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Chapter Two

Okay, the thing about planning the downfall of an arranged marriage, is that you can't let anyone be suspicious of you.

Now, this would be easier, if I was like Allison. I mean, with Allison and her angelic looks and innocent personality, no sane person would ever suspect her of anything.

The problem was, I wasn't anything like Allison.

The handful of people who know that Allison and I were related to each other still stare in shock every time they see us together. We've been described as the opposite ends of the spectrum, and my personality is nothing like Allison's.

Allison tends to wear pale, white gowns and she has this whole pure air about her. She's the student with the A plus in every subject, and her friendly demeanor attracts many people, though it also makes her very fragile and gullible. She doesn't believe in the bad of people, only the good, which usually results in my coming home and seeing random homeless strangers hungrily stealing mom's silver plates.

While Allison couldn't harm an ant, I have 'every parent and teacher's nightmare' reputation. In contrast to Allison's gowns, I wouldn't wear a dress if my life depended on it. My usual outfit consists of a leather jacket, some dark jeans, and combat boots. At school, I'm the type to come in ten minutes late to class and talk back to the teacher, resulting usually in detention, or in more serious cases, suspension. I've lost track of how many times I've gotten into fights, or how many times I've come home with a broken nose or bruises here and there.

But when my parents suddenly decide to ship my sister off to some other guy, that's where Allison's personality can't save her and I come in with my fists.

Okay, remember how I said that I didn't like interfering with relationships and had decided to leave Parker and Allison be?

Yeah? I'm going against my 'no interfering' policy this time. Anyone who has ever seen Allison and Parker talking know that they belong together, even me, the non-romantic. So I'm just speeding up the process.

My plan goes like this. The minute Allison and the guy whose she's getting engaged to meet, I'll find some way to send Parker along. He'll do his superhero rescue thing, and Allison and Parker will live happily ever after.

Okay. Maybe there are a few glitches.

But they always work out. They had to. They would.



Talk about over-dramatization.

My mom has decided that for Allison and the-guy-she's-supposed-to-marry's meeting, she's going to host this huge masquerade ball and invite all the famous models and company owners to the 'very special evening'.

Yes, the very special evening where she's about to officially ruin Allison's life.

Thank the gods Allison has such an awesome twin sister.

It's no use convincing mom to call the ball off. She's set on the idea that every little thing has to be magnified into a whole day dedicated to them.

But she forgot about Allison's nervous tendencies and the fact that she tends to hyperventilate when everyone's focused on her.

"It's okay." I reassured my trembling twin sister who looked like she was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. "You'll do fine. Everyone loves you."

Allison stared up at me with her big brown doe eyes that were currently panicked and wild. "No, Riley!" She moaned. "I can't do this!"

"Yes you can." I looked sternly at Allison. "Just... pretend you were talking to potatoes. Yes! Pretend that each person staring at you is a potato!"

Allison stared at me, a small smile blossoming on her blotchy, teary face. She shook her head slightly.

"Oh, Riley." She said. "You're the best twin sister ever. Did I ever tell you that before?"

I felt my cheeks heat up awkwardly. "Um." I said. "Yeah, sure. I know."

I loved compliments. But coming from my twin sister when she just finished a sob-fest?

Talk about awk-ward...

"Okay." I said, standing up from my position on the couch. "Allison, go prepare yourself for your ball. I'll be waiting downstairs."

"You aren't going to change?"

"I'll be posing as your bodyguard." I said with a wink. "With the mask on, no one will know."


"Mother." Allison said as she twirled around in her golden, frilly gown. "How do I look?"

"Wonderful." My mother clasped her hands together. "You have the body of a model."

I glared at my mom, but she ignored me as she flitted around the mirror, admiring her reflection. I sighed in irritation, then groaned as I watched my mother add another dab of lipstick to her already blood-red lips.

"When will the guests start arriving?" I asked finally, after a few minutes of admiring the fact that I can't see any spots on my mom's face that wasn't coated in make-up with disgusted fascination.

My mom turned to me with a look of distaste. She tilted her head, her plucked eyebrows furrowed.

"Around six. Riley, dear, aren't you going to change?"

"No." I said, not giving any further elaboration. My mom gave a pointed, loud cough and I turned to her.

"Why not, Riley?" She asked. "You know this is a big event. Think about-" She gave a small gasp. "-my reputation, when people find out that you-" She jabbed a finger at me. "-are my daughter!"

I paused as I looked at my mom, my head tilted slightly. Then I stepped back and leaned against the curtains, ignoring my mom's hisses at me to stop doing that in case I dirty the fabric.

"Oh, no worries, mother." I forced out the words. "It's a masquerade ball. I'll have a mask on, and I'll pose as Allison's bodyguard. No one will know."

My mom considered this. She shook her head slightly, and I quickly intercepted.

"Bodyguard, mother." I said. "I'll be her bodyguard."

There was a split moment of silence. I squeezed my eyes shut.

"Okay," My mom said, finally, her ringlets bouncing. She had curled her hair specially for this event.. "Just don't interact with people much, okay? Follow Allison. I suppose that will make us seem more sophisticated, the fact that we even have a personal bodyguard. I'll just tell everyone that you came down with a bug."

I nodded. "Sure. No talking, follow Allison. I got it."

Then I turned so I wasn't facing my mom and quickly walked out the room, before my smirk gave me away.

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