So, Hey, First Story on FictionPress :p

Um, a little thing I'm going to say, is that this is under Anime/Manga, because that's how I imagined the characters.

It'll also be a little similar to Hetalia, no real story line, just random snippets. ;]

Personification Drabble 1-Religion and Science.

Religion hated, no, loathed Science. He couldn't stand Science at all. Science, on the other hand, could care less about Religion. Religion wasn't all that important.

That's what any other person would think, but Chemistry would have to disagree.

To her, those two were the closest to each other. To her, they were friends, and more. It wasn't only Chemistry, most of the other religions and sciences agreed with her. Well, most of the sciences, that is. The only religions that shared her view of the two were the cynical Atheism, the sweet Unitarian, and the ever-so laid back Taoism.

So, together with the three, Chemistry was determined to the prove that the two were undoubtedly in love.

Note that these are stereotyped. So, don't go all, "Well, I'm christian and I support gays," on me, 'kay?

They reason I picked Atheism, Unitarian, and Taoism is because Atheist don't believe in god, so therefor don't follow the bible[However, some probably don't agree with homosexuality], & Taoism..well...Taoism just goes with the flow, man~ 3

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Next Up: Atheism and Her Cynical Ways.