Summary: Nameless preditors that kill their prey without a second thought. Their prey are humans and human blood. With blood-red eyes and sharp wolf-like teeth, these creatures hunt and kill, but something few know about them is that every five years they lure an innocent child to their cave and turn the child into one of them.

Five years ago, a small, young boy followed a girl with scarlet hair to a cave. He was to young to know what was going to him since he followed the girl, but his older sister and her friends did. They unwisely tried to save him, but instead they were tricked by a beautiful but evil woman. Only one of the girls made it back, and she doesn't even remember what really happened that night.

Terra Peridot has attended True Colors Academy since she was five. What happens when a new girl comes and is assigned to share a room with Terra, the room Terra used to share with her two best friends that she can barely remember. At first Terra completely dreads having a roomate again, but then the two girls form a bond as strong as the one Terra had with her old friends, maybe even stronger. When tragedy strikes, Terra has a choice. Will history repeat itself, or will two girls' bond be strong enough to change things, and will it be for better or worse?

A\N: This is short (XD I think the summary is longer!), and for that I apologize. But their wasn't much for this scene without giving things away. Anywho, I hope you like it.


A bright full moon hung in the air as a small, young boy followed the girl in a beautiful, scarlet dress that fell just below her knees. Her stunning red eyes were hypnotizing to the naïve boy and anyone else who stared into them. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy continued to follow the fiery-haired girl through the dark and dense forest. There was a playful glint in her eyes, at least until they reached the cave, the cave no one has ever gone into and come back. The playful glint in her eyes changed to regret then to a swell of mischievous pride. The beautiful girl led the little boy into the cave then mysteriously disappeared. In her place stood a tall, gorgeous woman with jet black hair and blood-red eyes and a dress that flowed down to the cold stone around her and was the same shade of red as her eyes. In front of the woman lay a calm, crystal-blue pool of water.

"Come to me, child. Come to me," the woman whispered over and over again, her voice as smooth as silk.

The boy obeyed and waded into the cold water toward the woman, towards his cold, watery death.

A\N: Yep, really short. The rest of it will be a lot longer though. Don't worry.