I know it's been ages since I've updated this, and I'm really sorry.

To thegirlwhoknew: I've actually read Divergent already. The whole trilogy, in fact. Though yes, I did enjoy it, but I thought the third book contained a little too much info dumping.

So, I just finished reading another excellent book, the end of a series, which is the one I'm recommending today. I was thinking of doing one for The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, which I also read recently, but I figured that pretty much everyone on the face of the planet had already read it, so I figured it might of been pointless to put it on there when pretty much everyone has already read it.

Or at least they should have. If you haven't, then what are you waiting for? Why have you not read it yet?(Which was the same question I was asking prior to reading it.) Go read it. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Anyway, on to this recommendation, and I hope I've given the books I've recommended so far justice, especially this one, although I probably haven't.

Title: Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy(yes, the whole trilogy)

Author: Laini Taylor

Summary: (I'm giving a summary based on the first book, so there won't be any spoilers) Karou was never an ordinary girl. For one, she has blue hair, yes, blue- and it actually isn't dyed that color. Second, the errands she runs every now and then include teeth, and lots of them. And third, the strange creatures she draws aren't only real, but they're also her only family.

But Karou doesn't even begin to realize the uniqueness of her situation until she remembers everything- and then is pulled into a thousand-year-old war, so old that the end seemed impossible except for in the dreams of two lovers, wanting a world of peace, a world where they can safely love each other without being seen as traitors to their own kind.

My thoughts on this book: WOW. Just... wow. I'm not even entirely sure what to say, besides that. I definitely can't say it was good, because, let me tell you right now, that would be a major, massive understatement.

Laini Taylor, you MUST BE a godess of writing or something. There is no other way I could think of for you to have such awe-inspiring writing talent.

Seriously. I can't fathom how to put my feelings about this trilogy into words, or at least words that are completely accurate. Every single bit of the series, from the first word of the first book to the last word of the last book, absolutely blew me away.

If you ask me, there should be a fourth book. And a fifth one. And a sixth.

Better yet, I should go take a little trip to Eretz. I mean, hopefully it won't be too hard to find the portal, right? And then I could go visit, and see if all the characters are all right, and if Karou and Akiva have had any babies yet, and I'd get to see what they'd look like-

What? Why are you looking at me like that? What do you mean, it's not real? How the hell can it not be real? You can't just stand there, especially if you've already read the book, and tell me you don't think it's real, not even a little bit! Seriously, I don't think a world could be that detailed and be nothing but a fantasy...

Okay, I know. I got carried away.

But seriously. You get my point, right?

Who I'd recommend it to: People who want to have their minds blown by amazing characters, a breathtaking fantasy world neighboring our own, and beautiful, awe-inspiring writing.

Basically, anyone with a good taste in YA books, and who enjoys books that they literally can't put down.