She opened the door, her dark chocolate hair rushing past her shoulders at the gust of the sudden wind. Her eyes are bright when she turns to me, smiling, wanting me to follow her outside. I smile, and make my way to her, crossing the kitchen to get to her side.

My world is in slow motion, my feet sticking to the tiled floor. I can't get to her in time, my arms wading through the air as if in I was in a pool. I watch as her smile fades, obviously noticing the panic in my eyes.

Suddenly, I'm right there. Shes within in my reach, her slightly pale skin so beutiful. I need to feel her against me, I need her light touch on my own skin. Iv'e never felt her skin, never been able to inhale her smell. Iv'e never been able to comb back her long hair, and tuck it behind her double peirced ear.

Finnaly, my hands are shaking, as I reach out to her. Right when I'm there, where I'm past the point of no return, something stops me. My finger tips brush against something solid, something unbreakable.

A computer screen.

I watch as her plush lips curve into a frown. Her deep green eyes fading into a cloudy brown, clairfying her dissapointment. The screen between us goes white, and I find myself yelling her sweet name. I was so close, so close to being able to be with her. So close to being able to feel her soft skin, to be able to trace her breath taking features just as I had dreamed.

It's too late though, because she's gone.

She will always been gone...

That girl six thousand miles away.