After letting out all our emotions we finally arrive to the place. My pulls up slowly behind a black Honda. I watch as a blonde girl, about my age, steps out of the car wearing too little black booty shorts, a white cami that stops above her naval, a silver belly button ring and big hoops to match, black Chuck's, and a pair black shades sitting on top of her head. I stare at her as she looks my way and makes a face. Boy, she sure does have a stank attitude.

My mom parks the car and turns to look at me. "Do you need any help," my mom ask me opening her door. "No I don't have that many." I grab my stuff from the back seat and open the car door to place them outside. "Bye mommy, I'll miss you." I lean over and give her a hug. "Bye sweet heart, I love you." She hugs back and releases me.

I get out the car and close the car door. I smile as she back up out the drive way. I grab my stuff and walk over towards the door passing by the blonde girl. I walk towards the door and ring the door bell. As I wait for the door to open I turn my head towards the girl. It looks like she and her mom are arguing. I didn't want them to think I was ease dropping so I turn my attention back towards the door. I smile when the door opens and I am greeted with a smile. I walk in carrying my stuff along.

"I'm Samantha and are you Dawn," the brunette woman ask me. "Yes I am," I smile at her looking around on the inside. "Here let me show you to your," she starts, but gets interrupted by the door bell. I watch as she goes over to answer it. "You must be Courtney," Samantha asks. "Yeah," the girl rudely says entering the room. "Dawn, this is Courtney, Courtney this is Dawn." I go to shake her hand. She rolls her eyes and shakes my hand. Okay day 1 for Dawn and I already hate this bitch. "Follow me please," Samantha leads us upstairs.


I have to admit for a program for trouble teens this place doesn't look half bad. I follow Samantha up the stairs waiting to see our rooms. "Here we are," Samantha says opening a door. Dawn and I walk in the beautiful and well decorated room. I see that there are two beds in here. I start to frown, I hate having to share a room with someone. "I will be downstairs if you need me. There are also two other girls here. They're out back if you want to meet you." Samantha leaves us alone closing the door. "So which bed do you want," Dawn asks me. I walk over to the bed by a window. "I want this one," I claimed putting my suitcases on my new bed. "Okay." she smiles putting her things on the bed by the door.

I begin to take out my stuff. I look over at Dawn and see her doing the same. She seems so nice and polite. I wonder what she has to be here for. "Can I ask you a question?" I ask her sitting on my bed. She stops what she is doing and looks up at me. "Yes," she nods sitting on her bed. "You seem like such a sweet innocent girl. You look as if you can do no wrong. Why are you here?" She smiles at me, "believe it or not I have depression." I stare at her for a few seconds. "You don't look like you have it." She smiles, "that's what everyone thinks. Until they see this." She walks over to me and shows me her wrist. I grab a hold of her wrist and stare at it with wide eyes. Her wrist is covered in lacerations wrapped around her wrist. I've never seen cuts up close before. "When did you do this," I ask still holding her wrist. "About a two months ago," she tells me as I let go of her wrist. "I've stop cutting myself last month. So you want have to wake up to me in the bathroom screaming or crying." She laughs going back to her bed to finish unpacking. I smile and do the same.

This is just freaking great, I have an EMO for a roommate. I have seen people like her before at my school, but I have never met or spoken to one. I don't know what to expect from this girl. She just showed me her wrist and she said she quit a month ago, but still. I don't know if I want to be roommates with this crazy chick. I sigh to myself, me complaining to myself is not going to help me get out of this place or change Dawn's ways. I put my clothes in one of the closet's and lay down on my bed.

"Did your belly button ring hurt?" Dawn asks me laying down on her stomach on her bed. I turn towards her on my bed so I can talk to her. "I really don't remember because my friends dared me to do it so I was crying the whole time they stuck it in me." "What did your mom say about it?" "She cussed me out and didn't punish me since my navel was swollen and in pain." She laughs and smiles at me. "Who was that woman in the car with you when you arrived? Was that your sister," I ask her. "No, that was my mom." Wow, her mom looks so young. "Your mom is really pretty, how old is she?" "She's twenty-nine," my jaw drops when she tells me that. "She had me when she was thirteen and my dad left when I was four. And its been me and my mom ever since." "I'm sorry, my dad left when I was four to." She looks up at me and smile. "Sorry," she tells me. "Its okay," I smile back. "So why are you here," Dawn asks me. "My mom thinks that I'm a slut and have a bitchy attitude." "When I first looked at you I thought you was going have a nasty attitude, but even though you look like that you are actually funny and cool to talk to. I'm glad me and you are roommates." I smile at her, "me to."She gets off her bed and hugs me. I hope the two other girls are like this one, minus the depression.

We brake the hug when we hear a knock coming from outside. Dawn goes to open the door and Samantha walks in. "When you two are finish I need you two to meet me downstairs in the living room." Samantha turns and walks back downstairs closing the door behind her. God, I hope we don't start talking about our problems this early.