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Night 20~

I opened my eyes. I looked around to find myself in a home. The room I was in was empty, and I guessed this was an inn. I tried to remember what had happened for me to fall asleep in an unknown place.

Ah, yes.

I touched my wrist at the memory. The cold sensation was still there… but there were no bite marks.

He didn't bite after all…

I walked around the house, but there was no one. It was already dusk, and I went out decided it was better to leave without telling anyone, than searching for someone to tell.

The chief was the only one I could rely enough to get me out of there and take me to the king's court. I wanted to ask him what happened with the hunters the last night, but didn't feel like it. We reached the king's castle, and I made my way to the court I knew so well. The king and queen of the Dracula sat in their position in the court.

The chief left me just outside the court, and left.

"When you said that you tried took away Som's immortality and it failed…" I said. "Can you give it back?"

"Probably" The king replied after some thought. "I have never tried to."

"I want you to return it." I said. "Revert him back to the way he used to be."

The queen looked confused, and the king was expressionless as usual.

"Why would I?" the king asked.

"He can't take it." I said.

I had seen Som in the weakest of his states. I knew I couldn't let him be like that forever. If I found a way to ensure him that my memories will stay even if he drinks my blood…

"You do know that if I do that, people he bites will either die or start converting into Dracula." The king asked.

I hadn't thought about that.

"The ones he had bitten up till now will also...?" I asked.

"No they won't." the king confirmed. It was a relief.

"Would they have their memories back then?" I asked again.

The king shook his head. So it was only for the ones he bites from now on...

"Then it's me?" I asked and the king nodded. Even though I felt like it wouldn't make a big difference to me, I didn't say 'yes' immediately.

"Please do it anyway." I said with a low voice afterwards.

The king looked at me for a while, and then sighed.

"Alright." He said and got up. "But you must go back now."

I nodded my head. I was here for asking him this after all. I had to go back to Som, only that I didn't know where he was.

It was the chief I came back with, and he left me close to Leios, between Leios and the other small extra town.

Just immediately after the chief left, before I could even take some steps away from my standing position, I was stopped in my tracks.

I stared as there he stood before me. He quite resembled a Dracula, but closer to a human. I guessed it was a vampire as I had met more in Leios. I guessed he was on his way to some place, but had stopped on seeing me?

I didn't care anyway. It was someone else, and I didn't know how to handle him. He didn't move for a long time, but then moved closer to me. He was too fast, and I tried to back away, but stumbled on something. This area was filled with trees as it was outside the town.

I fell all the way behind, as my back hit the ground with a thud. I got up to sit as quickly as I could though, too afraid to take my eyes away from the vampire. He smiled as was beside me in a moment. He appeared to my right, and I turned and moved away from him.

Another stumble.

But I was already sitting, so instead of falling, I hit my hand on the sharp bark of the tree behind me. It got scratched, and blood started coming out of my hand. Of course I was even more scared now, though it was no use as he would have bitten me anyway.

I snapped back to the vampire, but it was too late. He was just a moment away from biting me…

There was a flash, no something faster than a flash. Cool spread over the air as the vampire was thrown back. I even saw the leaves almost freeze. Long black cape fell the full length of the man in front of me. He turned, showing the red insides of that cape.

I looked up to look at the man's face. Yes, it was the same. It was the same, yet…

I took the hand he extended to me, and he gently picked me up to my feet. The pain in my hand had like disappeared, and whole of my body was as cold as ice, just by his one touch…

His glittering eyes were the most beautiful I had ever seen, and his pale yet handsome face bore no expression. A pair of fangs showed themselves as his lips curved into a smile. A cold smile.

My legs gave way on seeing that smile, and now I was standing all thanks to him. My brain stopped working. I hadn't blinked my eyes since I set them on him, and now they were hurting. It was like I had fallen for his charm again… but this charm would stay forever.

I didn't see the vampire going, but I didn't care. Maybe he had gone away. I stood back on my legs, and he let go of me. He wiped the cold smile from his face, and moved away. My legs moved forward, not ready to increase the distance between us.

He smiled on that, but moved away again and turned his back to me. I found my brain working again, and stayed rooted to my position.

"Som…" I said. Yes, it was him. No matter how much he had changed, or how strong his charm was now, he was still Som. Even though I had lost myself a little while back, I could now control it.

"I smelled your blood." He said. "A lot stronger."

I realized my blood was still flowing from my arm, and tried to wipe it away with my dress even though it hurt very badly in rubbing the Scratch. I didn't want Som to feel uneasy with me.

When had we changed so much? I was so glad to be able to see him. I had so much trouble in understanding him. I tried my best to not have him misunderstand. I had to struggle to make him feel easy.

We used to understand each other perfectly. We never had to voice out anything as the other one understood it already. We felt so comfortable around each other.

My efforts in wiping my blood died away when I lost my power. I lost my energy when I thought about these things. Why couldn't it be easy, like it used to be?

"You were the one who said things and people change." Som said. His voice had changed a bit too. It was stronger, and colder. A comforting cold.

Yes, things do change. It doesn't mean everything else has to. If we can no longer understand each other like we used to, we'll convey our feelings. We'll say everything we want out loud. We will still find a way to be happy, to be together.

"I missed you." I said. Som, surprised, turned to look back at me. I closed my eyes, afraid that tears would escape once I started talking. "Each and every day I used to think about you, fantasize that you'll appear before me anytime, but of course, it never happened. I got afraid even to think that I'd never meet you again."

Tears did escape now.

"I missed your voice, your face, your scent… I missed your smile. I was so scared that you'd left me… left me forever."

I sobbed in my mouth. I wasn't over yet, I had to say everything.

"So I decided, decided that I'd find you and never let you leave me."

Som's eyes widened and he moved closer to me. I still had my eyes tight shut.

"Now that I've found you, I will use whatever it takes to make you stay.

"I will-"

My words died away. A cold body closed in on mine, and pulled me closer. I felt Som's hands on the back of my head and on my back. He didn't move. He wasn't leaving, he wasn't letting me go.

I covered my face in my hands as more tears came. I didn't stop it anymore and cried my heart out. I couldn't be a weak girl, I knew it. But when such strong arms held me, my power would automatically decrease. I'd want to be weak, if it was this man that would protect me. It made me want to cry, if it was him that comforted me.

"The transformation would be horrible." He said.

"I don't care." I replied.

"You'd become an immortal." He said.

"It's okay." I said.

"You'd become a Dracula."

"It's okay."

"You'd have to drink blood to survive."

"Hmm." I nodded.

"You won't be able to come out during the day and sleep during the nights."


"You'd have to obey His Majesty."


"You'd have to fight the hunters."


He took a pause. Then breathed in strongly.

"You'll have to stay by my side forever."

"WWHhh." I nodded my head, as the tears that had gone silent by now burst out again.

His hug got tighter and he held me closer till I stopped crying. After I got silent, he moved a little away. He held my chin in his fingers, and turned my head above to look at him.

I got paralyzed when I looked at him.

"Som." I said trying my best to control my sobs. "I love you."

He bent closer, as his hand made its way behind my neck. He gently gathered my loose hair in his hand, and picked it up to leave my neck clear.

"I love you." I said again.

A smile spread across his face, a gentle smile. A smile I had never seen before, and believed no one had. A smile this soft, this loving, a smile even a human could never give.

The smile remained on his face till I couldn't see it, until his face was out of my sight. His soft hair came closer to my face, and I held them. Holding his hair tight in my hand, I felt cold breaths on my shoulder.

My heartbeat increased. My spine froze, and my movements stopped completely. A pair of cold fangs touched the side of my neck. But before my skin was pierced, it stopped.

"I love you too…" I heard Som whisper "Kruti."


What happened then? Well, many things actually happened. Let's start with me reverting because of His Majesty. Hunters caused an unnecessary uproar and it took a long time to calm them down. Though the good thing about it was seeing Kruti trying her best to stop the chaos. It was really fun.

So now, the Dracula's prince's existence is now known worldwide. Yes, worldwide. Even humans know now. The 'immortals' secret' was already leaked. Slowly it was bound to happen, and I simply couldn't understand why everyone was panicking so much about it. Would that cause that much big a difference?

The hunters were even raged about Kruti. Well, the past is unknown. But as long as I know, very few hunters have Dracula under their control and that too by some means other than biting. That is to be expected as they are the hunters, they'd be careful enough not to get bitten.

But anyway, a hunter had been bitten, and they said that she could even die, They also said that they wouldn't forgive me. Me? I did nothing. It was Kruti getting all hyped up about clearing the misunderstanding when she woke up after the transformation. Well, it was sure trouble but it got sorted out all the same.

It is a bit different; everyone knowing that you are an immortal, but not a bother. Just that I have a lot of difference in my lifestyle. A lot. Well, I haven't been sent away from the court as I had been before. His Majesty says it was also for my safety, but it doesn't matter now that everyone already knows.

Don't worry; I don't spend all of my time in the castle. It's too boring to be there. Instead I roam around with Kruti. She is searching for her lost friend, and I don't know how long it will take. But no, I am not just fooling around. I do every job she tells me to sincerely. I really want them to meet as well. She is just trying too hard to search.

Kruti? Yes, I know you all have wanted this answer. What happened to her? Is she a Dracula? Let me tell you…

I had expected a weird result, and yes she became weird. She is still a hunter, as she was born one. But she is also a Dracula. She is an immortal as well. She can live without blood. She keeps going out during the day persisting that she can. Though she gets a little weak if the sun is strong. But one thing that can be called negative is that every blood appeals to her.

If it's a human's she can control it. But a Dracula's blood, because she is a hunter; and a hunter's blood, because she a Dracula is completely maddening. She is a still new to being a Dracula though. I am sure she'll grow to control it because it's her.

"Som!" I hear my love call me mentally. It's not like we can communicate this way or anything. I drank her hunter's blood, so she can control or order me whenever she wants. But she says she doesn't like to, so she'll just give me a call and I go there on my own will. So then, see you later…

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