The sun was shining on Bianca's face. As she sat up, she heard yelling coming from outside her room.

Bianca Green, the tallest Green Sister, stood up and walked into the kitchen. She immediately wished she hadn't.

Her two sisters were arguing…again. But this time, it was much more violent.

Bianca had brown hair with red waves, brown eyes, and was very shy. Her face went white at this sight.

"How many times have I told you not to steal it?" shouted Yoya. She had a brown ponytail, green eyes, and was the oldest sister. She also wore upside-down triangle glasses, which were black.

"I didn't steal it!" shouted Lily, the youngest Green Sister with tan-coloured pigtails and blue eyes. Bianca knew they were arguing about Yoya's favourite yoyo, a green yoyo with a red lightning bolt on it.

"Then why was it in your room!" Yoya was angry.

"I don't know how it got there!" yelled Lily angrily.

Bianca walked away sadly.

Yoya glared at Lily, but Lily was watching Bianca.