"I don't think this is a good idea anymore." I told Brett, who was trying to tie his tie.

"Listen Sage, if the leaders think this is a good idea then it's a good idea. So shut up okay? You already filled out the paperwork to do this. You hate paperwork so you must have wanted this real bad. We'll be taking out a house of monsters. Can you believe it? Our biggest kill yet!" Brett gave up on his tie and turned his full attention to me.

He was right. I had wanted this. Bad. But now, I wasn't sure.

"Okay. If the leaders think this is best, then it must be best." I leaned down and retied my shiny black dress shoes.

"Ready?" Brett asked shaking his blond hair back, making it look way less professional than it should have.

"Right on." I cracked my neck and headed towards the door, taking a quick look back at our messy apartment.

"Do you boys really think you're ready for this?" Angela asked when we walked into the office. Brett just shook out his hair again and ignored the older woman. I shrugged and followed him.

"It's your neck. I hear the vampire's pretty ruthless when she's PMSing. Not to mention the werewolf, who happens to be adorable?" Angela called to us as Brett opened the door to the leaders' office.

"There are girls?" He asked me, I shrugged. I had no idea, but it was too late, the door was (figuratively speaking, and we were actually about to walk into the room here) open and it was too late to back out.

"There are six monsters in that house." The leader with the gray hair told us as he starred hard daggers at us. "A paranormal entitiy, a werewolf, a vampire, and a troll; the witch and the two mediums are to be spared and brought back to the order for cleansing."

"The werewolf is strong, she hasn't been seen changing, but you know how werewolves are. Unnaturally fast, strong, smart. And according to a school file from when she was younger she is very smart mouthed to. Disrespectful of others." The white haired women on his left continued. The man on the other side of her picked up the briefing.

"The vampire is a usual vampire, only much smarter. She's just as dangerous as the werewolf, and if I were you, I would take those two out first, because they are the only challenge that this house poses. The werewolf's age is unknown, but she is rumored to have been turned somewhere between 1294 and 1307. The vampire is almost just as old; a stray told us she was somewhere between two hundred and three hundred years younger than the werewolf."

"The witch survived Salem," the next person to speak was a woman with a thick accent I couldn't place if I tried. "She made herself immortal with a spell she used on her lover as well."

"Who is her lover?" Brett asked in horror. I was thinking the same thing he was: We were going into a house full of lesbians.

"The troll. Ugly thing, I do despise red heads." With her accent it was more like: I dee dothsis reg hads. I almost wanted to laugh.


"The troll is only an eighth troll blood, a gentle giant as someone once put it. Regardless of how harmless he seems, he is to be taken out along with the vampire, werewolf, and entity." The leaders all nodded along in agreement. I had to agree there, trolls were nasty business when they got mad.

"The paranormal entity is the ghost of 24 year old Grayson Wells. Who died in the mansion you'll be staying at due to an overdose on drugs. The mediums were able to conger their spirits up enough to have the ghost almost be living." As soon as that leader stopped talking another started.

"And the mediums are to be spared along with the witch, because they are just harmless humans brought into the monster liar as a play toy." The woman who said this seemed angry, as if she believed every word. "But they must exorcise the entity before you bring them back, or we run the risk this ghost being angry."

"Yes ma'am." Brett nodded and I followed suit.

"Good, so you understand your mission?" the leader asked. We both nodded our heads yes and they waved us out.

"Was it over that quick?" I asked Brett, shell shocked.

"Yeah Sage, it's over." He shook his head at me and laughed. "How old are you again?"

"1849 is when I was born." I repeated for the umpteenth time. Brett never got tired of calling me an old man.

"All these years and your still scared to talk in front of people? Man, if I were you I would be hitting different girls every night. It's like a never ending chain man." Brett's mouth was quirked in the way that only he can pull off, and he was staring at me.

"You know I don't want to run the risk of getting caught. OR getting someone pregnant for that matter. Back in my day, sex was a sacred bond betwe-"

"Whatever. Go preach to someone else grandpa, cause I ain't buying." Brett shook his hair again and headed for the door.

"Brett's gonna have to kill the werewolf. I can already tell." Angela's voice carried over to my ears from the copy room. I turned my head to hear better as the man she was talking to agreed.

"Sage is old school, he hasn't gotten laid in a long time, and having a girl like him in the house were he'll be, well that's exactly what he needs." The man grunted and took a drink of something.

"But Brett's not strong enough to kill a wolf if it comes down to it. The only way to kill wolves is to overpower them and just get to the heart and stab until they die. It's messy. Brett doesn't have the patients to wait for the girl to die. Sage does, but if he likes her then he won't kill her." Angela stopped copying and waited for the man to reply.

"Then maybe Sage is just a liability…"