Vignette 1: Gimmee

Benjamin Arlan Harper bopped around his small apartment in time with the beat, shaking legs, arms, head and everything in between to ABBA blasting away on his stereo system, singing along with Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee (A Man After Midnight) as he chose and tossed clothes over various pieces of furniture. So far, he had not found quite the right combination, but he was bound and determined to have fun this evening. Just the right clothing would help. He really would like a man, though timing did not really matter that much. It could be before, during and after midnight.

After several more turns around his apartment, picking over clothing, he finally settled on a dark purple fitted tee and a pair of jeans which were neither too tight nor, more importantly, too loose. The purple set off his eyes nicely, he thought, as he added just a touch of purple glitter to his eyelids. It sparkled nicely in the bathroom light and he smiled at himself in the mirror. He was hoping to get lucky tonight. He finished the outfit with a pair of black SAS shoes, because it paid to take care of your feet.

The doorbell rang as Ben made one more circuit of the clothing scattered all over his bed, couch and small dining room table. Ben winced at the mess, though really the clothes were in neat piles, sorted by color, shape and type, but there was nothing for it. He had just run out of time. At the door would be Ted, bouncy and ready for some fun, he thought and grinned. As if reading his thoughts Ted rang the bell again impatient and raring to go, "C'mon Ben! The best parts of the floor be gone if we don't get there soon." His voice was faint over the strains of Take a Chance on Me.

Ben turned the music down and laughed as he threw the door open, "Chill dear heart. I'm ready!" He turned the stereo off and grabbed his keys and wallet, patted his hip pocket to be sure he had his supplies and making one last sweep with his eyes, decided there really was nothing to change with his outfit. Snagging his jacket off the wall hook by the door, he stepped out into the hall and made sure his door was locked.

Ben checked out his best friend as he turned from the door. Ted was dressed to kill in a tight fitting tee of dark blue, form fitting jeans and boots that climbed halfway up his legs, the leather polished and gleaming dully in the hall lights. All in all, the outfit left little to the imagination. To top it all off, Ted had gotten his dark hair tipped in shades of blue. He wore blue eye shadow, matching the dye job and popping his clear blue eyes out in his long face. Ben whistled appreciatively. Ted just leered waggling his eyebrows.

"Ready?" he asked, jiggling his keys with impatience.

Ben motioned down the hall toward the stairs. "Lead on, my good man."

"In all ways, my friend, always" Ted said with another leer.

This was going to be a good night.