Everyone has a habit. Most are very insignificant, but occasionally there are those that aren't. They are scary, painful, and uncontrollable urges. Don't you hate those? I sure do.

Bite of a Lip


by XxmickeyTxX


The blacked juices from within

trickle down the chin of the beast

leaving a reddened trail of crimson ore

drying as the oxygen hits it

making it all seem to stop

just as it pours out of itself


It continues to gnaw at it

Relentlessly until every last piece of flesh

is glowing bright white under

the heavy mass of its crimson

Brother of sorts just waning

and waiting for the feelings

The agitations to cease for a moment


It is a painful process just as the ones before it

However it is slightly different because

it is done by all

A simple habit among every beast

without the knowledge of its true intentions

The dried trail is not readily seen

unless by those few with their one eye

always peering south


There is a wonder of it all.

How it relates to all of the beast

and its other habits


Nonetheless it is still prevalent

through its every day existence

though the brightened flesh can still be seen

as long as those with the clear one eye

notice the dried trail of ore

blackened by the sun

and the false truths that live

south of the bitten lip

and the chin of the beast.

Do you bite your lip? Of course you do. Now review.