It's Complicated.

Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated
Life's like this you
And you fall and you crawl and you break
And you take what you get and you turn it into honesty
Promise me I'm never gonna find you fake it
No no no - Complicated by Avril Lavigne.

New Years Eve 2011.


A million bodies pulsed, breathed, moved as one. The air was thick with excitement. Music blasted into my ears as the screen counted down the end to another year. This felt different to every other year. There was a building excitement, something that was bringing everyone into frenzy. We knew this year would be different.


Almost there, time to say goodbye to two thousand and ten. To say goodbye to another year.


Goodbye two thousand and ten.

"Happy new year!" The voices chorused together. The tension broken, everyone visibly relieved, congratulated each other. I smiled at person after person as they embraced me. The moment was interrupted by a beeping. I reached into my pocket and saw a text message, from Clark Allen of all people.


Let's give us another shot?

I love you, I want to be with you.

Please, you know I need you.

Love, Clark.

I couldn't help the many sarcastic remarks that flashed through my mind. But some small part of me kind of missed him, missed having someone close to me again. For the most part I just wanted to know why. Why now? He sent another message, as I stared at the first one.

You don't have to tell me now.

I can wait.


"I hope you can wait forever." I whisper to myself. The image of another boy flashed through my mind, but I didn't want to think about him. Not while I had other things to deal with.

Happy new year.

I'll think about it.

No promises.


A week after.

I couldn't help it. I had to look at his picture one more time. I looked up his name for the third time in that hour, and just thought of what I'd say if when I saw him next. It was the holidays. We still had a few weeks yet till I could see him again.

He was so beautiful. So completely unreachable. I thought about him, pictured him in my head. His amazing eyes, which I could never describe and the smiles that could light up the room. His wavy dark hair that looked impossibly soft... I shouldn't even be thinking about him. It wasn't fair on myself to think about him so much. It only ended up hurting in the long-run.




Why was that the only name that went through my mind? Why was he the only boy I could think about? I drummed my fingers on the desk in front of me, debating whether I should send him a message or not. Try to communicate with him in the only way I could, behind a computer screen.

Send to: Dimitri Alexandrios

From: Eliana Vilante

Hey! I know you're rarely on but I hope you get this. I hope you have a wonderful holidays, stay safe. Don't blame me for sending this, I was forced to do this by an advertisement.

I pressed 'send' before I could stop myself. There was no turning back now. My heart pounded in my chest. It's only an email I tried to reassure myself, but I couldn't help but feel I had bared my feelings for him. I didn't want him to know it, not when he had every chance to reject me.

I was overreacting.

Until I heard the sound of message. I looked to find one message, the red number bright and eye-catching.

I felt the breath catch in my throat. My heart pounded until I was afraid it might leap out of my chest. I didn't know if I wanted to look at what the message was. I kept scolding myself, saying that it could be anyone, but I couldn't shake the idea that maybe... Just maybe... It could've been Dimitri.

I don't know if I was relieved or disappointed to find it was Clark messaging me.

Message sent at 10:45pm EST 6/1/2011

Clark: Hi

Eliana: Heyya, how are you?

Clark: As well as I can be. Have you thought about it?

Eliana is writing...

Clark: It's okay if you haven't been. I would understand.

Clark: Just don't lie to me.

Eliana: I've just had a lot on my plate. I'm sorry. I really don't know what to say.

Clark: You don't have to know what to say. Say what you have to. That's all I expect of you.

Eliana: I'm sorry. It's just I don't understand.

Eliana: Why?

Clark is writing...

Eliana: Why do you want this now?

Eliana: All of a sudden?

Eliana: Why now...?

Clark: I can't get you out of my mind. You're making me crazy. I thought I had you out of my system. But your writing and my writing, together we could go places. We could be amazing.

Eliana: So you only want me to help you write?

Clark: No, not only that... I really do miss you Ana. You make everything right.

Eliana: I'm not sure...

Clark: Who is he?

Eliana: What?

Clark: Tell me, who he is?

Eliana: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Clark: There's got to be someone. Do you want me to look through your friends list and find him?

Eliana: You could try, but I doubt you'll find him.

Clark: So there is someone?

Eliana: I suppose there is.

Clark: Is it Samuel, Kaleb, Julian?

Eliana: I'm not into Asians

Clark: Is it David, Jonathan, Liam?

Eliana: Not even close.

Eliana: Look this is pointless. Who's to say I will even tell you if you're right?

Clark: Because I know you, and you will. Give me a clue. What's his last name start with at least?

Eliana: A

Clark: That just leaves Clark Allen and Dimitri Alexandrios. Tell me, which one do you care about?

His words left me spinning. Which one do you care about? Not which one do you like, possibly love. It would be so easy to tell the truth, to say the words and finally have it off my chest. I checked my inbox, yet no message from Dimitri. Maybe...

No. No more making excuses for him. He either felt what I did or he didn't. Here I had an old flame ready to be with me, and I did genuinely care about him once. I could care again. He was either mine or he wasn't. There was no way of knowing if he felt the same, and no way of ensuring I could never get hurt by him.

Could I care about Clark again? Even after what he did to me?

Message sent at 12:34am EST 7/1/2011

Eliana: Clark Allen.

It wasn't technically... it wasn't a lie. I did care. Just not in the way he was hoping, not in the way I should care about him. Not in the way he was asking. He didn't need to know that. No one needed to know that. I could be happy with Clark.

At least I knew how he felt.

The day after.

Email Received 11:23pm EST 7/1/2011:

From: Dimitri Alexandrios

Sent to: Eliana Vilante

Haha so it's all the advertisement's fault is it? Hi to you too. Hope you have a safe holiday as well.

Too little, too late I thought grimly. But at least we could be friends. I felt the unwanted quickening of my pulse as I stared at his email. I wanted to punch him, why couldn't he have sent this yesterday? More importantly, why did it matter so much to me? I had Clark now. I couldn't play this game with Dimitri anymore. No matter how much I wanted to.

Sent to: Dimitri Alexandrios

From: Eliana Vilante

Yeah, don't die. Take care of yourself for me.

For me? Really? I had no right. I quickly turned off the computer before I could say anything I'd live to regret. I was taken now. I wasn't allowed to think about Dimitri from now on. I was really dreading when we went back to school. There was no way I could face Dimitri, when it was so obvious how I felt about him.

Well, I guess I better teach myself not to be so obvious.

The first day back.

I felt weird wearing my uniform again. I felt overdressed. I smoothed down my skirt one more time, tugging at my shirt. I didn't know why but I wanted to look nice... maybe even beautiful. I had fidgeted with my dark hair the entire morning to make it look even mildly presentable. I managed to convince myself that it wasn't for Dimitri but barely. I was getting good at lying to myself.

I spotted him with his friends and managed not to look too pleased to see him.

I tried not to notice that he looked as gorgeous as when I'd left him, maybe more so. I tried not to notice how his eyes sparkled, in their strange indescribable colour or how his voice strummed at my heart. I did mention I tried.

"Hey, welcome back Eliana." I was hit by his voice again. How I missed it, how I missed him. Should I tell him? Did I want to? Why would he want to know, a stubborn, ugly part of myself whispered. He doesn't care about you.

I smiled. "Welcome back, Dimitri. Hey Julian, how are you?" I barely looked at him, I felt proud of myself for the feat. I concentrated on looking at the boy across from Dimitri. Cute, in a younger brother kind of way, his black curls and beautiful olive skin gave away his descent.

Julian smiled sheepishly. "Hey. I'm good, thanks. How were your holidays?"

"Absolutely amazing. So who's winning?" Chess wasn't exactly my forte, but I could tell that Julian's king was in some kind of danger.

"Isn't anyone going to ask how my holidays were?" Dimitri asked absently, all his attention on the pieces. He looked very serious, waiting for Julian to make his move. He seemed to feel this game was very important, but he made everything... and everyone seem important.


Dimitri looked up momentarily, and I flashed him a grin. He pretended to be wounded, before returning to his game. The moment gone, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. I wanted to pinch myself for being disappointed, I didn't have a right to be.

"Eliana!" Someone screeched behind me.

I spun around and ran to my friend Cassidy. The librarian gave me a look and I immediately lowered my volume.

I stood back to talk a look at my younger friend. She looked beautiful, her long brown hair falling in waves around her. Her big brown eyes, bright and filled with humour. Her clear coffee cream skin was flushed. She looked so delicate and wild at the same time, as she smiled at me.

I couldn't help feeling just a little bit of dread at her meeting Dimitri again.

I walked with her to his table and decidedly left as they started to talk. His face seemed to light up when Cassidy was around, not that I could blame him.

I sat on a separate table apart from them, trying to keep a tight leash on my jealousy. So what if she made him laugh? So what if his smiles were for Cassidy? I couldn't have him anyway. He would never like me anyway, not in the way I wanted. I drummed and waited for someone, anyone to appear so I didn't have to think about him anymore.

The Sports Carnival.

"Have you been listening to a word I've been saying?" Jace moaned.


"That's what I thought." He mumbled leaning against the wall next to me. I chose to ignore his darkened expression as I thought about Dimitri. I wondered where he was at this moment. What he was doing. There was something so down to Earth about him, something so real and tangible. Why couldn't I seem to function when I talked to him?

"Huh? What?"

"I don't know why I bother sometimes. What are you thinking about anyway?"

"Nothing." I answered quickly.

I smiled at Jace. "What did you want to talk about again?"

I saw my friends in the distance, behind Jace. They were watching me curiously, giggling. Reggie was trying to get them away from me, sending me an apologetic look. Her long slender limbs weren't doing much to protect me from the girls but it was good of her to think of it. Tessa gave me a look, behind her glasses, pleading me to tell her everything later. There was something up, but I wasn't going to make any assumptions in case I was horribly wrong.

"I think you know." Jace said semi-seriously, as he chuckled nervously.

Wait. No, please no. Jace, please don't do this. I couldn't assume, just let him talk. But the way my friends had been acting, didn't they know I was with Clark, would they leave me alone with Jace like this? Didn't Tess know I wasn't exactly single. Why didn't she stop him? There was only one reason I could think of, that Jace would want me alone.

"No, I don't think I do." I studied the dirt. I really couldn't look him in the eye. I just hoped that I was wrong, that maybe he wasn't going to say anything that would jeopardise our friendship.

"Want to go out sometime." Jace didn't sound like he was asking. It sounded like I had no choice. His freckled face looked so serious, his eyes unnaturally blue. He was usually so light-hearted. I really didn't know how to phrase what I had to say next. He was decent looking kid, though a little on the weird side.

What did you do when someone backed you in the corner?

"Jace you're really sweet but I'm kind of seeing someone at the moment." Why was life so complicated? I wanted Dimitri, was with Clark and Jace somehow figured himself into this whole mess.

"Ah, well that's okay. Always next time ain't there Eliana." He gave me a cocky wink, throwing his arm around me. "You know you're the perfect height for this." He gestured to his arm around me, and I shook my head. He rolled his eyes at me, humour shining in his eyes.

"Yeah, I know I'm short." I laughed, relieved. He was the same old Jace. One problem down two to go, I thought grimly.

My friends ambushed me all at once. Reggie struggling with them, but eventually she gave up and I couldn't say I blamed her. A swarm of curious females was enough to scary anyone. And poor fragile-looking Reggie had managed to last this long. I mouthed a 'thank you' to her, and she just smiled.

Tessa was the first to ask, her hazel eyes glowing with excitement.

"So, what happened?"

Jace had conveniently wandered off, leaving me to explain. Gosh, boys. I sighed in exasperation.

"Nothing, me and Jace are just friends. Don't know why you would've thought differently. You know, why Tess. I don't even know why you're asking."

"Oh well. A girl can hope."

"Yeah she can." I wondered whether Dimitri was having fun today. And I hated myself for it, I should be worrying about Clark.

The fortnight after.

Formal? They were going to ask about formal already. We had a whole year before we had to worry about that. We were only a few weeks in. Why were they bothering with this now? I thought darkly. I didn't know why but I had the sneaking suspicion that Dimitri would ask Serena.

They had been hanging out a lot in the last few weeks. They sat next to each other all the time, they talked, they seemed in their own little world when they were together. And here I was thinking that Cassidy was the threat.


Why was I thinking about Dimitri, of my friends like this?

Cassidy and Serena weren't threats to be eliminated. I didn't have any claims on Dimitri. I didn't own him. What did it matter anyway? If I was more than a bit jealous? Not like it mattered to him, he didn't care about me like that.

Dimitri laughed with Serena, both of them sharing smiles.

I kept telling myself that, but I couldn't help the way my heart clenched whenever I saw him with Serena. She was gorgeous, just as gorgeous as Cassidy in fact. Where Cassidy was the sun, bright and cheerful. Serena was the moon and the stars, sweet and soothing after the brightness of the day. Her long hair glossy like a raven's wing, her voice husky and beautiful. She was so petite and delicate, none could have denied her anything.

Dimitri was only a guy after all. He couldn't resist someone like that.

Who would want to?

Did it make me horrible that I wanted to tear her hair out? I was shocked by the thought. Serena was my friend too, I shouldn't be thinking like this. Especially when I had Clark, Clark who I conveniently forgot every time I thought of Dimitri.

"Who do you want to invite, Eliana?" Kat asked curiously. I broke out of my reverie and processed her question, my thoughts turning immediately back to Dimitri.

Serena smiled. "I think I know who she wants to invite."

I heard my heart pumping, blood rushing to my cheeks. She couldn't possibly. She wouldn't know who I wanted? Could she? Maybe Serena was better at reading me than I thought. Maybe, she'd heard something? Noticed something? I just hoped she wouldn't say it out loud.

"Clark is a lucky guy. I'd always wanted to meet him." She finished finally, giggling in the strangely musical way that she did. I always envied her laugh. It was the kind of laugh that men thought was feminine and attractive.

The tension left my shoulders and I relaxed a little. I even managed to look at Dimitri for a few seconds before looking at Serena again. I couldn't look at Dimitri more than that before I'd betray my feelings for him. I just couldn't risk it.

"Yeah, you'd finally meet him. He's great. Maybe he'll bring his friends along, the ones I've been telling you about." I gave Serena a cheeky wink and she winked back. We pretended it was all cool, but I could tell she could feel the tension between us just as I did.

"You mean the stupid one?"

"Of course, who else?" I laughed.

"So I get to meet the famous Clark, and the very good looking friend you've been telling me about." Kat added. She was obviously looking forward to it. I'd explained that one of Clark's friends was a dark haired, blue-eyed, no-brained god.

She couldn't be more pleased.

"Who are these people you keep talking about?" Dimitri's voice shot straight to my heart. I didn't know what to say. What could I say? How I wished I was free for him, even if he didn't like me. Just for him to know that I wanted to be his.

Apparently Serena had different ideas. "Clark is Eliana's boyfriend didn't you know?"

Dimitri sent me a searching look, but he was as cheerful as ever. I felt hurt that it didn't affect him but I shrugged it off.

"Ah, so I see." He answered simply.

"He's from Menai. He might be my date for formal, hopefully bringing his gorgeous friends with him. We've been going out for a while now and –" I didn't know why but the information just kept slipping out of my mouth. I had to tell him, I kept saying things and I just couldn't stop myself.

"Yeah, he really loves her." Serena interrupted. I really wanted to hit her, I couldn't explain it but I wanted to, more than I'd wanted to hit anyone. But I was relieved that she'd stopped me from saying anymore.

"Uh, yeah."

"Anyway, I have the perfect idea for our senior jerseys. Why don't we all pick an Olympian god who suits us the best and use it on our jersey? I've already chosen Aphrodite." Serena exclaimed as if in a fit of inspiration, even though she'd been thinking about it for the past week, constantly asking me who I thought was which god.

Figures that Serena would be Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. What boy didn't think she was the very meaning of beauty and immediately fell in love? It suited her like a glove.

"I could be Artemis. Goddess of the hunt, wild beasts and the moon."

"Didn't Artemis hate men?" Dimitri was looking at me. I looked just beyond him afraid of what his eyes would do to me. They were striking, and unbelievably beautiful. I would've gladly drowned in his eyes. They could probably see right through me at the moment. I couldn't look at him without it hurting anyway, so it was all for the best.

"I suppose she did. She probably had just misunderstood them, or they misunderstood her." I couldn't help but wish I hated guys. I would uncomplicated things so much.

"Dimitri you should be Apollo, since you brighten up people's day. Artemis and Apollo were twins, and you two are friends so I guess it works. You're the perfect Apollo." I didn't like the way she looked at him, like he somehow belonged to her. Maybe, he did. I couldn't blame him for choosing her.

At least she was free to be with him.


Message sent at 6:34pm EST 20/3/2011

Clark: We need to talk.

Eliana: I think we do too

Clark is writing...

I thought of all the fights we'd had in the past month. How distant Clark had grown. How jealous. He wasn't the boy that I thought I could love, the romantic older boy who had a tendency to over complicate things. No, this was some other boy. Jealous, unkind and needy he was not longer the Clark that I could've been friends with.

"Who is he? What is he doing posting on your wall?" Clark yelled. You couldn't talk to him when he was like this, it was yell back or say nothing at all.

"What does it matter? He's just a friend!"

"Just a friend? I'm sure, I believe that." Sarcasm rich in his voice. I wanted to slap him, why was he being like this. I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't know how to be normal with him anymore, it was this or physical stuff and I sure as hell didn't want that right now.

"Tell me. Who else do you talk to at school? How many guys? Tell me. Go on Eliana I want to know, dying to know in fact." His voice had gone soft, and somehow this scared me more. I didn't know how to deal with this either.

"Why are you worrying so much anyway? If you want to get rid of me this is a very poor way of doing it, just tell me." I glared up at him. I didn't know why I kept so much affection for him. He was malicious and jealous and greedy. He had to go, before I went insane.

"Maybe I should, it seems like you don't want me anyway." He spat, and I couldn't help flinching at how right he was. We were both miserable like this. We couldn't keep living like this.

Clark: I'm sorry but I just don't feel the same.

Eliana: You don't?

Clark: I don't know I just don't think we can be together anymore.

Clark: Please don't hate me.

Eliana: Thank god! I feel exactly the same way.

Clark: You sure you're alright?

Eliana: Couldn't be better it's like a massive weight has gone off my shoulders.

Clark is now offline.

At school.

I hugged him and it was the greatest feeling. Dimitri was so warm and solid and real. I couldn't believe I had him in my arms. It felt so right being here, his warmth seeping into my skin through our clothes. I was so cold, and he was my own personal sun.

If only he'd stop squirming.

"Why do you keep struggling for?" I glared at him.

"Because you're a warmth leech. You're just using me for my warmth!" He exclaimed jokingly, moving away. I wrapped my arms around his waist tightly, trying to 'steal' his warmth. I just wanted to be close to him, but I suppose it was better that he thought I was only in it for the warmth.

The warmth was just an added bonus.

"Eliana, are you alright?" Tess can running to me, she looked me over for any signs of stress. But apparently whatever tests she was doing, I passed and she gave me a gentle nod.

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?" I really was. Clark couldn't have done me a better right, than by dumping me. I hoped he found happiness somehow, and as soon as possible. I wished the same for myself.

I noticed that perhaps Dimitri wanted to go and play with his friends, so I let go and opted to hug Don for warmth. I didn't know whose smart idea it was to go without a jumper to get hugs from Dimitri. Oh, right. It was mine. I sighed, my breath visible in the frosty air. It was unnaturally cold for an autumn morning.

"Just after what happened with Clark? It's okay to be sad sweetheart. You don't have to act strong for us. We know how much time you spent with him, Eliana." Tessa hugged me as well and I felt like I was the cheese between two pieces of bread. But at least I was toasty warm.

"I'm fine, I promise. I was over him ages ago. You don't need to worry." I watched Dimitri move, entranced. He was so beautiful, I kept realising how wonderful it was to be able to look at him and not be ashamed. I enjoyed the feeling that wanting him was perfectly natural, right. But I didn't want to scare him away yet.

I had to get him used to me, so I looked away.

Before Showcase.

"Are you going to Showcase tonight?" I asked urgently. I needed him to go, just so I could spend more time with him. I just didn't want to say goodbye to him today, not this early. I really hated Tuesdays because it just meant a whole lot of time spent without seeing the one I really wanted to. But hopefully tonight would be different, a whole night spent with Dimitri.


Dimitri shot me a dazzling smile and my heart beat faster. I didn't think he knew what he did to me, and if he did, he wouldn't be so cruel as to do it purposely. He was like a magnet that I couldn't keep away from, it wasn't his fault. He was just irresistible to me.

I struck me that someone so amazing wouldn't want to have anything to do with me anyway.

"Of course, I have to perform a piece tonight as well."

"Does that mean you'll be staying after school?" I waited for his answer, hoping that he would. A couple hours more to spend with him. A couple hours to see him and talk to him. It would be wonderful.

"Yeah, why not?" His answer sent me on a high. We would spend an entire afternoon together, just talking and playing around. I couldn't wait for school to end. Hopefully he felt the same way?


"Maybe we should give them some space." Tess and Reggie pulled me out of the room, leaving Cassidy and Dimitri awfully alone. I really didn't want to leave, but I couldn't stay either. I couldn't stay and watch them together.

My eyes stung from the tears threatening to escape but I kept them from seeing anything.

We walked onto a huge balcony, the cold a welcome change from the heat of the room. Reggie twirled in circles, as we all breathed in the cool night air. It was twilight, the sky a soft pink. It smelt clean and pure, I breathed in the cold air, hugging myself. My chest hurt, the hollow feeling grew within me as I heard Dimitri and Cassidy laughing.

I knew I should've been happy that he was happy but I couldn't help the selfish thoughts that screamed that I should be the one to make him happy. That he was mine.

I concentrated on the sky, and the silhouettes of buildings and trees sprinkled across the landscape. It really was a beautiful night, how did my petty problems compare to this? It didn't make me feel any better, didn't make me feel any less sorry for myself. Selfish? I know I was.

"Hey, guys let us out." Dimitri and Cassidy yelled through the door. They had gone through the wrong entrance. The metal door blocking their path. We had left them with blindfolds, which would explain why they were still knocking at the door.

"No." I felt sick pleasure that they had to go all the way around to get out, that they were trapped and locked in while I was free. I guess it was the jealousy talking but at the moment I didn't really care. Reggie walked up behind me, just as they started banging at the door again.

"This door is locked go around the other way." Reggie instructed. The banging stopped and I supposed that meant they'd heard Reggie.

I didn't want to watch them come back together, so I walked to the balcony ledge. Tess joined me, oblivious to my pain. Couldn't she see the gaping hole in my chest? The hollowness of my heartbeat?

I didn't think so.

Tess smiled stretching her arms out. We both stood there, staring into the darkening sky. We didn't talk, which was weird because Tess was usually talkative and cheery. Tonight she just seemed awed by the world.

A voice from below us called out. "For it is the east and Juliet is my sun!"

We both looked down surprised. It was Reggie. Tess and I shot each other looks before bursting into laughter.

"Guys, you'll have to say something else because that's the only line I know." Reggie laughed.

"Romeo, Romeo oh where art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name." I said dramatically, Reggie smiled and I winked at her.

"Oh shut up, he's playing COD." Tess shouted playfully. I laughed. It felt good to have friends like Reggie and Tess. They made you feel better, they made it seem like you could make it through and I loved them for it.

"Do you think we should get them?" Reggie asked suddenly. She seemed worried, but I wasn't. For all we knew they could be off together having the time of their lives. Why should we forfeit our happiness to find them?

Tess seemed to know exactly how I felt. "Leave them. They don't need us with them, they're probably off making lovey dovey eyes at each other. Besides, they look cute together." She sounded sarcastic, but I had to agree. They did seem to match. They were both heart-achingly beautiful.

Maybe it was meant to be?

"Yeah, they probably are. Do you think Dimitri likes her? It looks like it." Reggie looked like she genuinely wanted to know. I felt my heart clench, so did I.

The week after.

I knew I needed to get over him. I couldn't feel, be like this anymore. I couldn't feel like my heart was going to rip out every time he smiled at another girl, so much as laughed with another girl. It wasn't right or fair to either of us. I needed to avoid him for as long as possible, or just until his smile didn't make me melt.

"Eliana, where have you been?" Dimitri swung me into his arms, smiling. My heart pumped faster as my body reacted to his hands at my waist, his beautiful brown eyes only on me.

"Busy, why?" I couldn't look at him, not when he could probably see how much I loved him. How much I never wanted him to let go.

"I need to tell you something." He actually blushed, as he placed me back on the floor.

"What's up?" I asked confused, looking up for the briefest of glances.

"Don't tell me you don't know..."

"Tell me?"

"I... like you. I've liked you for the last 2 years. It's been you and only you, Eliana. No other girl has ever crossed my mind. But every time I worked up the courage to tell you, Clarke or Jace or some other guy was asking you out. And I was wondering, now that I have a chance, would you go to the formal with me?" He whispered, grabbing my hand and capturing my eyes. He has a mischievous smile on his face.

"You, what!"

"I like you... It's alright if you don't like me, I know it'll take a while but I'm ready -" I captured his lips with mine and showed just how much I wanted him.

He was beautiful, smart, and funny and everything I'd ever wanted. The moment slowed, and there was nothing but Dimitri and me. I never would've imagined that he could want me like this, that he would ever see me. Dimitri grabbed cupped my face with his hand and deepened the kiss hungrily. I was lost to the moment...

I do not own the lyrics or the song this was inspired by. Complicated by Avril Lavigne.