Hello there c: And welcome to my newest story. I came up with this during testing at my school, but now that testing and school is over, I decided to finally publish it. This story was inspired by the show 'Ghost Whisperer' It's a pretty good show and you should watch it c:

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They have heard reports of an abandoned house. Many believed ghosts were present in there due to silence during the day but when night came, reports of screaming came from within the house. I didn't believe in ghosts, at least, not until I developed a new sense I call Silent Vision. It all came by when I went into the strange house…

My friends and I were hanging out outside of the old house. We normally don't go there because of the front yard being so vacant, but we decided to stay there for a while. My closes friend, Rell, turned to me and smiled her evil smile. I knew that smile, and I knew it doesn't always mean something good, especially when she's looking at me.

"I dare you to go into the house for an hour," she said.

This was unexpected. "I can't go in there," I protested.

"Why? You scared?" my frenemy, Johanna, replied. We may be friends, but she is also considered as a rival. We're constantly at each other's throats but sure enough we always hug afterwards.

Jane only stared at us. I assume she was wondering if I'll really be stupid enough to enter the old house. With my low temper, I'm doomed. Their gazes only tempted me and I had no choice with myself other than to go in.

"Fine, I'll go!" I muttered angrily.

Without turning back, I entered the yard and pushed open the door. It creaked. I stumbled in and closed the door behind me. I noticed I had no flashlight…big mistake.

But sure enough, I was curious on what was in the rooms. Legends say that the former owner had a child. When the owner went missing, so did the kid. He was later found in a small cabinet. How he got there, no one knows for sure. As for the kid, he went missing too. No one knows whether he's dead or alive.

My suspicion is that the house is filled with murder and dark secrets. I feel a tingle of fear.

I don't know how long it has been, but my guess is 15 minutes. 15 minutes and I'm starting to hallucinate. Or am I?

I turn around to see a floating book. It had a scarlet cover and its pages seemed like those from ancient times; old, yellow, crinkled, dirty.

How I could see it you may ask? Besides the book floating, there was a large lighted candle floating along. Its fire shone everywhere. The book opened and turned its pages to one blank page. Slowly, words began to appear. No, not words; a spell.

I fell to the ground and everything turned black.


When I awoke, everything was dark. Pitch black darkness, no light, no book, nothing. Memories starting flooding back to me quickly.

My name is Rena. I'm sixteen years old. I was dared to come in here, but something seemed to have knocked me out. How long have I been out? I don't know, but I'm about to leave before things get worse.

I stood up and brushed dust off my clothes. From behind me, I heard noises. My neck felt cold as I felt a chill and I felt my way towards the door. I opened it quickly and stumbled out, tripping and falling over, but I quickly broke the fall with my hands.

I looked up to see Rell, Jade and Johanna looking down at me, worry etched on their eyes.

"Are you alright?" Rell asked, helping me up.

"I'm fine," I replied shaken, but deep inside, I knew I wasn't.

"Come on, let's get you home before they think something is up."

We headed home, splitting up to our separate routes to our houses. I arrived home rather late, still in my thoughts.

"Hey honey, would you like some dinner?" My mom asked. I shook my head silently.

"I'm not hungry tonight, I'm tired though. I think I'm going to bed."

"Alright then, good night."

I climbed up the stairs and headed to my room. My head felt so cloudy, like I couldn't think but I could. What a strange feeling…

I changed to my pajamas and got ready for bed. As I lie in bed, I stared up at the ceiling, my mind blank. I knew something was off about the house. I know I'm not fine like I said before. Tomorrow I'll check the house again. I knew I had to.

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