked by blinded eyes.
As they tap dance along the Piper's coke line.

They try to pull me in step with their plastic smiles
and they sing and they dance
although they've been walking for miles.

And I'm dancing along with fear in my eyes
but they can't read the message
and they can't see the signs.

Don't know it's a dead end until their feet are touching sky
because they are the next one in line.

For the drop

But the conveyor belt won't stop

and they're pushed over the edge by the rest of the bumbling flock.

And everything looks fine.
As the clock tick-o-tocks their lives away.

And they skip to their deaths while their smiling with me.

But there's no blood in their chests cuz their hollow hearts won't beat.
Just glassy eyes, wooden smiles and marching feet

Strings attaching them to the hand in the sky,

and they continue to stare at me,
through blinded eyes.

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