Here With You

Here with you

is where I stay

and let the devil

have his way.

I wanted to erase

all your pain.

For that you look at me

with reproachful disdain.

Drawn to the shadows

where you brood,

I found out too late

that I couldn't change your mood.

Step by step you led

me into the gloom.

Here with you

is where I'll meet my doom.

Entranced by

your muted smile.

Yes, even now

it does beguile.

I wanted to take you

into the light.

Instead, you hold me

here in endless night.

Here with you

in the embrace of the abyss,

I long for everything

that you don't miss.

With no regard at all

for what could be,

you locked us in here

and threw away the key.

Here with you

I slowly fade away

as I try to keep

the encroaching darkness at bay.

Here with you

I am alone.

Your true whereabouts

are unknown.