The Dragon-Breath Pearl

There once was a housemaid who worked for one of the richest families in the town where she lived. She fell deeply in love with the eldest son of the family and gradually he came to love her in return. Not long after they began their relationship, he proposed and they were wed. Soon, quite unexpectedly, the housemaid turned lady of the house was found to be pregnant and nine months after that, gave birth.

The happiness that the housemaid had with her husband was not meant to last though. Soon after the birth of his child, the eldest son fell gravely ill and eventually died. His family, who'd never liked his common-born wife in the first place, threw her and her baby out into the streets. Angered at fate, life, the world, the housemaid decided to take her child's life, but was only stopped by a man, his impeccable timing, and his peculiar contraption.

He was named Blue. He had dark brown hair that had grown in an unruly heap to his shoulders and an equally unruly beard. He wore a royal blue tunic and loose fitting light blue pants. His eyes were the exact same color as the tunic. When he met the housemaid, he was riding a metal contraption that let out a low roar like a dragon and had two, very thick, wheels.

Blue came across the housemaid holding her child over a steep cliff overlooking a river. He listened to the housemaid's story and convinced her not to let the child plummet to her death. When the housemaid told him that she no longer wanted the child, but was now unsure what to do with her, Blue, seeing no other alternative, offered to raise the child himself. The housemaid thus gave up custody to Blue and the man gave her a ride into town on his contraption, which he called a motorcycle.

The child was a girl with soft grey eyes and deep purple hair, this gave Blue the idea to name her Violet. Blue took Violet to his mountain, where he lived with the dragon, Joanna. It was Joanna who had helped Blue to create the motorcycle and many more intrigues that would be considered treasures to the outside world.

Violet lived happily with Blue and Joanna for many years, but when she was ten years old, everything changed. The gold they had been living on had nearly run out since Blue took it to town and gave it, in small portions, to the poor. This was a distressing matter at first, but soon Blue, Joanna, and Violet found they had other things. For instance when Violet was twelve years old she began to whittle and soon had quite a collection of woodcarvings that they would sometimes sell in town. It was also around this time Joanna presented Blue with the Dragon-Breath Pearl, a priceless crystal orb filled with multi-colored dragon fire. The dragon refused to tell either Blue or Violet what it did, but only let on that it was very powerful. Other than that Blue found, deep in the cavern's tunnels, Mountain Crystal, a rare element that shone like both the moon and the sun and he began to do what he called spindling crystal, where he would form the beautiful, color-reflective crystal into objects such as tops.

The final change of this time was all three had tired of the Mountain Cavern and wanted to seek adventure. Violet was old enough to travel on her own, so she decided she would seek a wood carver and learn the craft better. Blue decided to travel around on his motorcycle selling his goods made out of Mountain Crystal. Finally, Joanna announced she would seek other dragons. With decisions to stay in touch they set out.

Unsure of what else to do with it, Blue, Violet, and Joanna left the Dragon-Breath Pearl behind in the cavern, but sometimes they would dream of it. And when they dreamt of it, it wasn't long after until they saw each other again.