Why is it that authoritative figures will encourage you to be unique, to free your spirit and your mind, to grace morality with fresh ideas and the embers of your soul, only to douse your wonder and expectations, inform you with that mockingly polite smile that you are too flamboyant a creature for this society, implying that you must find a way to conform to the fears of irrational people, who believe they have rational fears simply because they do not have the imagination or the ability to encompass beyond what they think is freedom, true freedom, of the mind. And so you are hindered, threatened by an invisible force that urges to plague your mind with faults, dancing in the ashes of your extinguished vivid dreams, limiting your rightful place in this world as a seer of visions, a speaker of truth. And so you sit quietly and keep all the truths from spilling out of your mind, keeping them safe from the oppressive cowards who fear your rising glory to one day overcome their blasphemous, corrupt tyranny.

You smile because you know the truth. And so do they.

Their time will run short, shorter still as their fabled hour glass cracks from the intrinsic pressures of sick corruption, grains of sand spilling out the edges, spilling away from their envisioned manifestations of justice, their falsely sought power.

So you smile.

And wait.

Because your day will come.