King Mercury

Intro25 sec

Couplet 1
Twenty years have passed
God watch your loved ones
Your fans still sing your songs
They still believe in you even though you are dead
You are their hero for eternity

Pont 1
Our fairy king, our friend
He lives forever, he is made in heaven
For a beautiful day on the Earth
For take everyone in paradise

Refrain 1 x2
He is a kind of magic, a prince of the universe
Who don't lose his head
He is my best friend very ga ga
A king for his fans, a loved one for his friends and his family

Couplet 2
You are spreaded your wings for a long time
Our life must go on without you
But we still think of you
Don't stop us now because we are here
And we was born for love you

Pont 2
Our great king, our champion
Our life has been saved by you for this century
Nevermore we look at the past
Because we have somebody to love
It's a hard life and a big spender

Refrain 2 x3

Instrumental 1 min

Pont 3
No one but you can help the young talented
You are the wild wind, an inspiration for us
The rain must fall although there will be a miracle
The unhappiness disappear and a new youth will come
Thanks to you

Refrain 4 x4