Teresa was a beautiful woman and a fellow colleague. Playful, smart, athletic, she was practically all you could ask for with a female friend. Samuel the outdoor Astrologist and Teresa also but more with the laboratory production of it, they were a perfect team. They soon grew fond of one another, late night after another with dinner meetings every so often. He soon found himself on his knee with a silver ring in his grasp saying the famous four words, "Will you marry me?" Teresa and Samuel were then destined to be husband and wife in about a years' time.

Samuel loved his plane. Nothing could replace that plane, he would never give it up. He sometimes took Teresa up for a fly but it was nothing like when it was just him and his plane. It responded just to the slightest touch and sometimes just by the movement of his body. The plane was a part of him, it held a part of his soul and took care of him until that unfaithful day.

"Samuel?!... Samuel?!..." a voice was swimming into his mind, a face shortly followed, a face of a goddess, beautiful, nothing like the face he was just thinking of. There was a violent shaking that brought everything full circle, "Samuel?! What is going on?!"

It was Clarissa kneeling over Samuel's fallen body. The memories were overwhelming when he was first a Cloud Runner but he learned to control them. It must have been the moment of excitement and pleasure that made them come back.

When Samuel stopped walking Clarissa was confused. His eyes glassed over and soon his knees gave way and he stumbled to the clouds. Clarissa then was worried she has never witnessed anything like this before. He appeared as though he fainted, she called his name, again and again, shaking his shoulders. He finally came through, finally.

"Clarissa…" he said slowly, "Clarissa"

"I'm here, I'm here Samuel" she said taking his head in her lap.

"Clarissa, I didn't scare you did I?" he asked drawing a hand to cradle her face. She leaned into his hand, she was starting to calm down now.

"I didn't know what was going on, I thought I lost you…" she brought her head closer to his still slightly shaken.

He gathered her into his arms cradling her body. "It's alright my sweet; I'm here and not going anywhere. The memories are strong I was overwhelmed, I lost control."

They sat in silence for a while realizing what has happened. He, when full of emotion still has not gained total control of his memories from flooding into his mind. She not having as many memories worth remembering besides a few gained total control almost as soon as she become a Cloud Runner.

She only had a few memories worth remembering though most of them were fading. Thomas, her mother and father, Jessica her sister. They were the past, she left that life for a reason and that reason still remains.

Growing up was hard for Clarissa, she was never close to anyone. Her family consisted of a mother, a father, and an older sister Jessica. But looking back, she really cannot call them her family. Her only family was the herd of mustangs, they were the only ones that 'loved' her. Clarissa was never planned, she was a surprise but also an accident. Jessica was supposed to be an only child, but then along came Clarissa. Her mother tried to love her but never succeeded, as well as her father.

By the age of fifteen she knew that her life was not going to improve. She waited two more years then left, during those two years she started to distance herself from everyone. This meant Thomas, they had a brief time together, enough for Thomas to pop the question and she to accept with a sigh. But the engagement was toward the end, and she left and he started again without a backward glance. She had no emotions for that even just the longing to get out and start a clean slate.

Her parents also kind of just moved on, they never truly loved her. She was a mistake, treated as though she was a bastard child but they were both her biological parents. And Jessica was not any better than her parents at least when she was older. Younger times were really happier, they were like sisters, loving, laughing, playing all the time together but no, once Jessica learned of her parents' views her emotions changed like a light bulb being clicked off. She was alone and once Clarissa removed herself from that family she was happier and until now, forgot the past.

As the thoughts and memories of the life she once lived riffled through her head she wondered what life was like. Right then and there this very moment; what Thomas was doing? What Jessica was thinking? How her mother and father were feeling? The questions never ended. She understood the life that she lived right now was the one she was destined for but she couldn't help but wondering what was happening back in her other life. She pondered this for a long time, just holding her love safely in her arms as though she might lose him if she let go.

Finally Samuel cleared his throat and shifted to face her, "darling, please don't think too hard on this, I have been trying so hard it has just been so long since I have felt this way before. In fact I don't think I have ever felt this way in this life. Maybe in the beginning but never like I just felt. Being with you and running, not having a care in the world about what tomorrow brings. I love you darling woman, together till the sun don't shine and some more after that. So please smile and let me know that I am not the one to cause the sorrow and silence that you now face."

She was taken off guard by this, how to respond? He was always so good at saying those things that left her speechless. She didn't want to sound like a fool or keep him waiting for her reply. "Samuel my love, it is not you that I do ponder over, it is just a longer thought process of the time. I found myself thinking of the past and the 'what ifs…' of life. Wondering if that if I didn't come to this life and follow my destiny then the life I would have; married to a man whore, being unloved by my own parents, my sister not even uttering a word to my presence. And finally saying that what is the point of thinking about the past? Because it is already done and accounted for, as like you I to do not care about what is to come as long as my hand is in yours and your love is always flowing like a river."

Amazing how wonderful things happen in a few short hours and days. How someone can fall in love with another and not give a second glance back to the past. To live only caring for the person that you feel the strong love for, loving them, adoring them, never being able to live without them. They were both thinking about this and what life would have been like if they did not go through and become Cloud Runners. Him and her would have never met, would they still feel the same happiness? Would they learn to love life and the people who are in it? Or would they still meet just not like this but another time and place. One would think because of the fate that they have shared and the life that they would have had that they would meet because its fate. A fate so strong that it works in mysterious ways to make sure things happen the way they should. Though it may not matter where and how they will but it will happen, sooner or later, what was meant to be was meant to be. One will never know the life that could have happened because it did not happen. Both feared to think about a life without the other and with that life was splendid, just the two of them and the sky to themselves.

The end… maybe…