I wrapped up the final box, nearly falling out of my chair from lack of sleep. I looked at the clock, groaning when it read back 9:45. Great. Camille asked me to pick her up at 9:30. I'm sure she's already halfway home by now...She's going to kill me at school tomorrow.

I heard the office door open and Sarah's, my boss, screeching yell. "Where are all my employees at?" I knew where: on a plane out of the country. Away from Sarah.

"They left, boss. They said something about you being a female dog and having no respect for privacy." I knew from Sarah's face, she was pissed.

"Well Clayton, you can go on home. It looks like we're closing up early." I tried to hide my joy, failing horribly. Lucky me, she didn't notice. I grabbed my jacket and headed out the glass door.

It was pitch black outside, which in a way was a good thing. I never cared for the sunlight, especially during the day. People always thought I was emo cause I would curse the sun.

I looked at my watch and frowned. "I'll never be able to get home before mom does. She's gonna bury me alive...If I'm lucky." I quickly thought about the last time my mom caught me out after my curfew.

I was out hanging with Stephen in our favorite place to be at night: An empty alleyway. Sadly, some gang was in our alleyway, and one of the guys offered us a cigerette. Stephen dared me to take a puff...and then my mom passed the alleyway right as I put the cigerette to my mouth.

She's hated Stephen ever since, which I guess isn't all that shocking. Stephen was the bad boy of Langely street, skipping school and making out with a different girl everyday.

And even though me and him are nothing alike, we are best friends. Except when he skips school. He's always in a pissy mood one day, skips a day, and comes back all cheery like the sun. One day, I'm going to discover his secret...wether I want to or not.

I passed by an old chinese resturant when I heard a scream. And not like your typical druggies screams. No, this screams sounded like someone being tortured to death. I ran down the sidewalk and stopped when I heard the screams echo off an empty alleyway's walls. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a shadow creep towards me.

I grabbed the nearest thing not nailed down and prepared to remember all my karate practices, though there was alot. I only thought about the worst case scenarios: sex offender raping girl, serial killer murdering a woman, or some pyschopath drug addict who didn't get the best deal and decided to murdrer the dealer.

I watched as the shadow crept closer and closer, the hissing sound a fair warning to book it. In between the hisses, I heard the painful sobs of the poor victim further in the alley. He kept saying, "Clayton, get away. You're in danger. Get away..." Stephen.

I raised up the rusty pipe and almost growled at the figure, who stopped at my movement. "You sick son-of-a-bitch, what did you do to Stephen?" I heard the figure laugh, like I made a hilarious joke.

"I'm not fucking kidding! What did he do to deserve being tortur-" I stopped my sentence when the figure stepped into the light.

Dripping from his hands was the victim's blood, which covered his hamds and lead up to his elbow. In his mouth was razor-sharp teeth, which was also roch with blood. But these features weren't why I couldn't look away. I was fixed on the cross necklace tied roughly around the guy's neck.

"Hey Stephen, Happy Birthday man! I made you something."

"Clayton, you didn't have to make me anything. I'm just glad you came to my party."

"I remember you talking about how your dad was a priest, so my mom suggested i make you this pendant with a silver cross."

"Wow, thanks dude! I'm never letting this out of my sight."

I looked up the the man's face, fear boiling up as I dropped the pipe. "Stephen?" The figure smiled, his green-grey eyes showing true amazement. "Yes Clayton?" replyed the bloody man. Oh shit...