Chapter 5

"Kieran I've got to tell you something, you've got to be a big boy okay" I said softly, Kieran nodded suddenly curious. He looked at Teddy who was looking down.

"What's up Luke?" He asked

"Mummy and daddy" I began but it got stuck in my throat.

"Where's Mummy and daddy?" Kieran asked, starting to sound like he was whining.

"Mummy and daddy have…have" died, been killed, left – pick a word Luke just one will do "Gone"

"Gone, gone were?" he asked quickly

"They've just gone" I said, I looked at Teddy pleadingly.

"Kieran listen to me" He said then held Kieran's face in his hands "Your mummy and daddy are angels" Teddy said carefully. "They will always love you and will always look out for you, you have to remember that, always okay? And you have to listen to Luke" he said, I looked at him wanted to hug him tightly and not let him go, want him to say these things to me, to tell me it'll all be alright, they'll always love me. But I wasn't the one who needed it now.

"Okay" Kieran whispered, Teddy nodded then kissed his forehead, then mine looking at me with eyes of reassurance.

I remember this as I look at the letter set before me. I shake my head as I read it…

Dear Mr Lucas Reed,

We are writing to inform you that the case involving your Parents murder has been reopened due to evidence that has been discovered. We are writing to make you aware that this is going on and you are welcome to contribute as much or as little as you want.

Wishing you are well

D.I Jones.

"Fuck" I said shaking my head at what I hoped was a fake, no they can't reopen the case, they can't, they couldn't have found anything it's impossible.

"What's that Luke?" a little voice asked me, I frowned slightly then looked at Kieran as he climbed onto the chair beside me.

"Nothing it doesn't matter, how was school?" I queried, he shrugged at me as he reached across the table.

"Okay, I guess... Teddy picked me up" he said excited. I chuckled "He doesn't usually do that, he took me for ice cream" he said grinning. I laughed as Teddy appeared, he glanced at me smiling softly then frowned at the letter.

"What's?" he began but I held the letter up for him to read. I watched him read it with an unreadable face. What the hell was he thinking?

He looked at me as I nodded then hugged me.