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"Good lord it's cold in here." Montana rubbed her arms, and I felt a little chilly myself. Apparently Brett didn't feel the same way, because he peeled his jacket off and handed it to her, or rather, he tried to, but she held her hand up. "No thanks."

"I insist. Your lips are turning blue." Brett was laying it on thick with this girl…

"Whatever." She took his jacket reluctantly, then huddled inside and glared at us, daring us to say something about her wearing his jacket, and then she turned tail and headed up the stairs, with Brett turning to wag his eyebrows at me before following. I sighed and decided to follow.

When I stepped off the stairs we were standing next to a balcony, between two doors. About ten feet behind me was another door. Montana turned towards us and pointed to the door on her right (my left) and shook her head.

"That's Cyrus, Sienna, and Grayson's room. Don't go in there." Then she pointed to the other door. "That room will be for one of your two." Her words seemed forced, like she wasn't happy with what she was saying.

"Sage, you can have that room." Brett flashed me a smile like it was the best thing he'd ever done for me.

"No. You don't pick where you sleep. I do." Brett's face was so funny when he looked at her that I couldn't help but laugh.

"What are you laughing at pretty boy?" Montana sneered, coming towards me. I stood up straight and held my ground.

"I've killed worse pups than you. How old are you anyway? Six?" Brett's mouth was hanging open and I think mine was to.

"Did you just call Sage a puppy?" Brett asked.

"Are you two gay lovers or something? You," she pointed at me, standing so close now she almost hit me, "can't fucking open your mouth worth a shit. And you can't shut the fuck up!" her finger was pointed at Brett now and I looked over just in time for her hair to fall back and revel a perfectly formed ear, and the small cross tattoo hidden behind it, making everything click.

I reached up and pulled my hair away from my ear, showing her my cross.

"I'm a wolf too." I whispered, trying to stay calm as my social anxiety went over the edge.

Her brow furrowed and she looked back and forth between Brett and me, unsure what to do.

Then she jerked her hand towards the bedroom which Brett had said could be mine.

"Blondie, that's your room. Bring your stuff up and unpack. Don't wander; it might cost you your life. Pretty boy, follow me." Then she took off towards the third door, with me trying to keep up.

"How old are you?" She asked me as we tore through a room so fast I never got to look at it.

"One sixty-three." I answered quickly as we entered another room, and quickly crossed to the door on the other side. We went through one more room before she slowed to a stop, and I realized we were in a kitchen. There were stairs a few feet away and beyond that a whole different living room, this one set up more for a couple than for a family.

"This is where you'll be staying… with me." Montana looked away, towards some random wall, and suddenly I noticed she was just as shy as I was.

"Why do you live here?" I asked, looking around the small space. It was basically an apartment, with a kitchen, a living room, a door I assumed was a bathroom down the hall, and two doors that I guessed were bedrooms.

"Because it's safer for everyone else." She told me as she started down the hall towards the two rooms at the end. She stopped at the door on the side and opened it, gesturing for me to follow her. Then I went inside after her.

It was a small empty room, probably on ten by ten. The only thing inside was a bed that had been stripped down to the mattress.

"Did you bring your own pillows?" Montana asked, wandering back to the doorway.

"Yeah, they're in my truck." She nodded then bit her lip.

"Bathroom is right across the hall, I'm gonna go get dressed, then I'll show you around some more." Then I listened as her feet shuffled down the hall to the door at the end of the hall, the door opened, and quietly shut.

I looked around the room quickly, then went back outside, not caring particularly about the room.

When I walked into the living room, Grayson was standing there, watching TV.

"Hello." I looked around awkwardly and he disappeared.

"Um… bye, then…" I walked over and sat on the couch.

"GRAYSON! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" Montana screamed from down the hall. i jumped up and looked around the corner, seeing Grayson float through the door with a sad face.

"She doesn't like being spied on." He whispered before drifting down the stairs.

Curious, I half-way followed him over to the stairs leading down into darkness.

"That goes to the garage." I jumped and turned quickly, facing Montana, who was now wearing blue jeans and a red-and-blue plaid shirt. Brett's jacket was slung over the back of the couch.

"Grayson has a tendency to creep on people. You'll get used to him, promise." Montana walked over to the kitchen set-up and opened the fridge.

"Oh. Garage?" I walked over and pulled out a bar-stool to sit in.

"Yeah, me and my friend Jada share the four car garage, you and Blondie can have the two car garage, and Ruben, Cyrus, Sienna, and Gabby keep their cars in the three car garage, along with our four wheelers and stuff." She kept digging in the fridge, looking for something.

"Oh yeah? What kind of car do you have?" she snorted.

"I have a Camaro and a 2007 GMC Topkick four-by-four." She stood up, triumphantly producing a large bottle of soda. "Found it."

"Oh. I just have a ford." She smiled kinda side-ways and laughed. "Don't answer if this is offensive, but can you explain the people to me?" Her eyebrows lifted up.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Brett and I thought you were the vampire, and Gabrielle was the werewolf." Montana bent over laughing and the put her hands on the counter, spreading her fingers and unspreading them, keeping it in rhythm.

"I'm a wolf, you know that now. Gabby is a witch, but she's nice as could be, and call her Gabby. Jada is a vampire, Ruben's a troll, Grayson is a ghost of course, and Sienna and Cyrus are both mediums. What about you and Blondie?" her turned and grabbed two glasses from a cabinet and filled them before sliding one to me.

"I'm a wolf, you know. I'm not a puppy either."

"I know, I was mad. Worst insult I could think of." I smiled at that.

"Brett's a warlock. Powerful too." I looked up and we locked eyes, and I noticed hers were blue, as opposed to my brown ones. "That's weird."

"What?" She looked behind her, like she expected Grayson to be there again.

"I've never met a wolf with blue eyes."

"Now you have." She grinned like it was the best thing in the world to have me there, and I found myself smiling to.

And then I remembered that I would have to kill her.

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