Hey guys! So, for a while there, I was totally not having fun with writing so I stopped for awhile. But good news! I have gotten back into the swing of things...Fallen back in love with it so to speak hahaha :) So maybe I'll finally finish this story :P

Anyways, here's Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

I have decided that I am being ridiculous. Phillip is right. I didn't actually do anything with Cyan. He kissed me. So what? It's not like Grayson will ever find out. It's not like my feelings for Cyan are stronger than my feelings for Grayson. Grayson is my boyfriend.

I can't hurt Grayson. I can't hurt Cyan either but since Grayson is the one that I am dating, I have an obligation as his girlfriend not to betray him by dating his brother.

It's been a few day since Cyan told me the reason him and Grayson fight. His statement confirmed my fears. I knew Cyan had feelings for me but I was hoping that I was wrong. I was hoping that they fight for other reasons, normal sibling reasons. I don't want to tear up their family but I have a feeling that it's going to happen anyways.

On the way home from work, I decide that I'm just going to push all thoughts of Cyan out of my head and focus on Grayson, like I'm supposed to do.

Just as I make this decision, I pull into my driveway and find Grayson sitting on the porch, waiting for me. For a second, I think he looks angry and my heart clenches for a moment and I have a split second anxiety attack, my only thought 'he knows, he found out about the kiss.' I turn the car off and slowly clamber out.

Then I realize that he's not angry. He looks up at me and a slow smile spreads across his face and I realize again why I like him so much and why I can't hurt him.

With my new resolution to forget about any feelings that I may have, er, had, for Cyan, I put a huge smile on my face as walk up to Grayson. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you, what else?" He pulls me to him and leans his face down toward mine. "That hospital smock is pretty sexy, by the way."

I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. His kiss is warm and I deepen it quickly, pulling his mouth open with mine. We kiss hungrily for a few minutes before Grayson pulls back with a laugh.

"What's so funny?" I whisper.

"You. You've never been this enthusiastic to kiss me, it's funny." He smiles.

"I'm in a really good mood," Then I cut the conversation short by pulling his mouth back to mine.

I don't hear the screen door open but then my mom's voice rings out, loudly and clearly, "Aurora!"

I groan regretfully as I pull away from my boyfriend. I peer over Grayson's shoulder with my arms still wrapped around him. "Yeah, mom?"

With this, Grayson spins around to face her, forcing me to drop my arms. He scratches the back of his neck. "Hey…Mrs. Bradley…How are you?"

Mom looks tired and her pregnant stomach stretches out her t-shirt but she answers Grayson with a quick "I'm doing good." Then she looks at me. "Aurora, can you babysit today? I have a late doctor's appointment and then I really need to go to the grocery store."

"Yeah, sure, Mom. No problem."

"Thanks sweetheart. There is some leftover chicken casserole in the fridge. Grayson, you're welcome to stay with her if you want."

"Oh, yeah, sure. Thanks, Mrs. Bradley," he replies.

Mom places a hand on her stomach and looks pointedly at me. "Just stay out of trouble."

My eyes widen and I know I'm blushing scarlet. Grayson chokes on his own spit and starts to cough madly and I have to smack him on the back to get him to stop.

Mom smiles because she knows she got the desired effect. "Okay, have fun you two. I'll be back in a few hours." With that she turns back around and goes into the house.

Grayson glances at me but I know my face is still red so I look away.

Grayson and I are sitting in the living on the couch. Ariel and Belle are lying on the floor, coloring in a color book. It's funny, when you watch my sisters' color, you can totally see the age and maturity level (sometimes) difference just by the way they color the picture. Belle is very meticulous and colors in the lines. She only uses the actual colors of whatever the picture is. We think she's borderline OCD. Ariel, on the hand, though she tries to stay somewhat in the lines, it doesn't usually end up like that. It mostly ends up everywhere. Ariel uses crazy wild colors that are the complete opposite of Belle. It's quite interesting.

The TV is on and I'm watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries and I can tell Grayson is bored out of his mind.

And how do I know this? His head is buried in my shoulder and he's pretending to cry. "Aurora!" He wails. "Why do you watch this show? It's awful!"

"It is not. Go away." I push his head off my shoulder but he just drops in down a few inches onto my arm.

The two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan, are in an intense argument about the love of both their lives, Elena, when I finally realize the irony of this show at the moment. I click the TV off.

"Do you want to go to the waterfront?" I ask Grayson. He automatically perks up.

"Yes," he says simply. He pecks me on the cheek then jumps up. "Come on, girls. We are going downtown," he informs my sisters. Ariel and Belle jump us, abandoning the color books, and take the shoes that I hand them.

The drive to the water front is short. Because it's a Thursday night, there aren't many people downtown so there's hardly any traffic. I pull into the parking lot that sits right on the waterfront and we pile out.

"Girls, do you want to go some ice cream?" I ask cheerfully.

"Yes." Grayson says before they can answer.

I glance at him. "Nobody cares what you want," I say with a smile. Grayson fakes a pout. "Girls?"

"Yeah!" They both squeal. Ice cream, it can always make a kid smile.

There's a small shop near where the Candy Shoppe is that we can walk to, called the Scoop. They serve the best ice cream in town and they are relatively cheap. Good for a struggling teenager's wallet.

We go into the little store and approach the counter. The girl working has blond hair that's piled on top of her head and large blue eyes. I recognize her immediately and I know Grayson does too. I forgot she worked here. Kate Willows is a year above us and the only reason Grayson or I know who she is is because she dated Cyan for a few months last year. Cue the awkward…

"Hey, Kate." I say while letting Ariel and Belle browse the ice cream flavors.

Kate looks extremely tired but she smiles a little when I talk to her. "Hey, Aurora, Grayson," Grayson waves a hand. "How are you guys?"

"Good, how are you?" I ask politely but honestly, I don't really care how she has been. I know that's kind of mean, but still.

"I'm good. Exhausted, but good. Out for a little afternoon snack?" She asks, gesturing to the wide array of ice cream.

"Yeah, just bringing my little sisters down."

"Well, just let me know what I can get you." I smile and nod then follow the girls. Grayson grabs my hand as we are look at the selections. A few minutes later, the girls are set with a double scoop of extra chocolate chocolate ice cream, I have a scoop of mint chip, and Grayson has plain vanilla.

Kate rings us up and as she hands Grayson his change – he so graciously offered to pay – she glances at our intertwined hands. "Are you two dating?"

Duh, I think to myself but instead smile politely. "Yeah, we are."

"Aw, you guys are such a cute couple!" she squeals. "Good for you, you know how those Radcliffe brothers are. Man, when I was dating Cyan, I couldn't keep myself off of him. One of my best. " She winks at me. Grayson's hand tightens around mine for a second but then relaxes. I know my face is bright red.

"Uhh, yeah...well, bye Kate," I say quickly then pull Grayson and the girls out of the shop before she can talk about her sex life anymore.

"Well, that was awkward," Grayson mutters when we get back on the street.

I most definitely agree.