The Pen and the Sword

Bending, unbreakable words,

The power behind them strong and untainted.

For these are the words of one

With her heart full of love, though she may seem unsure.

Her words are yet untouched by hatred,

Still so clean and pure.

But that shall never last,

It never is so.

Within herself she falls,

For the nights have grown so cold,

And her poems grow more desolate so,

The pen really wonders for all it is worth,

When the girl has obviously been hurt, so wounded is her soul,

Is the pen truly mightier than the sword?

the idea that maybe the pen is really just an outlet and could never truly outclass the sword that only hurts and destroys. I understand what the saying means, i'm just interpreting it in a more physical way :)

tell me what you think :)

even a review telling me how terrible it is is better than nothing!