A fight in the sky it was. The runaway girl she was called by most but had the name of Clarissa Cloud for the way she ran and transformed the clouds behind her. She herself transformed like the clouds. She was loved by many men always being chased and seduced. Turmoil all across the land, many fights in the sky. Many friends she had, she went places man dare not set a toe in. The sky being one. She ran and ran never staying for a moment more than needed. She caught a man's eye before but never like this. He was determined to keep her. Then she was gone. There was something different about this man he was what is called a Cloud Runner. Cloud Runners transform their bodies. As she also does. She never met anyone like herself before. He, his name was Samuel Swift for the hare like reflexes that he had running through the clouds. Their paths crossed what seemed like only once but being a Cloud Runner she and he both, to the form that both of their imaginations concurred. She in actuality was tall and slender with long icy blonde hair sheeted down past her knees. He was strong, muscular, chiseled, a god to many women, jet black shoulder length hair, just as tall as she. But with them both being of the same, she saw him as he was and he saw her as she was. She being first frightened turned to a snow white fox and dropped to the earth, skittering to a hiding place.

Clarissa never had a father as well as a mother. Thus making an independent of herself. The clouds raised her, befriending the animals, the sleek fox, and the strong gentle mustangs. People aren't born Cloud Runners, they become them. By the way they lose themselves in the sky, seeing all there is to see. Then one day they jump but live. The clouds catch them and change their spirits. With the clouds knowledge the human becomes a Cloud Runner. For Clarissa's story she wasn't physically changed but for her hair and matching steel eyes. She learned the ways of the fox and the mustang, being cautious but also forceful with her movements. This time her fox took over and she is running as fast as her swift legs could take her. Samuel still in a daze lounge on a cloud taking in the beautiful woman he had just seen. She was not just a woman but a Cloud Runner like himself. He has seen a fair share of women. Been with the same number as well but seeing another Cloud Runner, a female Cloud Runner, he had to find her again, never let her go.

His story was somewhat similar to Clarissa but he was a little older. The clouds saw Samuel in the occupation of an Astrologist they knew he was a perfect for cloud running; Samuel was a pilot, flew in the morning and planned on going all day. The canopy open, wind through his then short cropped salt and peppered hair. Just a simple joy ride then mistakes. One simple loop with a faulty belt Samuel tumbled out of the cockpit and into the air. He figured death when the shoot was ripped from his back in the tumble. He just waited for death then he stopped like falling on millions of feathers but softer. Then he changed but both physically and mentally. Physically his hair darken and lengthen, muscles growing features chiseling. He then took flight like a bird through cloud after cloud. Wondering what the hell happened when he fell... to where he is now, lounging on a cloud thinking about his mysterious female Cloud Runner. He couldn't let her go, he had to find her again but how... he didn't even know her name. Who was she? Did she have answers he was looking for? He has never quite figured what he was or even if he was dead or alive. Samuel was distraught not knowing what to do always make him feel vulnerable. What to do next. Clarissa was wondering the same...who was this male Cloud Runner she had encountered? Where did he come from? Was he looking for her? She finally found a hole and skittered inside, she lay there resting certain that he didn't follow her but a part of her wished he did. He was handsome, god like, she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. She had to find him. She couldn't let him get away.

There are some down falls of being a Cloud Runner. One being you are always wanted and are always confined to the clouds. You can't enjoy a clear day you always have to stay in the clouds, unless the rains come then you never want to be in the clouds. Thunder is ear shattering loud and lightening kills. You are forced to drop to the earth and wait the storm. Clarissa finally overcoming the fear quickly changed from fox to a steel gray mustang and took to the fields then took off into the sky. She has to find him, just had to. But how, Cloud Runners are independent, he was probably gone never to be found again. Best to look though, back to the skies they met. Samuel was now on the ground transformed into a night black wolf searching for the female Cloud Runner that he longed to find so much. He didn't even know her name how stupid he was to just let her get away like that. Without even an explanation. Where could she have gone? He should have seen her by now. Maybe he will see her higher up, then quickly from a wolf to a raven he flew, his head down looking for the female Cloud Runner in her fox form. Not knowing that Clarissa was looking for him in the sky that's when she saw the transformation and knew it was he the male Cloud Runner. Down she went choosing the mustang to take over she ran after him destined to catch up.

That's when he saw her. Oh how pretty she was, steel gray, powerful, majestic, her mane and tail glistening in the sunlight. Bird to man he was on the ground in from of her. She stopped and quickly change into human form.

"Hello" she said with a voice that tinkled like glass.

They were alone, a grassy field, trees to the left for a quick escape, silent clouds drift about, Clarissa could get away. She lessened her guard slightly; he was walking toward her closer till an arm's length away.

"Hello," Samuel replied in voice that was tender like a fathers. Strong, sure, steady, he was also ready to run if it came to it. He was calmer than she was although she looked clam as well, "please don't run again."

"Only if I need to, I will."

"Please, sit, I would like to talk for a moment, you gave me quite a rush."

"Tell me who you are and what you are and the animal spirits you hold and I'll consider."

"Well fair enough, I am Samuel Swift; I'm not sure what I am but nothing bad. I hold the animal spirits of a wolf for stelf and a raven for the... well I'm not sure really I guess so I can fly when I know I can't. No one really told me."

Still standing, calmer than before, she lowered herself to the ground sitting with her legs underneath her. Her hands in her lap the steel eyes staring into the onyx eyes of Samuel Swift.

She was beautiful he thought to himself. He had to know more about her. "So, do you have a name of am I just gonna call you beautiful?"

She looked away from a moment, flattered and responded, "Clarissa Cloud."

"Clarissa Cloud," Samuel said slowly. Loving the way is sounded, "Clarissa Cloud, beautiful."

Again she looked away flattered, "I guess so; I changed it when I became a Cloud Runner."

"Cloud Runner?" tilting his head to the side like a confused puppy.

"That's what you are, Cloud Runners, the clouds chose us I'm not sure the reason we are here but I knew I was destine to be in the sky."

"I guess they thought I was too, they being the clouds, Cloud Runner..."

"So what's your story? I tried to fly, ran away and just jumped from the highest point I could find, now here I am."

"I was a pilot going for a joy ride and I fell out of my plane and here I am now, just now knowing what to even call myself, Cloud Runner."

"So that's the plane around your neck? On the chain. That's what the clouds gave you?"

"I guess so, it looks like my plane but I'm sure it's not. Sometimes I miss the sound and feel of my instruments. I guess that's why they gave me this plane," he says holding up the plane pendant in the light, "as well as my raven spirit. It fills the need but not the same."

He was reclined now, relaxed with the situation, Clarissa slowly getting there, calmer then before still. What was he thinking? Did he really see me as my icy self? With my steely eyes and icy hair and fair skin. She thought all these questions to herself. Many men have fallen for her many she has given a chance for falling but then when she was ready to come clean of who she really was they were done and moved on to the next pretty girl they would find and prey on.

"Were you always like this?" he asked laying with his arms under his head looking straight as this beautiful Cloud Runner.

"What do you mean?" she asked in return clearing her head of the thoughts she had just produced.

"I've never seen steel eyes and hair as long and icy as yours. I've never seen fair skin that wraps your muscles that tense and relax like a machine. I've never seen such a beautiful girl like you before."

She was flattered, she have never been complemented like he had just did. She was sure her face was redder then the sunset. Did he really just compliment her like that? She flopped down on the ground next to him, propping herself up with her elbow so she can look at him clearly.

"Samuel Swift," she said slowly

"Clarissa Cloud." he said back without a quaver in his voice.

She loved the way her name sounded on his lips. Samuel was thinking the same. Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl. It was bliss, together in their own little world.

"Don't leave me, ever." she said and drew his arms around her. God is felt good to love another being like himself he thought as she leaned into him loving this beautiful woman more and more.

"Never" she replied and placed her head on his shoulder.

They laid there for hours. Just in each others arms. It was bliss, then Clarissa was thinking about life before, Thomas. The boy that she promised she would never forget but he certainly has forgotten her. Going off with the next woman to run into town, she kept an eye on him every once in a while when the sky was familiar. They were what she now calls lust, she later heard that he was going to propose to her and she wasn't ready to settle down. She decided to run. She knew by then enough about the Clouds that she could trust them to guide her. After spending the day with Thomas, a good bye she thought, she set off to the plains before the sun hit the streets. She ran as soon as she passed Thomas' house, hoping to run into the future that she hoped for and was granted. Her trip was long, she traveled far, befriended mustangs, graceful and tender. She was already stealthy, footsteps quite as walking on cotton. She gained their trust quickly, she was happy with her life. She learned to communicate. To live as a mustang, free, living, then it came time. They came to a pasture at the top of a cliff the clouds seem so low that you could graze your fingers on the top. She said goodbye but that she will be back soon maybe in a different form. She went to the edge whispered to the sky to catch her and she stepped off. Falling, waiting, then she stopped, she closed her eyes and felt herself be awakened. Becoming stronger in her sense. Muscles tensing she felt the end near. Ready to fall she thought of her mustangs and her foxes that played in the backyard so long ago. She realized when she was standing she was closer to the ground. She felt the hard of her feet steady against the grass. The strength of her breath. She was a steel gray mustang the mustangs around her knew it was her and embraced her. Then she was back to human form she wasn't surprised of the change that she went through. She could see her icy hair blow in the soft breeze. Then she screamed as she transformed again it wasn't like the mustang, her friends scattered rearing up. She didn't understand, why were they running? Then she saw something flick out of the corner of her eye. She lunged but then it disappeared. It was white and fluffy. She stopped for a moment and analyzed the situation at hand. She felt so foolish like a dog chasing its own tail, she realized that it was her own tail that she was chasing. She looked down and the long blades of grass tickled the tip of her nose. She found claws on her toes, her legs were slim, short, tense, her hind legs the same. She had to find something reflective; she needed to see what the others saw.

She found a calm water front and looked down. She was a fox; icy silver, she had to see other forms. She screamed, but of fright, she looked down again and she was human, steel eyes, icy blonde hair, fair skin, slender, gorgeous. She took a breath and was ready this time when she transformed into a steel gray mustang. Strong, majestic, her legs muscular, her face gentle with a hint of fierceness. She took the afternoon to practice her shifting, by the end she was flawless and looked at the sky… 'Can I fly?' she thought, 'the clouds caught me once so I know if I try I won't fall.' She changed into a mustang and took off.

She was at the same pasture, the same cliff. She yelled to the heavens, "Catch me!" and leapt into the air. Clarissa felt the tender touch of the clouds as she started to slow. Then she took off, skipping from cloud to cloud. More flying than running. God she loved that feeling. She was home and the only time she felt like this was now.

Clarissa had this same feeling. She was at home in his arms; in this world nothing could be better. She could feel Samuel's even breath go in and out.

"Can I ask a question?" he asked still holding her against his chest.

"You just did," she teased and turned to look at him, "what is your question?"

"If I kiss you, will you kiss back?"

This took her by surprise. Her reply was simple but passionate she placed her hands on each side of his face and brought their faces together just till their noses were touching. Surprised by the depth of his gold flecked eyes, with her steel gray eyes, depth wasn't an issue; she fell into his and he swimming in hers. To answer his question she closed her eyes and touched her lips to his. Clarissa has kissed before but like everything before, this was different, her first kiss for her new life. His lips were warm against hers, moving in patterns that were unfamiliar but welcoming, she responded just right.

Samuel's head was spinning, was she kissing him and was he kissing back? He wrapped his arms tighter around her drawing her deeper into the kiss.

What did she think she was doing? Clarissa just met this man only hours ago and she was kissing him. Actually kissing him, passion burning through her lips to his and his lips to her. Did she understand? No, did she want to? Never. She never wanted to understand love, that was one of the reasons she left Thomas, even though he told her that he loved her but she could sometime see though the mask of love. He never loved her, he had a love but it wasn't for her. Not a month after she left Thomas was found fond of the new elementary teacher and then he loved her.

Clarissa wasn't disappointed nor was she surprised to find Thomas with another woman so soon. With the few friends that she had they told her the things he did while she was away. Thomas couldn't control his hormones, although they only got in bed once he was never satisfied. Always had his hands on her, always kissing her, trying to get her alone. When she left she was grateful to not be with the slut anymore, he got around and it was a wondrous that his parents could still look him in the eye because she knew that they knew something was up, why did she care? She never knew but she knew she loved Samuel, and never wanted to let him go.

The kiss broke and they were left to stare into each others eyes. He loved her, he was sure of it very much. His arms tightened around her, he kissed her lightly.

"I love you," he said "I know we just met but my feelings have built inside me and will never change."

She looked into his eyes she could respond with a simple 'I love you' back. But she just looked into his eyes and said, "I never will let you go as long as I live. Meeting you completes me, my life finally has meaning. It was fate that brought us together and love will keep us together. I love you Samuel Swift. Never will we be apart, together we will run the clouds screaming from the mountain tops…" she stood up and twirled around, " I love Samuel Swift!" she exclaimed her voice bouncing off the mountain tops, ringing through the clouds. She continued to dance her eyes closed her senses live, she would never leave. He was standing now, watching his love dance in the meadow. How graceful she was like the dance was practiced for years.

By the fact it was. Clarissa has known this dance for as long as she could remember. When she was a little girl, dancers came into town, she was so excited, and at the time she wanted to be a dancer. They taught her for the time they were there she came with this dance in her heart and when the music began, it followed her, not her following it. Twirling and leaping, jumping and flying. It became her dance, when all the joy cannot be held in any longer, she dances. She leapt, she was dancing with her eyes closed, she twirled her head thrown back a smile graced her face. She leapt again and fell straight into Samuel's arms. The smile appeared on his face. He was in a trance, lost in her beautiful steel eyes.

"I love you, Clarissa Cloud with all my heart and soul. The wolf inside me needs the mate for life; you are my mate, my one and only love. I have never felt this way before about any other being. I will never stray from your side, I vow to make sure there is always a smile on those gracious pale rose lips, a vow in which I wish to keep true and ongoing for as long as I am in existence. I love you darling woman so much it hurts." Samuel said this without ever breaking eye contact, he swore that he could see her soul; the mustang running through the tall grass of the meadow, the fox jumping and frolicking through the meadow jumping into his arms and licking his nose. Then finally seeing the beautiful woman inside her, how graceful but forceful she was with her movements. "I will do everything and anything just to stay by your side." he said after bringing Clarissa into his arms. He kissed her with a passion so deep that made her believe every single word that just came out of his mouth that was on hers kissing her, drawing her as close as he could get her to his body.

Her head was spinning, what does one do to respond to all of that. She certainly had no clue she just continued to kiss Samuel back. All that she had said had come from her heart and no place else. They broke still nose to nose breathing hard, she needed to run, they needed to run. He was itching to get into the skies. He looked up and she was already in the clouds. "That little fox." he said and came to join her climbing from raven to man he caught her again and kissed her through the clouds. "run with me." he said and took hold of her hand.

Could he read her mind? It only took a split second to figure out that maybe he could, he certainly acted like it. she thought about it as she lead him through the clouds, she stopped thinking and started feeling. The warmth of his hand in hers, their fingers interlocked. The cool air of her many times over flushed face. Her hair being blown back behind her like it always had done when running.

Cloud Runners have the human form in a way that the human form changes into the animal spirit when they feel the need to. They were dressed moderately, she in a shirt without sleeves and shorts that didn't get in the way. He just in simple trousers. Both people were dressed in a spandex like cloth that hugged the skin and was really a second skin these clothes never disappeared from their bodies when they transformed they simply melded with the desired animal leaving no restrictions.

Clarissa slowed for a moment and loosened her grip on Samuel's hand. He sensed her release and didn't feel the need to press the issue he let her fingers slip from his. She picked up speed but gradually to make sure Samuel could keep up with her. He was running beside her now. She tumbled letting the Clouds catch her. Kind of summer-salting and cart wheeling over each cloud. This was her home, she was home. The Clouds never betrayed her, they always gave her a place and something to come back to. She was walking now just skipping through the clouds her fingers finding Samuel's again they walk not giving a thought of what shall happen next.

Her arm soon found its way up around his waist. Bringing their bodies closer together. Samuel looked down at her and smiled, he kissed her temple. He could know see that she was his soul mate, not Teresa like they planned to be. No, Clarissa Cloud and Samuel Swift were meant to be one. Chance brought them together and knowing this now they will never be apart.