Hey! It's me again, with another book recommendation!

Title: Impossible

Author: Nancy Werlin

Summary: This story revolves around the song "Scarborough Fair." After being raped on prom night and the culprit dying the same night, 18-year-old Lucy Scarborough learns that her connection with the song is more than in name. Her family is under an ancient curse where women get pregnant at 18, have only one daughter, and then descend into insanity. To protect her daughter, Lucy must perform the three tasks mentioned in the song before her daughter is born. As she does so, she finds that her true love was hiding in plain sight her whole life.

My thoughts on this book: Where do I begin? Well, I can start by saying it was very well-written. It came to me as a surprise when Zach proposed to Lucy. I thought it was way too sudden. Not that there's anything wrong with that part. I was anxious for Lucy and her daughter when she started the third task and was having her contractions. I really liked the ending, as well.

Favorite part: Don't really have one in this case.

Who I'd recommend it to: Hard to say. Probably if you'd like romance and suspense, I guess?