Narrative VI

Never before on the planet Earth's green surface

had there been a descendent of Clovern,

simply because Clovern and its brothers, Carnelian and Moonrosa,

sat upon the ever-heated surface

of the planet, Jupiter.

So very, very far away from Earth.

All the same Kyra came

to the third rock from the sun

in nothing but an interstellar subway train.

Her mission was unknown to her

at the time of her arrival.

She barely understood where she was

or how she came to be there.

But every answer was given in time,

as in the ways of so many other epic tales.

Kyra learned much about the planet, Earth,

from a small family in a small out-of-the-way place,

who happened to see the shower of meteors the Clovernian had come in on

and took the guileless traveler in.


was overrun by hundreds of cities

belonging to a race known as humans.

It had mysteries, it had technology,

it had lemon poppy-seed muffins.

Kyra enjoyed her time on it very much.

Yet there was one problem and it

was a rather large one.

Kyra had been sent to Earth because she dared to wish

and, before that wish was to be granted, it was decreed

she must complete a quest.

What was it the Clovernian was supposed to do?