"To Whom it may Concern"

Series: Friendship

With eyes made to despise

It can be hard to keep up the lies

You think I'm happy when I'm not

She's fine, that's what you thought

Sometimes when I'm alone I cry

On the worst days I wish to die

Odd moments can bring happiness

These feelings I usually dismiss

I fall asleep with an empty heart

When I awake my depression will start

Falling into a pit that does not end

No matter how hard I try, I can't blend

My difference in this world separates me

I'm done attempting to beg or plea

When I need a friend he is not there

I'm beginning to think he may not care

When the feelings start again, wish me near

If you ever need a friend, Legkicker is always here...

Written for a special someone who I hope will see,

- Legkicker