Blue Moon

Sylvia Rose Jackson looked in the autumn sky and it reminded her of her dad. It was too familiar at how it happened…Her dad had died in the war just five years ago. She was ten years old when he had passed and until then it haven't been the same. Sylvia and her mom was falling apart and Sylvia haven't been her joyful self since then. Her friend would always worry about her at school and comfort her broken heart when she found out what happened.

"Sylvia", her math teacher asked, "Are you okay, u seem depressed?"

"I am okay Mrs. Johnson", Sylvia replied.

"Okay, well pay attention please", Mrs. Johnson said.

As the days went on Sylvia was quiet and in gym she was the last one to get called for kickball again. When they got started she kicked the ball and got a home run. Then, her mom was waiting on her at the parking lot and Sylvia said goodbye to her best friend Penny. As she walked out to the parking lot she bumped into a mean, bitter, popular girls who she thought wasn't even all that.

"WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING FREAK!" exclaimed the girl.

"I am sorry Crystal", Sylvia said.

But deep down she wasn't sorry she deserved it after all no one likes her that much. But, she walked and said hi to her mom and got into the car.

"Are those girls giving you a hard time?" her mom asked.

"No, I am fine", Sylvia replied.

They were silent all the way home and when they got Sylvia started her science homework. After that she went down stairs and saw her dinner was on the table and they had potatoes and chicken. When she got down she went in the bathroom and took a shower and brushed her long, wavy brown into a ponytail. Went into the closet and put on a purple tank top and blue pajama shorts and went to her mom's room and said good night mom. She got into her bed and had a calm sleep until…she heard a noise outside her window. She got up but, she was shaking and when she close she saw a figure with cornflower blue eyes. As they looked at each other for a while she finally broke it and went to bed.

The next morning she got up and thought "Great Friday last week until the weekend". She got into the shower and when she got out she part her hair to were her bang covered her left of her hazel eye. She brushed her teeth and got dressed she wore a royal blue shirt and blue skinny jeans with her blue converses. When walked into the school everyone was looking at her in shock.

Crystal asked "So, I see you have a boyfriend now?"

"Umm, no I don't", Sylvia replied.

"Of course you do that nerd kid.. Bobby", Crystal laughed mysteriously.

As Crystal tried to walk off Sylvia grabbed her arm and said..

"I am tried of you spreading lies about me", Sylvia said.

Crystal just laughed and pushed Sylvia against the locker and Sylvia pushed her back. Then they started fighting and Sylvia punched Crystal in the nose but….

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!", The principal yelled.

Crystal lying self told the principal that it was all Sylvia's fault and they both had to go to the principal's office. Still everyone was on Sylvia's side and tried to tell the principal the truth but he wouldn't believe them. But, of course Sylvia got in trouble and was sent home. When she got there her mom was at the table, Sylvia knew her mom found out.

"Sweetie", her mom started, "I have some important news to tell you…