The Trial

People, people are everywhere.

On the street, wherever they dare.

The courthouse is full of those I don't know,

I fear they think there's going to be a show.

The day is beautiful; the sun shines bright,

I wish for the dark mysteries of night.

At least then I wouldn't be seen, hurt,


The crimes I've committed I won't deny,

my words will be the truth and my feet will not fly.

No more pretend, no more being disillusioned,

my tongue has been so very much loosened.

Once, not long ago, I followed a man.

He mended my wings, taught me how to fly,

dressed my wounds, and healed my fragmented soul.

In my time of need he was there for me

and, in their times of need, he was there for others too.

We called him Mr. Revolutionary.

He was our leader, our guide, our hero,

we followed him like simple song sparrows.

Everything he commanded, we completed without question,

everything he wanted, we ensured he got.

If only he hadn't turned out evil.

My feet under me march into the court of law.

My stomach fills with butterflies; my mind with dread.

How I wish someone else could be here

instead of me.

I will be the unlucky one who

has to testify against my savior turned grim.

The words that leave my mouth feel like traitors.

My heart beats angrily in my ears.

Someone, one of us from the army, had to do this

and I have drawn the short straw.

Soon, soon my testimony is over

and the world knows what I have done.

For my story, my sentence is lightened,

but that does not mean I am not frightened

for him.

Yet, I am unsure,

Mr. Revolutionary, should you win?

A few others unexpectedly step forward,

and let the truth run from their mouths,

each word darkening the fate of Mr. Revolutionary.

I glance at him a moment,

his face is cold, without emotion.

I once believed in him, what a notion!

Now, now the trial is over.

Mr. Revolutionary received his sentence without a blink or care.

I shook with fear as I ventured out of the courthouse,

what will become of me now?

Then I saw him, the one I had know before

my breakdown, from time before I joined a war in a rush.

He wore an unsure smile, but stood tall, battle worn,

waiting for me.

Within a moment it all faded away,

these past months of chaos and decay.

I feel the tears run down my cheeks

and I knew, somehow, this sweetness was meant to be.

Now my world has re-begun

and there is, once again, life under the sun.

The apocalyptic hour is over.

Finally, finally we can rest at ease.