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A new bra.

That was the reason Anthea Thompson was fidgeting with her t-shirt, sitting uncomfortably in her chair.

Daniele Lazzaro, who was commonly called Danny, was staring, probably trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with her.

" okay?" He asked, nervously.

"Yes, I'm fine. Now, start doing the worksheet."

The 11 year old boy was convinced enough and turned his attention back to his homework.

However, Anthea was not fine. The new bra she had bought was horribly uncomfortable and it was starting to cut into her skin.

Despite it's cotton texture, the bra was nothing like it was advertised. And she was seriously starting to think about suing the brand now.

The puffy part of the bra was the only reason she bought it in the first place. It wasn't even lacy. It was just a simple gray bra.

And it was killing her.

Her fidgeting was making it worse, let alone help the situation.

She told herself to suck it up and wait until the tutoring was over. It was going to be a long hour.

~ o ~

Leonardo Lazzaro came home from football practice, only to find his mom and his brother Stefano sitting in the kitchen in complete silence.

He raised his eyebrow in a questioning matter and his question was immediately answered by his mom.

"Danny's tutor is here so don't make noise and disturb them."

Leo put his duffel bag on the kitchen table but threw it on the ground immediately when he saw his mother's scowl. "Why does Danny need a tutor?"

"Apparently he wasn't in touch with our origins." Stefano replied.

"What the hell does that mean?" Leo asked, sending his mother an apologizing look so she would stop scowling.

Their mother, Kate, cut Stefano off. "It means he is taking Italian lessons. Now, stop talking and go to your rooms. I'll call you when dinner is ready."

~ o ~

Even though Kate Lazzaro wasn't Italian, she spoke the language fluently. And since his husband was really "in touch with his origins", it was almost a necessity for the boys to learn Italian.

His husband had insisted that Danny would learn faster if a family member taught him - like his brothers. But Kate knew better, they would probably play Xbox instead of actually studying.

So, Kate had decided to hire a tutor for his son Danny, who was the only one that couldn't speak Italian fluently.

And that was where Anthea Thompson had come to rescue.

Actually, she was pretty surprised when his son Stefano had suggested that a friend of his should come and help.

Kate had agreed but sensed that his son had an ulterior motive when he refused to contact her himself and just informed his mother that her name was Anthea Thompson.

She had contacted Anthea anyway, explaining their need of a tutor. She hadn't mentioned Stefano, knowing that something else was going on.

Anthea had excepted immediately, in need of cash since she wanted to go somewhere for the summer.

And now, she was starting to regret her decision. Not because of Danny or her damn bra. But because she had realized whose house it was when she was in the living room.

She already knew that she was going to tutor Danny Lazzaro. But unfortunately she hadn't made the connection between Leonardo and Daniele Lazzaro until it was too late.

Now, she was sitting in her crush's house in a terribly uncomfortable bra.

Not that she was complaining, of course.

~ o ~

"So...I guess we are done for today." Anthea informed her student, who looked pretty relieved.

"'Kay. I'll see you next week?" Danny asked, eager to work with Anthea more. She was a good tutor.

Anthea nodded before following Danny to the kitchen, thinking she could see Mrs. Lazzaro and go home without seeing Leo.

Kate greeted them with a warm smile. "Hey Danny, how was it?"

"Good." His son replied, trying to sound both polite and eager.

"He has a natural talent." Anthea added.

Kate beamed at her comment, smiling at her. "Oh that's great Anthea. Would you like to come here again next week?"

"If it's ok with Danny...I would love to." She replied, returning her smile with an equally genuine one.

"Great, then it's settled. Would you like to stay for dinner dear?"

"Umm...I wouldn't want to intrude." Anthea replied hesitantly. She didn't want to seem rude but the thought of eating dinner with a certain Lazzaro boy made her nervous.

"Oh nonsense!" Kate exclaimed."You are definitely welcomed."

"Oh...I guess I can stay then." Anthea said, putting her bag on the floor near the door.

"Great! And I'm sure the boys will be delighted to see you here. You know them right?"

Andrea knew Mrs. Lazzaro didn't imply anything by her words. But when Leo was mentioned she never could help herself.

She blushed heavily as she answered. "Um...yes, I know them."

Kate studied the girl in front of her. The blush that formed as she answered confirmed her suspicions. She was definitely romantically involved with one of her boys. Probably Stefano.

She smiled but her eyes didn't leave the young girl. Her hair was in a braid that hung over her shoulder. She was wearing a simple black tank top and jeans. She surely was beautiful. And smart, too.

As Kate checked Anthea out, the young girl had a bigger problem.

That freakin' bra!

~ o ~

Danny went upstairs to call his brothers down to eat dinner. They greeted him with smiles on their faces.

"Hey buddy, how was it?" Stefano asked.

"It was fun, I liked her." Danny replied, smiling.

"Her?" Leo questioned, still smiling, "Who is her?"

"Oh, you'll meet her now, she is staying for dinner." The youngest brother informed them, "Her name is Anthea."

"Thea?" Leo exclaimed, panicked. "Why is Thea your tutor?"

The fact that his crush was in his house right now was pretty exciting.

"Relax dude. I just thought we could spend more time this way, since she is my girlfriend." Stefano explained, a ghost smile playing on his lips.

Danny took the news much more calmly since Leo seemed to be choking on plain air now.

"Gi-girlfriend?" He asked, hoping what he heard was wrong.

His hopes crashed when his brother nodded and stood up to go downstairs. "Come on guys, let's go. Mom is going to be mad if we keep her waiting."

~ o ~

When the boys arrived at the kitchen Paolo and Kate were already seated, along with Anthea.

Anthea seemed to froze as she subtly checked Leo.

His t-shirt fitted his body perfectly, showing of his broad shoulders and muscles. The jeans he was wearing hung dangerously low, making him compelled to tug them up every few minutes.

His dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes were a whole another story. Unfortunately for Anthea, Stefan cleared his throat loudly enough for everyone to hear, interrupting her thoughts.

Anthea blushed deeply, like a kid who had been caught while stealing cookies.

"Err...hey guys." She gave an end to the silence in the room.

"Hey Thea." Stefano replied, smiling at her. She smiled back hesitantly, her eyes flickering the Leo.

"Yeah...hey Thea." He mimicked his brother's words, not showing a bit of interest towards her.

Anthea tried not to show she was hurt as she smiled faintly.

Kate raised an eyebrow to his son's obvious attitude but didn't say anything.

"Let's eat then, shall we?" She asked no one in particular.

The boys sat on the vacant seats, Leo trying to sit at the farthest seat from Anthea.

As they were eating their meal in silence, Stefano put his arm around Anthea's shoulder, trying to be casual.

However, everyone at the table noticed the little gesture, which made Anthea raise an eyebrow.

"Umm...Stef...If you don't mind my asking...what are you doing?"

Stefan grinned when he caught the jealous expression on his brother's face.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed Anthea. He is your boyfriend after all." Leo answered her question not letting Stefano open his mouth.

"What? No! Why would you even think that?" Anthea exclaimed suddenly feeling very embarrassed. She pushed Stefano's arm off her shoulder.

Kate, Paolo and Danny were watching the encounter wordlessly, thinking what would happen in the end.

"Then why are you calling him Stef?" Leo asked Anthea, still not believing her.

Anthea shifted nervously in her seat.

Her bra was still hurting her and there was no way she could fix it with everyone watching her intently since she was still in an argument with her freakin' crush.

Oh, right, that was the other thing hurting her.

"Because he is my friend! He used to date my best friend you know." Anthea said matter-of-factly.

Even though Leo was acting like a jerk, Anthea found it really hard to get mad at him.

"Oh." That was the answer Leo gave her, an embarrassed look on his face. Then his face grew hotter as he realized something.

"You son of a-" he stopped himself before he could curse. "You are a jerk Stefan, you know that?"

Obviously, he wasn't aware of the fact Stefan was only trying to help.

Before another fight could start, Kate silenced everyone.

"Enough! We have a guest and you ought to be respectful. Now, eat the rest of your meal."

That seemed to be enough for everyone since no one dared to say another word.

Well, except Anthea who couldn't stop shifting around in her seat, fidgeting with her tank top.

Thankfully, Kate seemed to realize this. "Anthea, dear is something wrong?"

Anthea considered saying no for a moment. But the warm sensation on the side of her breast indicated that she was bleeding and the bra finally managed to break the skin.

So she found herself saying, "Can I talk to you for a second?...Alone."

Kate nodded and followed Anthea to the door.

Anthea seemed to grow hotter every minute as she explained he situation with an embarrassed look.

Kate was more than understanding towards her as she led her to a room upstairs, gave her one of her old bras and told her to take her time.

Anthea studied her surroundings after she closed the door. The room looked nice, clean and probably belonged to Leo.

She blushed at the fact that she was going to get naked in his room. For a second she couldn't help but imagine he was there, too.

She quickly shook her head as if that would get rid of the image of Leo...naked.

When the door was opened slowly, Anthea was standing in the middle of the room, wearing only her bra.

Normally, a girl in her situation is supposed to shriek and cover himself.

She didn't.

And normally, a boy in his situation is supposed cover his eyes and mumble apologies.

And neither did he.

They just stood there, in the middle of his room, the door closed.

Leo wanted to take his eyes off of her. He couldn't, but god knows he tried.

Her body, her breasts were just there out in the open for him to see. Leo knew it was wrong to stare at her breasts. But at that moment it didn't really matter.

Anthea was embarrassed. However she just couldn't make her hands move. So she just stood there, actually wanting him to look at her.

After what seemed like hours, Leo's gaze drifted to the side of her breast. One single drop of blood was oozing through the small cut on her skin, just below her bra.

Without a word, he opened the last drawer of his bedside table and grabbed some tissues.

Seeing as Anthea didn't move an inch, Leo slowly made his way towards her, so slow that it was almost against the laws of physics.

He pressed the tissues against her skin, making Anthea cringe at the subtle pain.

Leo met her gaze as he held the tissues firmly in place and mumbled, "Sorry." He wasn't just apologizing for the pain he caused with the tissue and they both knew it.

Anthea gave him a faint but reassuring smile and just like that they were okay again.

He slowly removed the tissue, his fingers grazing over the cut.

Anthea was surprised as his touch wasn't painful but...rather soothing.

And suddenly, Leo bent down, slowly touching her lips on the penetrated skin. Anthea almost felt disappointed when he removed his lips and replaced them with a band-aid.

As they stared into each others eyes, Anthea finally gathered up the courage to speak.

"I should probably take it off."

It took Leo a moment to understand she was referring to the bra. He wasn't sure what she wanted from him. Did she want him to leave the room?

He made a move to turn around but she grabbed his wrist quickly. "Stay...please."

Suddenly she was feeling very self conscious.

She turned around so that her back would face him. She fumbled with the clasp of her bra for a second before taking it off in one swift movement.

She grabbed the black lacy bra Mrs. Lavazzo lent her and put it on. She was having a hard time clasping it when she felt his hands over hers.

Anthea let Leo clasp the bra, holding her breath all the while. But he didn't let her go after that. His hands brushed against her soft skin making her gasp quietly.

He let his hands snake around her waist, turn her around and pull her close.

Now, their faces were inches apart, making both of them very aware of each others presence.

"I like you...a lot." He whispered.

"I like you too." She replied, her voice low and seductive.

Just before they could kiss, he pulled away abruptly, leaving Anthea startled.

"I was thinking and...would you like to be my tutor?"

Anthea furrowed her eyebrows, not quiet following what he was saying. A minute ago they were about to kiss and now he wants to talk about tutoring?

She couldn't help but think that all of this was a big misunderstanding and he wasn't actually interested in her.

She quickly brushed that thought away. "Non credo che avete bisogno di un tutor per l'italiano, Leo."

He rolled his eyes."I wasn't talking about a tutor for Italian."

"Then what?"

Leo couldn't help but think how naive she could be sometimes. "Maybe I should just show you."

And with that their lips were pressed against each other. Leo pulled her closer deepening the kiss. She moaned a little at the sudden feeling of infiltration.

His tongue discovering the depths of her mouth was making her hot. She pressed herself against him tightly, not wanting to lose contact.

She nibbled on his lower lip, finally making him groan. She was just starting to feel the excitement in front of his pants when he pulled away, breathing heavily.

"They say...they say there are more to this stuff. So...what do you say, will you teach me?" He asked, looking seductive and embarrassed at the same time, if that's possible.

"Well, I don't think I could ever turn down a student in need of help." She replied, before tugging him closer for their first lesson.

Maybe tutoring and new bras weren't so bad after all.

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