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Finishing Last

Chapter Twenty-Three: Trey's Date

Chapter 23
3rd Person POV

Kayle ran the card through her fingers pondering if she should call or not. She did want to see more sightseeing, but she didn't know if she was being forward by calling him.

"Kayle, you're being a girly girl," she sighed to herself and picked up her phone.

The phone was answered on the third ring, "Hello."

Kayle blushed at how low his voice sounded. It almost reminded her of Rob's, but Rob's was about half an octave higher.

"Um, hi, Trey. It's-," she smoothed her hair nervously although he couldn't see her.

"Kayle," he completed her sentence, "I'm glad you took me up on my offer. I can pick you up in an hour if you want to go sightseeing."

"That would be nice, thank you."

"If you haven't already eaten, don't," he added.


"See you in an hour," he responded before hanging up.

Kayle smiled a little before straightening up. Marilynn's house certainly wasn't messy, but it wasn't crystal clear. Rob's mom was a neat freak and passed down that trait to him. That trait began rubbing off on Kayle, especially when she was nervous. After picking up a little, she gathered her things in order to be ready when Trey came, and began reading A Midsummer Night's Dream. She had been pretty disappointed when the new drama direction limited Romeo and Juliet auditions to advanced theater people only. Others could only apply to be assistants to understudies who were the assistants both in the theater and outside the theater for the actors. The Shakespeare buff read until there was a knock on the door.

She bookmarked, not dog-eared the paged (because she freaking hated it when people did that) and greeted Trey.

"A Midsummer Night's Dream?" he asked when she settled into the car.

"Um, yeah. Shakespeare is awesome. You don't like him?" Kayle adjusted her glasses self-consciously, wishing she'd worn her clear contacts that she usually only used for sports.

"He was okay, but his old-timey Shakespearian English bothered me. Let's just say...SparkNotes and No Fear Shakespeare helped me get a B," he smiled a little at the memory. "I'm just surprised you'd be reading a classic. Most girls would be reading Chick Lit and Sarah Dessen and all that crap."

"Sarah Dessen books are amazing! Anyway, just because I read classics doesn't mean I don't read other book genres! Furthermore, how do you know of Sarah Dessen if it is Chick Lit and 'all that crap'?" she cocked her head with a smirk on her face.

"I have a little sister, smart one. She leaves her books around," he rolled his eyes.

"You have a little sister?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am. She's twelve and I have little brother who's fourteen and a chip off the slightly older block. I have two older, twin brothers, though. That's why my name is Treyson. Trey means three and I'm the third son. My younger brother was unexpected," he smiled a little.

"How old are you?" she asked.

"I'll be seventeen in January, next month," he nodded his head to the beat of the music playing in the background. "How old are you?"

She pretended as if it was a scandalous question, "How dare you! You never ask a woman her age!"

She placed a hand over her chest and pretended to be highly offended.

"Haha!" he cracked a smile at her antics and she realized that her nerves were gone.

"I'm fifteen, but I'll be sixteen in March," she answered with a smile. "You share a birth month with one of my best friends, Jazz."

When Trey successfully parked in front of an IHOP, she pulled up the homecoming pictures.

"The girl with the long, white dress that kind of flares is my friend Mariah, but we call her Mimi or Ri. We call the guy behind her, her boyfriend, Dom. The girl in curve-hugging white dress is our friend Pauline with her date who finally had the guts to talk to her, Kevin. Then there's me in the turquoise dress and behind me is my boyfriend, whose title is pending at the moment."

"I know that face. Robert Carter? Rob was your boy?" Trey asked incredulously.


"That's shocking. You don't look like his type," he responded.

"His type?" she asked.

"I don't know how Rob is with you, but after a bad relationship, he kind of changed. That's all I'm going to say. From his Facebook posts, I can tell that you changed him back. I'm going to punch him so hard for being stupid. Then again, it may be a misunderstanding," he ran his hand through his hair. "Uh, you should hear him out. We weren't really cool, but we ran in similar circles. His friend Heather is actually my cousin. Who's that vision that you didn't tell me about?"

"The last girl, Jazz, is wearing the white dress with the turquoise band on it and our friend volunteered to go with her because her ex is an idiot and broke up with her on the day of the dance," she supplied.

"Her ex is a dummy. He's so stupid. She's sexy," Trey commented with a smirk.

"Oh, wait! She's calling!" Kayle smiled.

"Girl, you already don't need to tell me. Rob posted on Facebook how stupid he is and how he'd do anything to get you back and explain to you that Girlfriend Number 2 didn't matter," Jazz commented.

"Technically, I'm Girlfriend Number 2," Kayle whispered.

"No, he said you'd always be first in his heart. Listen, Girlfriend Number 1, my mom and I are getting away because the litigation process will start in the New Year and we want a vaycay. So...I suggested we come to you! There's just one thing missing..."

"What? You're HERE!" Kayle squealed.

"We need a ride?" she supplied.

Trey pointed to himself and put a palm up, made an X with his index fingers, and held up three fingers.

"We'll be there in fifteen minutes," Kayle smiled at Trey's multiplication.

"We?" Jazz asked.

"You'll see, hon, but get dollied up because I know you'll kill me if you don't look your best."

"It's a boy?!" Jazz asked.

"Gotta go!" Kayle hung up with a smile.

"We can postpone breakfast or eat at a hotel," he suggested and she nodded and thanked him.

Sixteen minutes later, they pulled up to the airport after both of them singing exaggeratedly to the radio. The only sang one song seriously, Better Dig Two by The Band Perry.

"KAY!" Jazz embraced her and so did her mother.

"Hello, I'm Anthony Allen, Jessica's fiancé," a tall guy and Kayle shook hands.

"Kayle, Jazz's friend. This is Treyson, a friend I met here. Treyson, this is Jazz and her mom Jessica."

"Nice to meet you"s were exchanged and they crowded into Trey's car.

"Do you already have reservations?" Trey asked.

"Um, no. We planned on just shopping around," Anthony answered.

"I got you," Trey pulled into a parking lot of a hotel.

The doorman saw him and opened the door, "Mister Longfellow."

"Mister North."

He strode past the line and walked up to the desk, "Angela. I need two rooms on the floor just below the penthouse. My friends need to be taken care of. They've come a real long way to get here and I want them to have a good time, okay?"

"Yes, sir," she clacked on her keyboard and pulled out two room keys.

"Excellent," he went back to where Kayle and Jazz were chatting ambically.

He caught a "he's so hot!" from Jazz before he walked up. He hoped she was referring to him because she looked cute enough to eat. She'd removed her red trench coat and underneath had a black sweater dress that hugged her.

"Would you like to see your rooms?" he asked.

"Yes, but shouldn't we pay first?" Jessica asked.

"I need to make sure the room is to your satisfaction first," he said.

"Do you work here?" Anthony asked.

"Not exactly," he said as they entered the elevator.

"Um, isn't this going up to the big shot rooms, like the presidential suits and stuff?" Jessica asked.

"We can't afford that. We're planning a wedding," Anthony held Jessica's hand.

Trey just smiled politely and got off the elevator.

"Jazz first," he said and unlocked the door.

The whole place was chic and full of reds and golds that made the whole place pop. The bed was king-sized and there was a kitchenette, a flat screen, and several more amenities.

"It's gorgeous!" Jazz hugged him and he smiled.

"It is, but we can't keep it."

"You haven't seen your room," protested Trey. The room across from it had a balcony and it's décor was crimson and maroon with white to give it that sweetheart's look. It was romantic. The duvet was satin and everything screamed romance.

"We really can't afford this right now," Jessica bit her lip.

"You don't have to. It's on me."

"We can't ask you to do something like this! Paying for our hotel room? No."

"My dad owns this hotel and some other places. It's free. Anyone I want to can get a free room if it's not booked," he shrugged and a look of shock made it's way unto the newcomer's faces.

"We have to give you something in return," Jessica protested.

"Tell you what. If you let me take your daughter on one date tonight, we'll call it even," he smiled and Jazz smiled back.

"These rooms are like seven hundred dollars a night," Anthony looked uneasy.

"Free for your stay."

"Mrs. Richardson, you know my parents are super protective of me. They let me come here and stay with my boyfriend's aunt, Mrs. Marilynn Klein. They really trust her. Mrs. Klein has nothing but good things to say about Trey and I would never go where I feel threatened. You can talk to her, if you'd like," Kayle spoke up.

"Yes, I'd like to," Jessica nodded.

"Hi, Mrs. Klein. One of my friends, her mom, and her mom's fiancé surprised me by showing up here. They're getting a hotel, but Trey wants a date with my friend. Could you tell Mrs. Richardson about Trey? Okay, thanks. Here you go," Kayle handed over her phone.

"Mrs. Klein is sweet. Her husband works with my dad."

"Rob's parents and my parents are really close, so she might as well be my aunt. I know my parents consider her a sister.

"Marilynn seems nice and if Robin trusts her baby with her, I will trust mine. It's up to my daughter," Jessica handed Kayle her phone.

"So?" Trey asked.

"Sure," Jazz smiled, playing with the dip-dyed turquoise ends of her hair.

"Can we postpone the touring? I have to talk to Rob and get Miss Thing, here, ready," Kayle pointed to Jazz.

"Sure," Trey nodded and gave the two girls a ride to the Klein residence.


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