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1st Night~


"Where is Mira?" I asked myself loudly the first thing when I reached our orphanage. Our dormitory was to the outermost side, and I was there, searching all over the room for Mira. It was dusk by the time I had made it to our orphanage.

"She was here when I left." I said aloud to myself again.

"Need anything, Kruti?" I heard and turned to see our warden standing outside our door.

She looked somehow weak, and I wanted to ask why, but at that moment, I was busy thinking about my best friend.

Mira was my best friend from ages. We were together from the very beginning. I was abandoned by my parents because I was a girl child, and was left at an all-girls orphanage where I met Mira. We became roommates, and best friends. I loved her, and she loved animals.

She was crazy for them and would never even think of not helping any. It was good for me anyway, because I got to play with any animal she brought to our room.

The same way, she had brought back a wolf that morning. We were out in the forest of Agrion. The town of Agrion was an eternal enemy for ours, Leios. And we broke a strict rule by entering their territory, all for collecting our papers that had blown away through the window.

That was when we had found the pup. It was injured and so she had brought it back to Leios.

"Where is Mira?" I asked our warden. I had left for a party that evening, which Mira hadn't attended because she had to take care of the pup.

"If you are not going then I won't go either." I had said when she had told me her decision the same evening. "But then, it would be bad for Jake. I mean he asked us with such hopes. But I really would feel lonely without you. But I really feel sorry for him. He's a good guy after all. And he is a real gentleman, and he talks politely with ladies. I guess I might just attend the party. Then it's fixed, I'll go and come back early."

So I went to the party and when I came back Mira was not in our room, nor was the pup. And I hated staying away from her for any longer than I had already done.

"She's not here." The warden quietly replied.

"Then where is she?"

"She is out of town."

"What?" I replied. It was quite a shock. "Where else can she go other than Leios?"" I was starting to get angry now. The warden was acting scared and confused all of a sudden, and Mira had disappeared.

"I am going to search for her now." I demanded and walked up to the door of our room when I was stopped by our warden.

"Wait, she told me to tell you that she is going out of town, and will come back in a couple of weeks."

"Couple of weeks?" Wasn't that too long? "Why didn't she wait for me?"

"She said it was not something that big."

Before I could reply, we heard voices outside, so I walked up to the main window of the orphanage near the door. I could hear louder now, but still couldn't tell what was going on outside. It seemed like the whole town had gathered here and was creating a big fuss out of something.

"I'll go and check." I told the warden who had reached up to me by now.

"No wait." She said and I turned to see what she had to say. "Don't go; it might be dangerous outside."

"You think that'll stop me?" I asked her back.

"But it's past nine, and it is not allowed to go out after that." she said and I stopped.

It was true. But something big was going on outside. I could see people carrying torches in their hands, and shouting battle cries. They seemed serious, and desperate, and i knew I had to go. Mira was not there, but I decided to leave that thought to later. I really had to go and check it out now.

"I don't care." I told the warden and stepped out of the orphanage. I could see the mob dispersing. Some people were coming in my direction. I stopped them and asked, "What's going on?" they stared at me for some time, and went their way.

I walked further, and went to the group that I could see going in the small lanes.

"What's happening?" I asked one of them. He shook my hand off and angrily went back to where he had come from. What was going on? It didn't seem like they were trying to hide anything from anyone, but they didn't reply either. I asked another couple of people, but they too gave the same reactions. It seemed that they were scared of something.

With torches in their hands, and the shouts to kill someone, they were marching all over the town as if something had really endangered their lives. After some time, a large group gathered in the center of the big streets. I tried to ask the people in the borders, but they weren't any use as well.

I decided to go to another part of the town to find out. Our town was huge, so it had many parts. We lived in the innermost part, the one closest to Agrion. The party was quiet far away, so I was not aware of what was going on in this part during the party.

I walked on hoping to find someone who had time to tell me about it. I found the number of people in this area had decreased. Did that mean that the problem was with our part? I definitely had to find out now, so I started walking back when I heard the voice of wheels moving.

I stopped to hear more, but there was nothing. I looked around me, but absolutely no one could be seen. The place was deserted.

I walked in the dark lane from where I had heard the sound. Through the dark, I could see a hut like something there. I felt an eerie atmosphere from it telling me to stay away from it. But curiosity engulfed fear, and I went over to the stairs that would take me to the door. As I gave a push, the door opened with a creak.

What I saw there was a gentleman, though his actions couldn't be defined as 'gentlemanly'. There was a woman in his hands, skin pale, eyes showing shock, as a pair of teeth pierced her neck. A chill went through my back, and I fell down on my knees, not knowing what to do. The biter slowly raised his head, and looked at the disturbance, which was me.

He had a black cape falling over him down to his feet. It was red from inside, and had a huge collar. Cold eyes, pale expressionless face, and a pair of bloody teeth, he resembled a devil. My eyes turned to his, and I was locked, just looking into them made me lose control. I didn't know anything anymore; just that I wanted to go near him, but my body knew better of me. It didn't move, having experienced the horrible truth just moments ago. I remained transfixed.

Letting go of the woman in his hands, he moved towards me, his lips curling into a cold smile, which was enough to bring me back to me senses. I knew he was dangerous, but I also knew that trying to run away now was pointless. He reached me, bent a little and stretched out his hand. My mind immediately flooded with thoughts and things to say. As to why I needed to stay alive, marry someone, and live a happy life.

His hand touched my face and I froze. I knew it was the end, but I could only manage to say two words:

"Marry me!"

He paused, took back his hand, and straightened. The smile on his face disappeared and he was again expressionless and cold. After studying his reaction, I realized what I had just said. I had actually proposed to a Devil!

Upon the shock of realization, I lost control of my body.

All of me wanted to get close to him, and I was ready to accept anything he did to me. But my body refused to move after what it had seen, and just the idea was heavy. His eyes, looking straight into mine, were cold and dead.

I didn't know what I was doing anymore. By the new expression on his face, and the voices I could hear, I concluded that I had started laughing.

He extended his arm again, and I could feel the cold touch on my arm. I was slowly pulled up and brought to my feet gently by one arm. He looked down at me, not looking into my eyes. I knew that he was not the type to listen to any requests I made, and so I was going to die. I wanted to close my eyes as a sign of giving up, but fear prevented me from doing so.

But within the next few moments, I was hit by another shock because of what he said. He said, "I'll let you go."

What was he saying? Just like that?

"Only on one condition," He continued, letting go of my arm. I could feel warmth once again, and I knew that he wasn't lying. I was ready to listen to the condition, and looked up at him. He continued.

"You must marry me."

I knew he had the idea of how unbelievable it was, and I guessed that he was mocking me. But somehow, I couldn't reject this. Maybe it was my fear of dying, or my desire to stay alive, or something completely different from these, but I replied, "I'll come back tomorrow."

I knew this was my chance to escape. Why would I come back to a devil once I had gotten away from him? But by saying this while looking into his eyes made me feel sure that I would return. And I knew that he could tell that too. He moved a step back, moving away his eyes from mine, but still looking at my face.

"I'll wait." He told me.

I felt relieved. I turned back to leave the hut when he added, throwing a cold smile at me,

"And it's not Devil, it's Dracula."

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