[Rosa enters her room. She holds a smaller paper envelope in her hands. She is nervous. She paces back and forth]

Rosa: [Sighs] Maybe I should give it to him in person. Or maybe I should get Alexa to give it to him. Oh, why is this so difficult! It's such a risk I'm afraid to take. If I give him the letter, I might lose our friendship, and create an awkwardness. Yet if I don't, he'll never know. I'll never know! [Throws arms up in frustration] Damn it, why does he make me feel like this? [She looks down depressed] What if he's in love with someone else? What if it's not me he loves? What if it's Caitlyn? I [Pause] I wouldn't be able to handle that.

Then again, what if it's me? I'd be so happy. But knowing Shaun, he won't confess. Although he has been awful kind to me. What if I interrupted his flirtation wrong? What if it was actually him just being kind? Will I have wasted so much time on him for nothing? What if he actually treats other girls like that? Am I just another one of his victims? What if he's almost done with me and plans to get rid of me? Oh God please let it not be so! [Thoughtfully looks at the note]

I'll give it to him myself. At least if be rejects me, it will be to my face.

[She leaves the room]