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When Sara dropped my phone onto the ground, I pinned her to the tree. I could hear myself growling, growling at my older sister. But she didn't seem to mind. She just stared at me, her ruby eyes glowing. She knew I could whip her ass in a fight. She was baiting me. Well, I wasn't gonna fall for it.

I pushed off of her and returned to the dead deer, it's head twisted around completely. I did that to a deer while I was still really weak? God, this vampire logic is still confusing me. I knelt beside it when Sara's melody-like laugh rang through my ears. I turned and saw she was licking her blood-covered fingers. Her clothes were somehow untouched, the pink jogging suit blood-free and neatly smooth. Compared to my clothes, she was like vampire royalty.

"Stephen." She began, twirling around and hopping like a 5-year-old. She hopped up to me and put her face an inch in front of mine. She looked mentally insane, which she was, but that's not the point. "What did Aunt Cassandra tell us?"

I rolled my eyes and remember that one warning Cassandra gave us before she let us leave her house: Never fall in love with a human or Werewolf. But it happened. I fell in love with Katy, and know Sara is blackmailing me just so she won't tell our cranky Vamp Mother.

Vamp Mothers are women who are tied to the vampire race in some way who agree to take in orphan vampires under the age of 10 and raise them till their adults. Aunt Cassandra was the worst Vamp Mother: She made impossible rules which led most of her "Children" to run away or request a new Mother. She never lets you leave the house until you agree to follow her stupid rules. And when you agree to and break said rule, she beats you with a silver paddle. And yes, werewolves aren't the only ones who hate silver. It's really hard for me because the cross I wear everyday is pure silver.

Anyway, I didn't even want to go hunting today. I wasn't hungry since Clayton somehow snuck in hospital blood in at lunch. But I ditched Katy and came hunting with Sara. And she had the nerver to tell Katy I had a girlfriend. Even Clayton knew that wasn't a smart idea, and he's only known about my secret for 3 days. Sara's known for 11 years.

I grabbed my phone off the ground and re-dialed Katy's number. Mimi answered and she sounded pissed off. Which, for her, was really common.

"What the fuck did you say to my daughter?! She's up in her room crying her eyes out!"

I decided lying wasn't a good idea. "I didn't say anything. My sister said something to her. I would never make Katy cry, Mrs. Jones."

"Bull shit! I don't want you talking to my daughter again, Pines. I don't want her to come home everyday crying because of you."

I tried to explain what happened, but she didn't care.

"This conversation is over."

After that, all I heard was a dial tone.

I threw it at my sister, who fell trying to avoid it. Clayton grabbed the jacked up phone and tried to somehow fix it. That was when my sister, for a second time, stood behind Clayton and ran her claws down his neck. He squirmed away, his voice growing higher again. I could only imagine what Katy thought he was doing earlier.

Sara giggled and turned towards her kill: 3 wolves and a bear. Since when has there been bears in California? She bent over the wolf pack and sucked the big one dry. She then grabbed the other two and dragged them towards the camping site. Luckily, the family had cleared out by now, so Sara's poor prey remained a bloody secret. Me and Clayton dragged the dry bear carcass in the back of Sara's Hunting Truck. Dried blood and bones from previous hunts somehow made my mouth water.

"Hey Stephen." I looked at Sara, who returned back to her normal, naggy self. "Don't forget: You need to meet me behind the school tomorrow. The Board is coming to talk to us, and it's really important. You can NOT skip this meeting." I waved her off and hopped into the truck bed. Clayton slid in beside Sara, so that gave me a few hours of peace.

I didn't know what I would do without Katy in my life. I didn't want her to cry, but it wasn't my fault. Sara said she was my girlfriend. Clayton knows that's a fucking lie...but will anyone else know? I sighed and fell back against the window. I didn't want to go to that meeting. I wanted to hang out with Katy and explain what happened, but I couldn't decided on whether or not I should skip or just suck it up and go. Tomorrow will be one hell of a day...

I looked back at Stephen, his head in his bloody hands. Sara was humming to a Latin song, totally Oblivious to what she had done. I leaned against the plush seat and listened to the radio. Sara's music was interrupted for a news broadcast. It said a couple's daughter went missing on her way to school and anyone with information was to call the police. When Sara laughed, I knew that poor girl was either sucked dry or raped and transformed into a vampire. Sick World.

"Sara, do you know what you do back there wasn't the best idea?" I came right out and said it. Not my best idea since Sara was known as the Human Homicide Queen for years. But I didn't care. Because of her, Stephen may be screwed for life. And his life is a goddamn century.

"Clayton..." Sara looked at me briefly before returning her eyes to the bumpy trail. "I did what I had to do. He can't be falling in love unless the girl is a vampire. The Board will kill him if they find he's dating a human...I'm trying to help him." I never thought about that before. I didn't even know Vampires couldn't date specific people...or actual people at all. I apologized and sat back for the rest of the way. I didn't want to cause anymore Sister/Brother conflicts for today.

But, I couldn't but think that, if only I hadn't answered Stephen's phone in the first place, None of this bullshit would be happening. I asked Sara who the Board was, and she laughed again. She turned the radio off and looked at me. Her eyes were once again their natural shade of violet. Though they looked soft, her eyes held pure danger.

"They're the ones who make vampire laws and punish those who break vampire laws. Plain and simple. Like a supernatural police officer, if you will." I wondered what kinda of laws were created, but lucky me, she went inti greater detail. "You already know we can only date vampires, and you already know that is punishable by death. Another law is if you attack a vampire official, no matter what the reason, you will be tortured to death. Forced into the sunlight, burned at the stake, or beaten to death with silver clubs are all the methods of torturing a vampire."

I laughed at the silver part, but stopped when she growled at me. "And the most important rule is never reveal you're secret to a human. Stephen got lucky cause you caught him. He didn't willingly tell you he was a vampire. That would cause him to be tried for endangering every vampire in America. If found guilty, they are tortured and are kept alive just so they can't end the pain."

"W-what if they're found innocent?" Sara looked down at her hands before answering.

"Noone is ever found innocent...T-they go through you're memorey and look for the moment where you reveal the secert. Noone has ever been brought before the council and been proven innocent on that charge."

I laid back and stayed silent the rest of the way. I knew there was more, but all the information by itself was enough for me to almost lose my lunch, vampire laws are fucked up...

I walked behind Katy, who seemed out of it, into the school building. I knew how hard it would be to get over Stephen. I mean, every girl in school wanted him. I walked her over towards our locker and found a note taped to it. I snatched it and read the neatly printed words. Camille, I need to tell you something. Meet me in the library after school. Clayton. I hid the note and grabbed my English book, scurrying after Katy, who had turned and walked away. The day went by slow...VERY slow...

When the final bell rang, I rushed out of my class and sped down the hall. First thing I was gonna ask Clayton: Who the fuck is Stephen's girlfriend. When I got to the library, I saw Clayton talking to some girl. First instint I had? Snap Clayton's neck. Second? Kill that bitch. I stomped into the library when I caught part of their conversation.

"Stephen doesn't want to meet The Board Sara. He can do that anytime. The Head Count said so herself."

"Clayton, if he keeps making excuses, they'll assume he's hiding something. Then they'll find out about his relation with Katy and they will kill him."

"I'm pretty sure if you were only worried about him, you wouldv'e told him about this just yesterday. You would have mentioned it the day you found out. I'm sure You're just trying ti save your own ass."

I walked up to them and cleared my throat. Sara looked at me with large eyes and ran off, opening an umbrella before walking out into the sunlight. Weird. I turned to Clayton, who tried to wave off what just happened.

"What the fuck were you guys talking about?! Who the fuck was that?!" That was all I could say, anger boiling inside me. He said he could only tell me who that girl was. That wasn't good enough. I heard my sister's name, so I wasn't going to stop until I heard the entire story.

"Camille, I can't tell you. It's not my secret to tell."

"You can tell me anything Clayton, but never tell me a fucking thing anymore."

He put his hand on my shoulder, but I shook him off.

"I can't keep up with you Clayton. Ypu tell me you would never lie, but know you're refusing to even try and explain what the fuck the Board is, or who the fuck that girl was."


I slapped him before screaming, "You're a fucking liar! All of you are fucking liars!"

I turned on my heels and ran out the door. I ran past Katy, but didn't stop. I just kept running. I didn't give a fuck anymore. I just wanted to fucking die. Katy can't trust Stephen, and I can't trust Clayton. I guess Berverley was right: Loving men is just a fucking waste of time.

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