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Chapter Sixteen

We walk along the water front for a while munching on ice cream. When the sun begins to sink a few hours later, Grayson walks us home.

"Come on, girls. It's bed time," I say once we got into the house. It is already eight and I can tell that the girls are exhausted. So exhausted in fact, that they don't even object.

"I'll help you." Grayson follows me down the hall and into their shared room. We quickly dress the girls in pj's and tuck them into their beds. I kiss their foreheads and tell them goodnight and leave.

Back out on the porch, Grayson automatically pulls me to him. Without a word, he leans down and smashes his mouth to mine. He pushes me against the door and leans into me, deepening the kiss.

"Woah," I say when I can talk. "Where did that come from?"

He grins. "Well you know how we Radcliffe brothers are," he says breathlessly. I tense but he doesn't notice and leans down to kiss me again. But he doesn't get that far. The light on his house flips on and then somebody yells his name from their porch. "That's my cue, I guess."

"Goodnight," he kisses my cheek before disappearing to his own house.

The weekend creeps up slowly but finally Friday arrives. I am sitting on the porch after work, reading a book. I don't see Grayson come over here but all of a sudden he is sitting next to me. He bumps his shoulder into mine.

"Hey, whatcha reading?"

"Uh, that book for English that all newbie high school seniors were supposed to read this summer."

Grayson's eyes widened. "Oh crap, I forgot about that. Good thing I have an amazingly smart girlfriend who can tell me what the book is about." He leans over and presses a kiss to my lips.

"Not a chance," I whisper but continue to kiss him.

"We'll see." He closes my book in my hands and sets it aside, pulling me closer.

A minute later, he pulls away. "So do you want to go to a party with me?"


"There is a party tonight at Braden's. An end of summer, let's get hammered party."

I think for a second. "Hmm, stay at home and babysit my little sister and do homework or go out and party with my boyfriend. That's a tough decision. Okay, I'll go."

Grayson smiles. "Great, I'll pick you up at seven. Now I have to go. I have babysitting duty for the next hour." With that he stands up and leaves.

Around 5, I put my book aside and go up to get ready. After a shower, I go to my closet to find an outfit. It takes a while but I finally settle on a little blue dress that I had stashed away in the back of my closet. I pull it on then go to the bathroom and fix my hair and makeup. I straighten my hair then curl the ends and apply a thin layer of makeup.

By the time I am finished, there is a knock on the door. I grab my cell phone and leave my room. I hear my mom and my sisters in the kitchen, baking cookies, I think. I don't say anything to them as I go to the front door because it's not like they will notice me leaving anyways.

Grayson is leaning against the door jamb when I open it, wearing a gray shirt and jeans with a leather jacket thrown over the top. "You look beautiful," he says as he pulls me closer ad presses a kiss to my lips.

"Thanks, you look pretty good yourself."

Grayson grins then leads me to his car. He talks about some band that I have never heard of on the way to Braden's house and I try to sound interested but I don't know how well it actually worked out. Fortunately, Braden doesn't live very far away from us. Nobody lives far away, not in a small town like Port Orchard. Especially considering that there is only one high school.

The party is in full swing once we get there and I know that it won't be too terribly long until the police are called by one of the neighbors. I don't go to very many parties but all the ones I know of have pretty much been shut down one way or the other.

Music is blaring, shaking the entire frame and people are pouring out of house, all holding those red cups. I can tell that it's a pretty stereotypical party and we haven't even gotten inside yet.

Grayson grabs my hand as we walk up. Somebody sees us coming into the house and lets us know that there is alcohol in the kitchen. We head there first. Once we each have a cup, we go to the living room area where the music is coming from. People are dancing, drinking, making out. There's smoke in the air but I don't automatically see the source of it which is fine by me. Alcohol is one thing, pot is another.

Grayson pulls me close to him and starts to dance with the beat of the music. He smiles wide at me and I'm not usually one for dancing but his mood is infectious and soon my mood reflects his.

Once our cups are empty, I go back and grab us some more. I'm sure Grayson can handle his alcohol much better than I can because I'm already feeling warm inside and I doubt Grayson feels anything. I come back and hand him his cup and he smiles again and we continue to dance. After our second cup and a particularly fast song, Grayson yanks me to him and smashes his mouth to mine. The kiss is slightly sloppy but it's fun and I pull myself closer to his body.

A mixture of the kiss, the body heat in the room, the alcohol, and the smell of pot starts to make me feel extremely overheated. I pull back from Grayson. "I'm going to get some air," I tell him before stumbling through the house and to the backyard, making a stop in the kitchen to grab another red cup.

The swimming pool outside is packed with people in their underwear, some swimming, some making out, some just being plain reckless. Off in the corner of the patio, there are some guys grilling something. Through my slightly hazy mind, I barely recognize the fact that they might burn the house down.

I sit in one of the chairs out there and stare out at the other people in the backyard, sipping my drink faster than I should. A couple making out beneath a tree catches my eye. I'm staring at them and there is something familiar about the guy whose back is to me. Granted there is something familiar about all the people at this party but I have an especially familiar feeling about this guy.

Because of my already drunken stupor, it takes me awhile but I finally realize who that guy is. "Cyan!" I mean to whisper, but it comes out more of a yell. Startled the guy breaks away from the girl he is kissing and turns to look at me. "Aurora?"

Jealousy flares up in me as I look at the girl. I don't really recognize her but she is beautiful with sleek blonde hair and a small figure held together in a tiny black dress. She shoots a glare at me and tries to pull Cyan back but he doesn't respond as he is just looking at me with a guilty expression on his face.

I jump up from my chair, which almost causes me to fall back over but I manage to catch myself before I do. I down the rest of my cup before irrationally throwing the red piece of plastic at Cyan's feet. Then I storm back into the house, almost crashing into like ten people on the way back in. I grab another cup as I move through the kitchen.

In the living room, I find Grayson in the middle of a circle doing a beer bong. Once he manages to down the obscene amount of beer the crowd cheers and he stands up and grabs the nearest girl, spins her around, pressing a kiss to her mouth. It's quick but I'm already jealous and this does not make things any better. With an eye roll, I manage to stumble my way out of the house and to the front yard where a whole lot of other crazy crap is happening. I sit down on the steps and automatically have to roll to the side to avoid getting hit in the face by a football. Some guy tries to hit on me but I glare at him and he moves on to the next girl.

"Aurora!" I hear faintly but my head is spinning and my vision is blurred and I don't really know from which direction the voice came from. I ignore it.

"Aurora," I hear again and this time Cyan appears in front of me.

"Go away," I slur.

Cyan sighs. "You're drunk." He tries to take my cup away but I hold on tight.

I shake my head violently, which only makes me feel like puking. "No I'm not. I've only been here for an hour."

He reaches out to grab my hand and pulls me up. "It's after midnight, when did you get here?"

"Seven…I think." I groan. Frankly, I had no idea really what time we got there. "Maybe eight? I don't know! What are you even doing out here anyways? Go back to your blond bimbo!" I spin around too quickly and almost fall over but Cyan catches me. Alcohol sloshes out of the cup, splashing onto my dress.

I try to push him away but he holds tight and starts to lead me toward his car. "Come on, I'm taking you home."

"No, Grayson will take me home."

"Grayson is drunk. He can't drive." Cyan loops his arm around my waist to steady me as we walk. I start babbling about Grayson but I'm so incoherent, I don't think Cyan knows what I am saying.

Soon I am tucked in the front seat of his car with an oversized sweatshirt that he found in the backseat thrown over my shoulders. He once again tries to grab my cup but this time I let him. It's almost gone anyways. He chucks it onto the yard, adding to the rest of them before climbing into the car himself.

Cyan doesn't say much on the way home mostly because I was back to babbling about random crap. But when we do get home, he turns the car off then turns to me. "Jeez, you talk a lot." He has a small smile on his face and I know he is only kidding but I still feel myself blushing. I look away, fidgeting with my seat belt.

"Come on, let's get you upstairs," he says, dropping his stare.

I jump out of the car, stumbling slightly before grabbing Cyan's hand and pulling him toward my house. Inside is dark and silent telling me that everyone is asleep.

I drag him upstairs and into my room where I quickly close the door. My bedside lamp that usually stays on bathes the room in a soft glow. Slowly, I take his sweatshirt off and hand it back to him. He gives me a weary look as he wraps his hand around the hood.

"Crap, I have beer on my dress. I should probably change." I try to reach for my zipper on the back of the dress but only get it about an inch down. I struggle for a moment, looking like a total moron.

Cyan sighs, a long drawn out sigh. "Here, let me help." He steps behind me. Softly he pushes my hair off my back, causing me to shiver slightly, and reaches for my zipper. He pulls at it slowly and one finger runs down my spine with the movement, sending tingling sensations everywhere.

My breath catches and I turn to face him. His eyes hold mine for a moment, both of us wanting something but terrified to move. I step closer to him and my dress falls off my shoulders. I place a hand on his arm and then his mouth is covering mine.

My kiss may have been slightly sloppy but he doesn't seem to mind. He drops his sweatshirt at our feet and wraps his arms around my waist and tugs me up against his body. His kiss is passionate and it feels like my heart is going to beat right out of my chest. I push him forward until his knees hit the bed and he tumbles onto it. I drop my arms, letting my dress fall farther down before climbing back on top of him.

I kiss down his neck then back up to his ear. He moans a little then brings my attention back to his mouth. He lets me remove his shirt which ends up on the other side of the room where it hits a picture frame causing it to crash to the floor.

I giggle. "Oops." Cyan just grins before kissing me again.

My fingers travel down his chest before hitting his belt. I fumble with the buckle and almost have it when Cyan's hand covers mine, stopping me.

"Not tonight," he says breathlessly and pulls my hand away. I look at him with a wounded expression on my face.

"Why not?" I pout, bottom lip out in all. "You don't want me?"

Cyan laughs humorlessly, his gray eyes hardening. "No, no I definitely want you." He groans. "I want you a lot. But and it pains me to say this-"

"Then don't."

"-I'm not going to sleep with you when your drunk and you might regret it in the morning."

My eyes narrow and I roll off of him. My head is still spinning and I'm breathing hard so I lean back on my bed. He sighs and runs a hand through his soft brown hair, messing it up and making me want him even more. I groan and fling a hand over my eyes.

The bed shifts as he gets up and then I hear him rummaging through my closet. I don't pay much attention because all of a sudden, I am sleepy. Soon I feel my dress being tugged down farther but I'm too tired to sit up.

"Do you change your mind?" I ask hopefully.

Cyan laughs and then I feel something soft on my legs. Pajamas. "No."


He finishes with my pants then moves to slip a t-shirt over my head. His fingers graze my skin in spots and I feel warm again. Cyan pulls me up so my head is resting on a pillow then gets back up to leave. I grab his hand. "Don't go."

He wraps an arm around my shoulders and I rest my head on his chest.

"Trust me; if we did something tonight, you would not be very happy when you woke up. Frankly, you probably won't be happy with what we did do."

"I'm always happy when I'm with you," I mumble into his chest. He shifts and runs a warm hand through my hair.

We fit together, like puzzle pieces. Much better than Grayson and I do. That is my last coherent thought before I drift off to sleep.

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