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Chapter One


Ah, yes. The one thing that can either make a person's existence whole-

Or completely ruin their life.

It was, courtesy of Allison's crappy luck, the second option.

Honestly, though, I really don't get the point of arranged marriage. I mean, look at all these plays. Take, Romeo and Juliet for example. Isn't it all, like, 'follow your heart' and 'forbidden, but it's 'true love' so that's okay'? So if everyone's encouraging 'true love', why is my parents still hooked on the 'let's plan our child's marriage and possibly their entire life out for them' phrase?

Allison didn't throw that much of a riot though. If it was me, I would probably, like, explode or something. No, Allison didn't throw a riot or even a small tantrum. At all. When my mother broke the news to her, she just sort of nodded mutely and gave a small smile.

Sometimes my twin sister is just way too mellow.

So, me, being me, and also the awesome older by two minutes and a half sister of Allison, decided I would speak for her instead. Which was why I was currently fuming and marching up the big marble stairs of my mother's mansion.

I'm Riley, by the way.

"Mom!" I banged on the door. "MOM!"

"What, Riley?" My mom's chirpy voice came from within. I twisted the knob and all but shoved open the door, then put my hands on my hips.

My mom was chatting on the phone. One of her hands was holding the phone and the other was holding a fancy, pink mirror, while her assistants flitted around her and added random touches of makeup to her face.

"What is this I hear about an arranged marriage between my sister and some guy you decided that you would force upon her?" I demanded.

My mom sighed, a soft, breezy sound. She rolled her huge, eye-lined eyes and pouted her lips.

"Hold on, George. I'll call you back later. Mm-hmm. My daughter's here. Bye!" She said in the same chirpy voice, pressed a button with her perfectly manicured nails, then lowered her phone. Once she made sure she didn't chip a nail by pressing too hard on the buttons, she turned to me.

"Yes, Riley?"

"The arranged marriage." I said flatly.

"Ah, yes." My mother sighed again. "I found the perfect, young gentleman. His father works at one of the biggest companies in the world, and he has agreed to marry his son to sweet Allison."

"Yes!" I snapped. "Sweet, pure Alison! Why are you forcing my- my twin to marry some random son of some random father that works in some random company?"

Hey, cut me some slack. At least I managed not to let some rude four-lettered words that I desperately want to say slip out.

"Quiet!" My mother said, tapping a fingernail on her ear. "Your voice! Ladies like us do not throw unladylike tantrums."

Being ladylike was the last thing on my mind right now. "Why are you doing this?" I asked in a pointedly loud, rude voice.

"We models have a reputation to keep. I cannot let your sister marry some plain everyday man. That would ruin our superior air."

I stared at my mom, my mouth half open.

"Are you serious?" I finally managed to force out. "Does true love mean anything to you?"

Okay, so maybe I didn't believe in true love, either. But my mom didn't have to know that.

"Oh, Riley." My mom chided. "Allison is happy. You saw her, she didn't seem in anyway upset. Plus, she is the perfect lady! She and that gentlemen deserve each other. You, on the other hand, need to be more ladylike. I mean, what lady..."

I drifted off. My mind was still on her first sentence. Allison was happy? No, she was not in any. Way. Happy.

Perhaps, mommy dearest, if you had just paid a little more attention to Allison's happiness...

Anyways, Allison might not show it, but I knew she was really upset. I mean, I know all about it, being her twin sister. Even if I had to snoop around her diary, which Allison didn't know I knew about even though it was obvious because she was always scribbling in it.

But hey, who keeps a diary anyways? It's like a plain invitation to snooping around people's personal thoughts.

Personal thoughts should really just remain in personal heads.

So, the reason Allison was upset is because she likes someone else. I had a pretty good idea who that someone else is. My best friend, Parker.

Parker and I met in kindergarden. There was this guy who was always bullying around people, and one day he started taunting Parker. So Parker was just standing there with his bottom lip all trembly and his bright green eyes filled with tears. I'm not sure why, but I guess I took pity because I beat the guy up. The guy never went near Parker again, and he started clinging to be like a sock puppet. So we've been friends ever since.

Parker has always harbored a secret crush on Allison. I mean, come on. Allison is the daughter of a supermodel. She inherited dad's eyes, a color in between pale brown and amber. She also inherited his hair color, black, but the texture of her hair was like mom's. Smooth and silky, the type guys would dream to run their hands through.

I knew of both side's crushes. But I never liked interfering. So I had planned on just laying back and daydreaming of them getting together.

One announcement from my parents shattered my bliss.

"Mother." I interrupted her chiding. "When you were forced to marry dad, were you happy?"

My mom looked shocked. "Of course, dearest! Your dad was a very rich man. And he had a good face, too!"

Was my mom really this shallow?

"You know what, mother," I held up a hand. "I do not like your plan. I am against this marriage. And I will do anything to ruin it. Allison is eighteen! And she deserves to choose her own husband, just like she deserves to choose her own path in life. You know she doesn't want to be a model when she grows up. She is an artist."

I proceeded to walk out the door, but turned back with one last glare at my mom. "And mother? You know that I'll do anything when I set my mind to it."

Then, ignoring my mom's sharp gasps, I slammed the door shut behind me, got out a pencil, and started planning.

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