OK so this story is SO random! I wrote it at like 2:00 in the morning while trying to get to sleep…so I was tired…and that means crazy. And yes I know I suck at spelling so if there are any grammar or spelling issues I don't care! Ok on with the story…


Ch. 1:Toe Town

There once was a town and all the people loved toes. They put faces on their toes to make them pretty. Then one day all the toes came to life! The town was now called toe town.

Ch. 2:Taco Toe Town

One day in Toe Town a very large taco landed in the middle of Toe Town. The people were so full from the hotdog eating contest they had earlier that they could not eat the taco. So the toes had to eat the whole taco! When it was gone everyone was happy so they changed the name of the town to Taco Toe Town!

Ch. 3:Taco Toe Town without a cloud

One day in Taco Toe Town a little kid notice that a cloud was missing form the sky! (when a cloud is missing in that town its like the end of the world…) So all the clouds went looking for that cloud, when they found it (in a dump) they found out that he was sucked out of the sky by a man that was mean to everybody in the whole town. All the clouds are back in the sky and everybody is happy.

Ch. 4:The moose and the revenge of the toes!

One day in Taco Toe Town everyone was minding their own business when a very big moose shot out of the sky. They found out that he was a mean moose because all the other moose threw him into the sky because he was so mean. The moose kicked off all of the people1s toes and took the people as slaves! One day in slavery a little kid jumped and yelled "Toes come back!" soon everybody was yelling it. All of the toes came back and defeated the moose.

So now you know that you should never draw faces on you toes it just leads to bad things.

OK…um…wow when I was writing it down I was so confused. Don't ask me why I wrote this.